Parents and Friends Committee

Parents and Friends Committee

Parents and Friends Committee

“Providing a Positive and Friendly Community Beyond the Classroom.”

Immanuel Lutheran School Staff Room

Wednesday 11th March at 7pm


Welcome - Helen Scholes

Devotion – Alison Braid – Quotes from “ Handwritten Notes to my friend”.

Attendance:C Bailey, H Scholes, G Darby, T Milevski, A Braid, K Worden, K Cox

Apologies:S DeBiasi, S Wundersitz, A Lytwyn, S Fawcett, R Bailey

Minutes of Previous meeting:Accepted C Bailey. Seconded A Braid.

Business Arising from Previous meeting:

  1. Family Night Wrap up:

Feedback was that the evening was a success.

Approx $550 profits made from the BBQ and Drink Sales.

Funds have gone into the family night account. P & F would like to liaise with staff re spending of profits from this event.

  1. Sausage Sizzle Lunch:

Money raised from this BBQ will go towards Play space development and a buddy bench.

Tony will look into purchase of sausages and purchase what is required. It was agreed sausages would be cooked and taken to classrooms for distribution by teachers. Tony has volunteered to cook with assistance from Kim and Clarissa.

Thank you all.

  1. Disco:

Kim met with Simon last week to discuss details. Please see attached sheet for information.

Kim to speak with Simon re a risk analysis. Local police and security will be informed of the event. A first aid person will be required.

It was agreed to have sign in sheets for the children, minimum of 2 helpers from each class will be required to streamline this process. We will ask for volunteers.

Water will be provided and P & F members will bring a variety of food for children and parents.

Kim is able to organise KESAB bins for rubbish.

Tony will purchase plastic cups for those who forget a drink bottle.

  1. Sports Day food/drinks:

Kim is happy to fill in the event form for Sports day.

It was agreed to sell pre-ordered sausages ($2) and steak sandwiches ($4).

We will also sell Super doopers for 50cents and cans of drink and bottled water for $2.

Sports Day coincides with Autism Awareness Day, which has a blue theme. Tony suggested blue serviettes. All Agreed.

  1. Friendship Area:

Alison’s Dad has agreed to construct a semi circular bench for this area. P & F will purchase the wood. – Alison to bring estimate of costs to next meeting.

  1. Website Presence: Defer to next meeting as Rick was an apology.
  2. Goals 2015:

BBQ –purchased in Term 1 2015.

Preschool Story time furnishings - The previous lunchtime BBQ and casual clothes day raised what should be sufficient funds for this. Kim to liaise with Stacey about their needs and costs and bring that information to our next meeting for all to approve.

Friendship Area

Storage for P & F

Notice Board with P & F Logo – Tony suggested we share the one near the Japanese room for now, and bring it to parents attention through the Bulletin. Gail offered to ask about sharing the existing board in the short term.

  1. 2nd Hand Uniforms:

Kim has spoken with Mrs D and we are awaiting a response. Defer until next meeting.

  1. Storage for P & F: ongoing
  2. Fundraising 2015

Term 1: Sausage Sizzle lunch


Term 2:Cabaret ?Raffle and support teachers as last year.

Lunch time Sausage Sizzle

Term 3: 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Little Star Market


Movie Night

Term 4: Photos

Lunchtime Sausage Sizzle

? Disco

Tony to get more information on Entertainment books as a fundraiser.

Correspondence in:Various fundraising brochures

Correspondence out:nil

Treasurer’s Report:nil

Any other business:Kim suggested a skills/services directory for the school community – defer to next meeting.

Next meeting: 6th May 2015

Devotion: Alison Braid

Close: 8.35pm