Practice Example Submission Form

Practice Example Submission Form

Practice Example Submission Form

This form captures the information necessary for making an example of practice available via the YJB’s Effective Practice Library and also for classification by the Effective Practice Classification Panel. The form has been designed to be as short as possible, but in order to provide useful information to users of the library about the practice examples featured in it we do require certain key bits of information about them.

Before completing the form, please read the following:

1. Contact details

Please give the name of the YOT, secure establishment or other organisation submitting the practice example. Please also give details of someone who can be contacted by other youth justice services regarding the submission or by the YJB if further information regarding the practice example is needed.

If your service did not produce the practice example (i.e. if it is a resource purchased from another organisation), then please give the name and contact details of this organisation as the ‘source organisation’.

Name of YOT/secure establishment/organisation:
Contact person:
Email address:
Telephone number:
Source organisation:
Source organisation contact details (e.g. email/website)
Date submitted:

2. Describing the practice

This section is very important because it gives users of the Effective Practice Library, who might know very little about the practice, a clear idea of what the practice is and what it aims to do.

In order to do this, please frame the information you provide around the following areas:

The title of the submission:
This could be the name of the programme, the document, or the name given to a particular local process. This will be used for the title of the entry in the Effective Practice Library, so please keep it concise.
What the practice is:
Please describe here what the example of practice is (e.g. a programme, a process or a project) and how it is delivered or operates. Imagine someone is describing the practice to you – what are the key things about it that you would want to know?
Who it is for:
Please state whether there is a specific target group for the practice, e.g. based on age, sex or other characteristics.
What the intended outcomes are:
Please state briefly what the practice aims to achieve, e.g. increased engagement in ETE, improved parenting skills etc.
Any further relevant information:
Please provide any relevant information about the practice that you feel is not covered above.
Purchase costs involved:
Please state whether others are required to purchase the materials relating to the practice or whether they are free to use.
Yes No

3. What makes it work?

Using up to five bullet points, please describe in your view what it is about this example of practice that makes it effective. For example, any particular skills of the staff involved, specific local processes/partnerships or the techniques/methods used. If you have developed a theory of change for the practice, please include it with your submission.

4. Implementing the practice

Based on your experience, please provide some brief advice (up to 5 bullet points) to others seeking to implement the practice in their own service or establishment.
If the example of practice relates to a product/resource being offered for purchase, please provide any specific information that services may find useful regarding conditions required for implementing the practice (e.g. staff skilled in group work delivery, restorative justice or local processes etc).
  1. Has the practice been evaluated?

Yes No

If yes, please attach a copy of the evaluation with your submission.
Please note, while we welcome submissions that have been evaluated, this is not a prerequisite to submitting practice to the YJB.
However, in the absence of any formal evaluation, please explain how and why this practice will deliver the intended outcomes for the youth justice system.
For further information on evaluating practice to measure effectiveness please click here

6. Authorisation

Where necessary, has internal authorisation been obtained for the practice example to be submitted to the YJB?

Yes No

Please confirm you have authorisation from YOT/secure establishment/other organisation to be contacted by others regarding the practice example.

Yes No

Does your submission include material from third parties (e.g. images; text etc.)?

Yes No

If so do you have permission to use third party material including images?

Yes No

If you have any supporting materials (e.g. programme session materials, workshop details, testimonials etc) please attach them in the email with this form.

Thank you for submitting an example of practice to the YJB. Please send a fully completed practice example submission form and any supporting materials to

A member of the YJB Effective Practice team will review your submission and will be in contact shortly. All submissions accepted into the Effective Practice Library will be classified in accordance with the YJB Practice Classification System and you will be contacted once the submission is live in the library.

YJB Practice Example Submission Form v8.0