Parking Permit Application Form

Parking Permit Application Form

Parking Permit Application Form– 2016/17

(delete as appropriate) / (note: Garscube Car Permits are not Valid at Gilmorehill)
Gilmorehill Staff Car - £200 Garscube Staff Car - £140
Gimorehill Student Car - £170 Garscube Student Car - £120
GilmorehillStaff Motorcycle - £50 GarscubeStaff Motorcycle - £50
GilmorehillStudent Motorcycle - £40 GarscubeStudent Motorcycle - £40
Status / Staff No.* / Student No.
Home Address
Telephone No
Job Title
Disabled / Yes/ No If yes proof required e.g.copy of regional badge to be attached
Vehicle Type / Car/Motorcycle
Registration / Colour
Make / Model

* Please note staff numbers are required for honorary/affiliate. You must be registeredon the HR systemby your College.

Complete either AorB

A.Honorary Staff /Payroll Agency/Garscube Student only - Payment by Cheque

I will pay by cheque.

You will be contacted when a permit is available with details of the payment for the session. You arerequired to re-apply annually. Payroll Agency may also opt to pay bymandate but are not eligible forParking Plus.

B.Payment by Payroll Mandate (Employees/Payroll Agency Only)

I will pay by Payroll Mandate

Your permit will be automatically renewed. You are required to notify Central Service of any vehicle changes as they ariseusing the web form. You will be notified of any annual increase to the parking fee. At any time you may cancel your permit by completing the termination form on the central services website.

University of Glasgow Staff– will be automatically included in Parking Plus. By participating in Parking Plus you are agreeing to reduce your contractual salary by an amount equivalent to the monthly cost of the parking permit.Thisarrangement allows you to make Tax and National Insurance savings. By participating in Parking Plus you are agreeing to a change in your contractual terms and conditions of employment.

I authorise the University of Glasgow to reduce my monthly salary byan amountequal to the monthly Parking fee until further notice in return for a Parking Permit. I accept that this is a change to my terms and conditions of employment*. More information

Payroll Agency - I authorise the University of Glasgow to deduct from my salary the Parking fee by instalments until further notice.

I give authority for the amount of the deduction to be varied and shall be notified of any changes in advance of thisvia email from Central Services.

Signature / Date

For Office Use Only

Permit Number / Valid From / Date to Payroll (Mandates Only) / CS Authorised by

Regulations central/parkingregulations/

Possession of a permit does not guarantee a parking space

Please return completed form to: Central Services, L1, The Fraser Building, University Ave, G12 8QQ

Jul 2016