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Newsletter: October 2008 Next Meeting: Oct. 21, 2008Place: Port Tobacco Courthouse, Port Tobacco, MD



TAMPA, FL -- The controversial Confederate flag flown near I-4 and I-75 > will come down Sunday afternoon according to organizers of the Confederate > Memorial Park. The 30 by 50 foot Confederate Battle Flag will be replaced > by another larger Confederate Battle Flag. The new flag measures 30 by 60 > feet.
> Sons of Confederate Veterans spokesperson Marion Lambert says the new flag > ties the second largest flag flying in the United States. Once the > original flag is removed it will be portioned out as a fund raiser for the > memorial.
> Lambert says the memorial construction is underway and should be completed > within six weeks except for granite monument installations. Organizers > say the flag and memorial are not to promote racism but rather pay respect > to part of America's history and to those veterans who fought in the Civil > War. Activists have raised concerns but have not gained much support to > protest its existence.

At the National Convention held in New Orleans in August 2006, the SCV adopted a “Cadet Membership” program. Cadet membership is open to young men from birth to age 12 who are otherwise qualified for SCV membership. Dues are $10.00 per annum. The Cadet membership program is at the individual Camp’s option and not all Camps have adopted it. Contact the Camp in which you are interested to verify if that Camp does have a Cadet membership program. Cadet members may elect to become full members on reaching age 12.
Program Participation: Cadet Membership shall be by election of the Camp only. No part of this shall be construed as being a requirement placed on the Camp. Participation is solely by Camp elective and the Camp shall hold full responsibility for all aspects of the program.
Eligibility: Male descendants from birth to twelve (12) years of age shall be eligible for membership as a Cadet. Participation requirements shall be identical to those of traditional membership, with the following exceptions: Cadets will not hold voting rights, Cadets will not be considered when determining Camp delegates or voting strength. Cadets cannot represent their respective Camp as a delegate at conventions, for the purpose of casting votes or determining business, Cadets will not receive a subscription to the “Confederate Veteran” with their paid membership. A separate subscription may be purchased if so desired.
Dues: Cadets dues shall be ten dollars ($10.00) annually.
Cadets shall receive a certificate of membership once requisite dues have been paid. No other rights or privileges shall be bestowed or otherwise construed as being associated with Cadet membership.
Duty of Camps: It shall be the sole duty of each Cadet’s Camp to prepare and facilitate the Cadet for future full membership. This includes, but is not limited to, education in and membership. This includes, but is not limited to, education in and familiarization with the preservation of Confederate heritage, history, and the memory of all who perished for the Confederate Cause.
Eligibility for Full Membership: Cadets shall become eligible for full membership, with all rights and privileges, upon attaining twelve (12) years of age. The Cadet shall be entitled to a full swearing in, with all pomp and circumstance associated with becoming a full member, to be set by this Constitution and Standing Orders.
Application Forms are available
from the CampAdjutant / CampMembers:
If you did not know, our website address is:

One feature I would like to continue and update, “Members Ancestors” section. This section features a bio on camp member’s ancestor who served in the Confederacy. By clicking on the “Members Ancestors” section in the website you will notice that some members already have a bio of their ancestor. We would like to have a bio for all members’ ancestors. For those who wish to have a bio included please email me r send me a bio in the mail to: Richard Wagner, 8811 Dove Drive, Bel Alton, MD 20611-3006. This will be an ongoing project that I am sure will be worthwhile. Look at those members who do have a bio for info and style included. Of course, please include name, ranks held, battalion, unit, regiment, calvary, etc, service record, dates of birth and death, and where born, and where died and buried if known, In addition, include any interesting bits on your ancestor. I am sure that we are all very proud of our ancestor, and why not brag a bit.
Rich Wagner, Adjutant, Private Wallace Bowling Camp #1400
Friends of the SCV (FOSCV)
TheFOSCVis a terrific way to recognize persons who support the SCV, but do not meet the requirements to qualify as a member. The General Executive Council (GEC) has approved the "Friends of the SCV" concept which has now come to fruition. For a minimum initial donation of $40, the "Friend" receives a nice certificate suitable for framing, a FOSCV lapel pin and a one-year subscription to the Confederate Veteran magazine. Subsequent donations of $30 or more each year will maintain the CV subscription and friendship. Please note that "Friends" are not SCV members, may not exercise any rights of membership to include claiming to be members. The "Friends of the SCV" application may be accessed on the SCV website at this link: Camps which already have associate membership programs in place for their supporters who do not have Confederate ancestry are free to either participate in this program or continue their current system.
Dear Compatriot,
We want to take the opportunity to thank you for your commitment to The Sons of Confederate Veterans. Now, thanks to a special partnership with Affinity4, a company committed to helping charities and ministries raise funds, you can add to your current support of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, without adversely affecting your budget. Learn More.
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The memory and reputation of the Confederate soldier, as well as the motives for his suffering and sacrifice, are being consciously distorted by some in an attempt to revise history. Unless we descendants of Confederate soldiers resist those efforts, a unique part of our nation's cultural heritage will cease to exist. Today, the SCV is preserving the history and legacy of these heroes, so future generations can understand the motives that animated the Southern Cause. Our efforts continue because of the generosity and support of many just like you.
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Just think: through these simple, everyday, ordinary activities, you can help us in our continued efforts to ensure that a true history of the 1861-1865 time period is preserved and presented to future generations.
Won't you help us? It's easy to do. Just click here or call 1-800-684-4885 today!
In the Bonds of the South,
Charles E. McMichael
Commander in Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans / Information you can use concerning the Sons of Confederate Veterans:
About Your SCV Website
The SCV website is a vast resource thanks to the efforts of webmaster Dr. Sandy Keathley; here are a few highlights that you might find useful:
Calendar: the SCV maintains an events calendar at http:/ to have an event added to the calendar, email the Adjutant-in Chief at
SCV Weekly News Analysis is a source of news items related to our interests that is updated regularly, and is available by RSS Feed.
Numerous documents are available at the site. There are also forms available, such as Cadet Membership Application and a Monument Registration Form. There is also educational and training material, such as an article on Grave Etiquette, and the CampHandbook, which every cam officer should look through. The index of Forms and Documents is at http:/
Perhaps your camp would like to start a website: Information on using a sub domain of the domain with hosting for as little as $8/month is at
And of course, don’t forget the member’s store. Need a member’s medal, some SCV decals, or a customized battle streamer? Those and much more are available at
These are just a sampling of the resources available at If you take the time to explore it a little bit, you’ll find a great deal of helpful information.
New war service record research tools
Many of you are looking for your or your camp's potential members' Confederate Ancestor's war service records. Through their partnerships with organizations such as the National Archives, compiled service records of Confederate Soldiers for the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia with more states to come soon, Confederate Amnesty Papers, Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900 and much more. Why not start your Footnote free trial now?
Confederate Memorial Park, Inc
Donations: Checks payable to: c/o Frank Toberman – Treasurer, P.O. Box 237, Claremont, VA23899
All donations are tax deductible.
Money is needed to fund the $45,000 bronze statue within the next year
Affinity4 Partnership
The Sons of Confederate Veterans is excited to announce we have found a new way for you to monetarily support the SCV without increasing your monthly expenses. This has been made possible through our partnership with Affinity4. Affinity4 is now offering a wireless service that will afford you the opportunity to enjoy SCV branded phones, competitive rates with multiple plans to meet everyone's budget, a $100 bonus to be used toward the purchase of a new phone or to end your current contract, and best of all you can increase your support of the SCV without spending any more money!
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To sign up for SCV Wireless today click here or call 1-800-684-4033. Don't forget to ask about other offers on the Affinity4 telecommunications products, including phone service, Internet service and DIRECTV® also available to SCV members. / UPCOMING EVENTS
Private Wallace Bowling Camp #1400 monthly meeting – October 21, 2008,
11/16/08 Massing of the Colors Annapolis: 82nd Annual ceremony at the NavalAcademy sponsored by the Military Order of the World Wars. Formation is at 1:30 P.M. in front of the Naval Academy Chapel. We are at war so let's show them our patriotic support!
11/22/08 Remembrance Day Parade: Annual parade in Gettysburg sponsored by the Sons of Union Veterans. The Color Guard will meet at 12:00 for formation on Lefever Street (by the school off Baltimore Street).
2008 IRS Annual Electronic Notice Filing Requirement
SCV camps with gross receipts less than $25,000 a year are not required to file an IRS Form 990 tax return; however, beginning August 1, 2008, the day after the previous fiscal year ended, all camps are required to submit an annual electronic notice by December 15, 2008. Your cooperation is requested as it is imperative that every camp complete this simple task. Shown below are some simple instructions to assist you in completing the IRS E Notice requirement:
1. Obtain your camp's tax ID number and copy it into your computer memory or have it written down and readily available. GHQ can provide this number to you if needed.
2. Go to this site and follow the instructions:
Important Notice: You must register first, and then be patient and wait for the IRS to immediately send you a return email with a link for you to log back on line to actually complete the E postcard. If you use zip plus four put a dash in between the first five and last four digits.
3. Take your time and carefully enter the numbers. The entire process should not last more than about 5 to 10 minutes.
September 2008 Minutes:
Attendance: 9 members and 5 guests attended the September 2008 meeting.
Attendees: Andy Garcia, Jake Garcia, Gary Hildreth, Ralph Lucas, Dennis Morgan, Jesse Morgan, Ray Mishoe, Jimmie Robey, Rich Wagner, Charlie Ward, Jr.
Guests: Wynn Mishoe, Ann Robey, Alice Simmons, Yvonne Simmons, Ron Banks, Jr
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by the new Commander, Jesse Morgan, at 7:35 PM. The invocation was given by Ralph Morgan. The salute to the United States flag and the Confederate flag was led by all members present. Jesse Morgan recited the SCV Charge.
Adjutant’s Report: Rich Wagner mentioned that he would not be running for the CampAdjutant nor CampTreasurer for the new year.
The SCV Cadet Program requires a $10 ANNUAL FEE each Year.
If you have any worthy news to report for the newsletter please submit to me several weeks before the newsletter is finalized, usually 1 week before the meeting.
Treasurer’s Report: Rich Wagner gave an estimate of the funds available.
Historian’s Report: None
Publicity Officer’s Report: None / Quartermaster’s Report: Ray Mishoe mentioned that he would not run for CampQuartermaster for the new year. Motion was made to nominate Ray as the Camp webmaster a stand alone position. It was seconded by Andy Garcia and Rich Wagner. Motion passed by Camp.
Committee Report: Motion made by Andy Garcia to sell old camp trailer to Greg Hernandez for $1. Jimmy Robey seconded and then passed by Camp. We need to get registration form DMV. New registration for new trailer should be kept in the trailer.
Business and Events Report: Andy Garcia made motion to reimburse Dennis Morgan for the new sign he had made up. Jimmy Robey seconded and passed by Camp. Dennis Morgan made motion to give back the money spent for the sign. Passed by Camp. DUES for the Camp will be $33.50. Motion made and Ray Mishoe seconded. Passed by Camp. We will revisit the amount for next year later. County Fair booth manned and set up by Gary Hildreth, Michael Dobry, Cliff Morgan, Dennis Morgan, Jesse Morgan, Rich Wagner, Jimmy and Ann Robey. If I forgot someone please let me know. Sales (S & D) of $627.50
Ray Mishoe, Jesse Morgan, Wynn Mishoe, Alice Simmons, Yvonne Simmons represented the Camp at the Mudd House Sept 13 and 14. Ray Mishoe made motion to have the Camp do more living history at events and have minimal sales with donation jar for next year. Andy Garcia seconded and passed by Camp. Andy Garcia made motion that all pertinent info, keys, etc are turned over to any new officers of the Campwhen sworn in.
Andy Garcia will handle the Cadet Program
Lions Club Craft Fair Oct 4 & 5 SCV booth manned and set up by Ray Mishoe, Andy Garcia, Ralph Lucas, Dennis Morgan, Jesse Morgan, Rich Wagner
Meeting Hours: When meetings are held at the Charles County Library, LaPlata, MD, the time will be 7 PM. When held at the Port Tobacco Courthouse, Port Tobacco, MD the time will be 7:30 PM
Benediction: Ralph Lucas
Adjournment: 9:03 PM


The next meeting is October 21 at the Port Tobacco Courthouse, Port Tobacco, MD

Pvt. Wallace Bowling Camp #1400

P.O. Box 2355

La Plata, Maryland 20646