Policy /Protocol for Grants Not Availed Of

Policy /Protocol for Grants Not Availed Of

Appendix 6

Community Grants Scheme

Grant Drawdown

Policy /Protocol for Grants not availed of

Upon receipt by the council of a “written claim” for grant drawdown by the due drawdown date this will represent compliance in principle with the criteria for drawdown as laid down in the Amenity Levies Scheme. Once a claim is received additional supporting documentation may be required in order to properly and fully assess compliance with the general conditions and payment stage requirements. The Council in exercising its right to seek this additional information will allow a degree of flexibility in terms requesting, submitting and assessing additional supporting documentation. In any event the drawdown shall be complete within 6months of the initial submission.

If a grant is not availed of in the calendar year of allocation, the applicant will be given the opportunity to avail of an extension of the drawdown date. A claim seeking extension should be submitted to the Council at the earliest possible date when it becomes apparent to applicant that the notified drawdown date will not be complied with.The claim for extension of the drawdown date shall be submitted in writing on or before the notified drawdown date. Otherwise the grant drawdown period will be deemed to have expired and will be revoked. Each claim for extension of the drawdown date shall clearly and concisely outline the circumstances or otherwise outside the control of the applicant preventing drawdown by the notified date. Each claim for an extension shall be judged on individual merits and the length of the extension shall be at the Council’s absolute discretion. The maximum time for an extension of the original drawdown date shall be one year only unless a group or organisation can demonstrate exceptional circumstances that prevent from drawing down the grant within the 1 year extended period. The granting of an extension is excess of 1 year shall be at the absolute discretion of the council and shall be determined on a case by case basis where the exceptionalcircumstance preventing drawdown shall be submitted in writing to the council.

The procedure for payment of a grant is by way of a Manager’s Order. Similar procedures shall apply to claims for extension of the notified drawdown date.

If a claim for a drawdown or extension of the drawdown date is not submitted to the Council by qualifying clubs / organisations on or before the notified date, the approved grant shall be revoked.

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