PENPAC Endorses Pro-Business Candidates

PENPAC Endorses Pro-Business Candidates


The Private Enterprise Political Action Committee (PENPAC) announced today its endorsements of pro-business candidates seeking seats in the State’sGeneral Assembly.

The endorsements reflect a cross-section of candidates including incumbents, challengers, Democratsand Republicans. These candidatesare committed to working to improve the business climate in New Jersey with the goal of bringing in new investment and the creation of new private sector jobs.

“Our Trustees were impressed by these candidates. They understand our philosophy and they want to create private sector jobs, lower taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations and rein in government to make New Jersey more competitive,” said James Kosch, chairman of PENPAC, which is affiliated with the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey.

Candidates were evaluated based on their voting record (for incumbents), discussions, and their responses to a PENPAC survey asking for their views on issues critical to New Jersey’s economic growth, such as taxes, transportation, health care, education and energy.

PENPAC was established more than 30 years ago. Its mission is to encourage and support candidates willing to serve as business advocates in Trenton. State government is the focus of PENPAC since it regulations and policies can have a direct effect on whether or not a business succeeds in New Jersey.

The Assembly candidates endorsed by PENPAC in the Nov. 3 elections are:

District / Candidate
1 / Samuel Fiocchi, R (incumbent)
1 / James Sauro, R (challenger)
2 / Chris A. Brown, R, (incumbent)
2 / Will Pauls, R (challenger)
3 / John Burzichelli D, (incumbent)
3 / LeRoy Pierce, R (challenger)
5 / Kevin Ehret, R (challenger)
11 / Mary Pat Angelini, R (incumbent)
11 / Caroline Casagrande, R (incumbent)
12 / Ronald S. Dancer, R (incumbent)
13 / Declan J. O’Scanlon, R (incumbent)
13 / Amy H. Handlin, R (incumbent)
14 / David Jones, R (challenger)
15 / Anthony Giordano, R (challenger)
16 / Jack Ciattarelli, R (incumbent)
16 / Donna Simon, R (incumbent)
20 / Roger Stryeski, R (challenger)
21 / Jon M. Bramnick, R (incumbent)
21 / Nancy Munoz, R (incumbent)
22 / William Vastine, R (challenger)
22 / William Michelson, R (challenger)
23 / Erik Peterson, R (incumbent)
24 / Parker Space, R (incumbent)
24 / Gail Phoebus, R (challenger)
25 / Anthony M. Bucco, R (incumbent)
25 / Michael Patrick Carroll, R (incumbent)
26 / BettyLou DeCroce, R (incumbent)
26 / Jay Webber, R (incumbent)
30 / Sean T. Kean, R (incumbent)
30 / David Rible, R (incumbent)
31 / Hermino Mendoza, R (challenger)
35 / Shavonda Sumter, D (incumbent)
35 / David Jimenez, R (challenger)
37 / Valerie Vanieri Huttle, D (incumbent)
38 / Mark DiPisa, R (challenger)
39 / Holly Schepisi, R, (incumbent)
39 / Robert Auth, R, (incumbent)
40 / Scott T. Rumana, R (incumbent)