Peripatetic Case Worker Gwent Crisis Intervention Services

Peripatetic Case Worker Gwent Crisis Intervention Services

Dear Applicant

Peripatetic Case Worker – Gwent Crisis Intervention Services

Gofal is a mental health and wellbeing charity providing a range of services to support people who are experiencing or who have experienced mental ill health – something that will affect 1 in 4 of us in our lifetime. We also lobby and campaign to improve mental health policy, practice and legislation and to increase public understanding and awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

Thank you for your interest in working for Gofal and please find enclosed the following:

1) Information on Gofal and the post you have applied for

2)Role Expectations, Person Specification and Competency Framework

3)Application Form

4)Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

The closing date for receipt of your application is Midday 11th January 2017. Please do ensure you return your application by this date and time to Gofal cannot be responsible for any applications received late and any applications that arrive after the deadline will not be considered.

Shortlisting will take place on 12th January 2017. We will contact you as soon as possible after shortlisting to inform you of the outcome.

Interviews will be held on Thursday 19th January 2017.

Applications will be considered against the person specification and shortlisted candidates invited to interview. We therefore recommend that you read our Guidance notes (available on our website) before you complete your application.

Once again, thank you for your interest in Gofal and we look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely

Anna Johnson

HR Administrator


Case Worker

Location: Gwent wide with an office base at Oakdale, Blackwood with a requirement for travel through Gofal areas of operation

Salary:£18,685 per annum.

Contract: Initially fixed term for 12 months, subject to success of the role

Hours:37 hours per week.

Holidays:26 days annual leave plus bank holidays.

Holidays increase by 1 day for each year of service up to a maximum of 30 days.

Pension:Pension in the form of a money purchase pension scheme:

-5.5% paid if employee contributes 1%

-6.5% paid if employee contributes 2% or more

Subject to change in line with auto enrolment requirements

Other Benefits:Income Protection

Life Assurance

Employee Assistance Programme

Opportunities for flexible working

Training and personal development opportunities

The Service

The current vacancy is within our Gwent team working as part of the Crisis Intervention Service providing support to people experiencing housing crisis, risk of homelessness and associated mental health problems within the Torfaen area. Support provided will aid people to self-manage their mental health and wellbeing to live independently.

The post holder will work with statutory services, including local authority homelessness departments and acute mental health wards. You will be able to provide advice and guidance relating to homelessness, and have an understanding of the local authority’s duty and housing related legal proceedings.

For this reason, you will need a knowledge of the Mental Health Act and Housing and Homelessness legislation, and will have had experience of working with people who are homeless, threatened with homelessness or having difficulties in managing a tenancy.

PCWGCI Peripatetic Case Worker Gwent Crisis Intervention Service December 2016


Role Expectations

Post:Case Worker

Reporting to:Senior Case Worker or Project Co-ordinator

Location: Blackwood

Job Purpose:

  • To support service users in moving towards independent living in a recovery orientated way, in line with the services operational plan in your area.
  • To support and mentor Support Workers in delivering the aims of the service.

Role Expectations:

  • Provide social, emotional and practical support for services users with mental health and associated problems
  • Lead on and draw up support plans and action plans, and mentor Support Workers in their delivery.
  • Manage your own caseload to make sure that an effective service is delivered to service users.
  • Ensure service users are actively involved in shaping the support they receive and the wider activities of the organisation.
  • Lead on, draw up and review risk assessments and management plans, involving Support Workers, service users and external professionals.
  • Actively assist service users’ ability to access other services, to promote their independence.
  • Actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other agencies in the delivery of a holistic support.
  • Ensure all service user information is recorded accurately and where relevant shared with colleagues inside and external to Gofal.
  • To support Support Workers in their use of organisational IT systems, including case files, internal communications and external reporting.


Carry out all duties in a way that reflects Gofal’s aspirations:

  • Work with integrity and dignity
  • Inspire and support people to exceed their expectations
  • Develop a culture that is embracing and respectful of difference
  • Communicate honestly and openly
  • Be an organisation that is ambitious, creative and determined
  • Create environments that are collaborative, supportive and empowering
  • Be respected for our knowledge and expertise

Person Specification


What is needed in the role / Essential or desirable?
Experience of working in health and social care, providing support to individuals experiencing mental health and associated problems / Essential
Experience of working with people to enhance and promote independent living skills / Essential

Knowledge and understanding

What is needed in the role / Essential or desirable?
How health and social care services can contribute to people’s lives / Essential
How people may become discriminated against because of their difference / Essential
The welfare benefits system and how to apply for the various benefits / Essential
How mental health problems can affect an individual’s life / Essential
The range of mental health services available / Essential
How to involve service users in the development of the service / Essential

Qualifications and skills

What is needed in the role / Essential or desirable?
A qualification relevant to the work (eg QCF level 3) / Desirable
Full current driving licence and access to your own transport / Essential
Ability to communicate in Welsh / Desirable
IT skills, including basic word processing, and inputting information / Essential

Competencies (these will be assessed at interview)

What is needed in the role / Essential or desirable?
Role model behaviours of integrity and dignity to other team members / Essential
Support the team to deliver at its best / Essential
Role model behaviours underpinned by respect of difference / Essential
Adapt communication to the audience / Essential
Identify the best outcomes, solve problems and overcome barriers to achievement / Essential
Identify new opportunities to seek and share experience with others / Essential
Proactively identify own development needs and take action to meet them / Essential

Applicants for the post of Case Worker will be required to demonstrate evidence of competency at levels 1 and 2; please refer to the Competency Framework below.

Competency Framework

Gofal’s competency framework sets out expectations for staff performance based around the organisation’s aspirations. For this role you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of competency at levels 1 and 2. You will be asked competency based questions at your interview, please do not attempt to address all the competencies listed overleaf in your application.

Gofal aspires to work with integrity and dignity
Level one:
Demonstrate integrity and dignity in all interactions with others /
  • Maintain appropriate personal boundaries in all interactions with service users, colleagues and external contacts
  • Express opinions genuinely and honestly, while being mindful of the impact on others
  • Take responsibility for reflecting on own behaviours
  • Maintain confidentiality and be trustworthy in relationships with service users and colleagues
  • Bring to the attention of line managers, any situations where standards of integrity or dignity are believed to have been breached.
  • Make every effort to deliver on commitments made.

Level two:
Role model behaviours of integrity and dignity to other team members /
  • Give feedback to colleagues where behaviours are noticed which do not demonstrate integrity or dignity
  • Help others to understand their responsibilities to act with integrity and dignity
  • Actively seek feedback to understand own personal impact on others, and use personal insights.

Gofal aspires to inspire and support people to exceed their expectation
Level one:
Support colleagues to deliver at their best /
  • Role model positive and constructive behaviours to service users and colleagues
  • Share knowledge, skills and learning to help others to be at their best.
  • Work in a way that supports and promotes the wellbeing of others.
  • Participate openly and constructively in team meetings
  • Work co-operatively with others, supporting colleagues to deliver their best to service users
  • Actively engage in own supervision and appraisal, preparing and participating fully
  • Maintain high quality standards in file and record keeping
  • Notice and acknowledge great contribution from others

Level two:
Support the team to deliver at its best /
  • Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Support colleagues in managing the emotional impact of their work
  • Actively seek out information to share, which will help the team in its work
  • Take a role in mentoring team members who need help or support
  • Actively suggest ideas for improvement for the team
  • Bring the great contribution of colleagues to the attention of others

Gofal aspires to develop a culture that is embracing and respectful of difference
Level one:
Demonstrate respect of difference in all interaction with others /
  • Have a reputation for being a great listener
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the value of equality and respect for diversity
  • Show an awareness of the different needs of people from different backgrounds, cultures and life experiences
  • Seek to understand the perspective of service users through genuine interest and questioning
  • Demonstrate an open mind with people who may have a different viewpoint.
  • Use language which is positive and non-judgmental towards others

Level two:
Role model behaviours underpinned by respect of difference /
  • Give support to others where they may be finding it difficult to deal with issues of equality or difference
  • Share experiences and knowledge which can help others embrace difference in their work and lives, and take every opportunity to learn more about equality issues
  • Challenge behaviour which does not demonstrate a respect of difference
  • Work to resolve conflict where it is observed

Gofal aspires to communicate honestly and openly
Level one:
Communicate in a clear and concise way /
  • See communication as a two way process, actively seeking out communication, as well as actively listening to the message delivered.
  • Use a communication style which is appropriate to the listener
  • Use words appropriately, communicating in language which matches the organisation’s values.
  • Using observation, be able to judge the listener’s response and adapt communication accordingly.
  • Use written and IT based communication to explain key points clearly and effectively, and in appropriate detail.
  • Role model honesty and openness in communication with others, using genuine care in the delivery of messages and challenging colleagues to do the same.

Level two:
Adapt communication to the audience /
  • Think in advance about the most effective way to deliver the message, and adapt communication accordingly.
  • Simplify complex messages where necessary, so that others can understand key points.
  • Use a variety of communication methods with confidence, and understand where each is most effective.
  • Represent the organisation externally, and be able to speak confidently about its work.
  • Deliver difficult messages with honesty and compassion.

Gofal aspires to be an organisation that is ambitious, creative and determined
Level one:
Work with a flexible and adaptable approach to achieve agreed outcomes. /
  • Bring energy, passion and excitement into all your work
  • Demonstrate dedication and commitment to the team objectives
  • Have a commitment to ‘never giving up on a person’, even when they are challenging to you
  • Use available time to achieve the best possible outcomes, and be flexible where priorities change
  • Stay enthusiastic and remain positive through setbacks
  • Work with colleagues and service users to come up with creative solutions
  • Face change with a positive and constructive approach
  • Ask for help and support where it is needed to ensure own wellbeing
  • Use mistakes as a way to learn for the future

Level two:
Identify the best outcomes, solve problems and overcome barriers to achievement. /
  • Actively try out different approaches to tackling problems
  • Generously share ideas for service improvement and better ways of working
  • Build an outcome focus into all aspects of work
  • Support service users and colleagues in positive risk taking, allowing them to overcome barriers and achieve the best outcomes
  • Help colleagues to deal with changes they may be facing in a way which is right for them
  • Demonstrate resilience when facing challenges, seeking and using the support which you need

Gofal aspires to create environments that are collaborative, supportive and empowering
Level one:
Work effectively in partnership with others /
  • Build strong and constructive relationships with colleagues and service users
  • Build and maintain trust with service users and other individuals outside the organisation
  • Seek out contacts in other teams within the organisation, to share learning, support and experience
  • Be seen as a strong representative of the organisation with external contacts, and actively build networks which can help in delivery of service
  • Work positively through difference of opinion to get to the best outcome

Level two:
Identify new opportunities to seek and share experience with others /
  • Identify contacts inside and outside of the organisation who can support partnership working and collaboration
  • Share contacts across the organisation, where it may help other teams to develop their service
  • Encourage other team members to make their own contacts inside and outside of the organisation
  • Take an active part in organising events which encourage others to come together to support and share experience

Gofal aspires to be respected for our knowledge and expertise
Level one:
Regularly discuss own development needs with line manager, and attend training events identified. /
  • Take responsibility for seeking out knowledge and finding out information to help own learning.
  • Take an active part in own development, working with your Line Manager to identify your development needs.
  • Attend all training programmes identified, participate fully and discuss the learning with your Line Manager afterwards.
  • Reflect on new learning, and how to use it for the best outcome of service users.

Level two:
Proactively identify own development needs and take action to meet them. /
  • Identify any areas in your own performance where you need further development, and understand how best to get the training or experience you need.
  • Actively seek out others who may have the knowledge or skills you require, and ask for support for your learning.
  • Clearly understand the link between your learning and delivery of the best outcome for service users.
  • Take on development which is stretching and challenging, where it will have the best results on your own performance.
  • Show a passion and commitment for keeping updated with new information which impacts on your own performance and delivery of standards.


Application for the post of:Peripatetic Case Worker – Blaenau Gwent

This page will be removed from the application form before shortlisting, to enable us to shortlist candidates anonymously. Therefore please avoid using your name, elsewhere on the application.


First Names
(including postcode)
Contact Telephone Number
E-mail address


At least one of your references should be a present or most recent employer, tutor, volunteer work supervisor etc. If your most recent employer is not in a similar field but you have worked with a vulnerable client group within the last 5 years then we will also require a reference from this organisation.

References will be requested after interview and Gofal reserves the right to contact any previous employer.

Address: ______
Telephone no: ______
E-mail: ______
Relationship to yourself: ______/ Name______
Address: ______
Telephone no: ______
E-mail: ______
Relationship to yourself: ______


Gofal is committed to equality of opportunity and welcomes applications from all. When shortlisting applicants, the information used is that which relates to the person specification. Gofal upholds the commitments of the Disability Symbol. Where applicants meet all essential criteria then if a disability is declared an interview will be guaranteed and that applicant will not be further assessed against desirable criteria.
The Equality Act, 2010 defines a disability as:
“A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities.”
With reference to the above statement do you consider yourself to have any disabilities:
YES / NO (please delete as appropriate)
If YES, please highlight any additional support or special arrangements you would require if you are shortlisted and invited to interview.

Are you subject to any restrictions which would prevent you from taking employment in the United Kingdom? (Documentary Evidence will be required) YES/NO (please delete as appropriate)

If YES please provide details:


Gofal aims to promote equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential and as such welcomes applications for employment from a diverse range of candidates, including those with criminal records.
Due to the nature of our work with vulnerable adults, some posts at Gofal are exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and as such will request information on all convictions including those that would be deemed to be ‘spent’ under this act. Checks are made with the Disclosure and Barring Service and any offer of employment is made subject to receipt of a satisfactory Disclosure.
A criminal record or conviction is not necessarily a bar to employment with Gofal and each case will be decided on the individual circumstances.
The above is the policy statement of Gofal, if you wish to see our full procedure then please do contact the office in confidence and a copy will be sent to you.