PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP Meetingmonday 24Th August 2015 6Pm

PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP Meetingmonday 24Th August 2015 6Pm




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Dr AmitaVarma
DFFP,DipPracDerm / Dr Debashis Singh
MBChB,BSc (Hons)
MRCGP / Dr Ratri Rue Roy
Practice Manager
Marta Cabrera


Attendees: Marta Cabrera, Jana Berjakova, Dr Rosemary Marsh

PPG Members present: NR, EJ, MS, PG

Apologies: PD, KS

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Welcome and Introduction – new GP Registrars Dr Rosemary Marsh and Dr Holly Magee introduced to the group.
  2. Revision of the last meeting – minutes and action points from previous meeting (March 23rd2015) were discussed and agreed.
  3. I:HUB Pilot Islington North (Oct 6th- end of June 2015) discussed with the group. The group was given a copy of I:HUB presentation and a fact sheet. PPG members have raised a few key issues that could arise with the introduction of the I:HUB Service at the practice. Such as continuity of care, access to appointments, funding and how will staff and doctors cope with the additional workload, stress levels and additional working hours.MC explained how all of this is going to be managed and that our practice is going to operate as usual. I:HUB is an additional service that will provide additional number of appointments and I:HUB will provide a pool of staff to cover the additional shifts. GP employed at the practice will be experienced doctors, some of whom are also based at surgeries in this area. The group discussed how the I:Hub appointments are likely to be used and frequent attenders were discussed. JB pointed out that the I:Hub appointments are going to be screened and booked through a call handler who will decide how to allocate the appointments. With this government pilot in place AE attendances should hopefully be reduced.
  4. Services and Projects 2015 – JB discussedIslington Primary Care Mental Health Team Pilot and how they operate. JB explained the referral process, frequency and nature of the MH team sessions.
  5. FFT and GP Survey Reviews, patient complains and constructive patient feedback discussed – JB provided a data chart collected from FFT questionnaires over the last 6months. The feedback was mostly positive and is very much appreciated by the practice. Constructive feedback is always very welcome.
  • PPG future involvement discussed – MC and JB thanked the group for their participation in the PPG and have explained how important it is for the practice to be able to gain active feedback and constructive ideas from patients via the PPG. Future target groups were identified – e.g. namely young population and parents of young children who have refused vaccinations.
  • Feedback from PAN Islington Meetings (19th March 2015 and June 18th) which MC attended along with Dr Singh and patients and PPG members NR and EJ. The key topics of the meeting involved the management of long term illness and quality of life and also changes in the 111 service. Information leaflet from the meeting was given to the group.
  • LTC6 GP Survey discussed– The practice has signed up for the Local Commissioning Service – Long Term Conditions this year again. MC has shown the group a patient letter that they are due to receive in the post along with two questionnaires to be completed by the patient.
  • The Patient Activation Measure (PAM) questionnaire asks patientshow they feel about managing their own health. The answers will be collected to help the surgery understand more about patient health needs and what support patients might require to keep as happy and healthy as possible.
  • The GP survey (LTC6) will ask patients about their experience of using the GP service at the practice.
  • Electronic Prescribing System (EPS) – JB and MC provided the group with information leaflet about this repeat prescription management service. Some members of the group are already actively using this service to their advantage.
  • CQC Inspections discussed– Inspections are going to be taking place in Islington from October 2015 and audit report will be produced based on the standards at the practice. CQC will give practices 2 weeks’ notice prior to inspection. The CQC have the power to close surgeries down in the space of just 3 weeks if they have a reason for major concern. The practice carefully follows CQC policies and procedures and provides staff training. MC has asked the PPG group if they would kindly act as referees if the CQC ask to speak to a PPG member. All members agreed to provide support.
  • Next PPG meeting is going to be held in December or early January 2016 – date to be confirmed.