Primary role objectives/ responsibilities and duties:

a)Chair Wing Committee meetings, communicating any changes in Corps Policies and receiving questions and concerns from squadron committees feeding upwards any issues that you cannot resolve yourself.

b)Co-ordinate, monitor and mentor the squadron committees within your Wing.

c)Act as Chairman of the Trustees of the Wing Fund and oversee the management of the Wing Finances.

Main Duties

1.Ensure that the Civilian Committee structure of the Wing and its Squadrons are working effectively in providing the required financial support and management.

2.Arrange or provide support for any Squadron Civilian Committees in need of assistance.

3.Convene and chair one the Wing Annual General Meetings (AGM) of Squadron Chairmen

4.Attend Wing Staff Meetings at Wing HQ and to report any matters of concern.

5.Liaise with OC Wing as necessary for the good management of the Wing.

6.Encourage representation from all geographical areas or Sectors of the Wing at the Wing Executive Meetings.

7.Convene and chair Wing Executive Committee meetings to establish Wing Finance Policy and monitor the Wing Financial Plan throughout the year

8.To liaise with the Wing Treasurer on a regular basis regarding the implementation of Wing Finance Policy and the proper control and management of Wing finances

9.Communicate regularly with all Squadron Chairmen in the Wing (by email, telephone or attendance at Squadron Civilian Committee meetings)

10.Attend (or arrange for a suitable deputy) to attend all squadron AGM’s, and annual squadron inspections todiscuss the committee’s progress with the Squadron Chairman.

11.Work jointly with the Wing Treasurer, Wing Executive Officer and OC Wing to ensure that all Squadron annual accounts are submitted to Wing HQ each year by the due date and to arrange support for those having difficulty in meeting this obligation.

12.Acting as counter-signatory on Wing non-public account or if the Committee elects to use on-line banking, authorise payments on-line as required.

13.Discussand iaise with the Regional Chairman civilian committee management issues or concerns.

14.Attend two Regional Council meetings per annum and report to that meeting any successes, initiatives or underlying problems in order that good practice is shared throughout the Region.

15.Report on significant policy concerns arising from Wing Meetings which may need to be forwarded to the Air Cadet Council.

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