Packet by Saul Hankin and Will Nediger

Packet by Saul Hankin and Will Nediger

Tricon 2015

Packet by Saul Hankin and Will Nediger


Nods to this movie in the Boondocks episode “The Fundraiser” include a hotel suite in that episode named for this movie and the use of this movie’s pulsing synthesizer theme. A scene from this movie was parodied in a 2015 Grantland video that mocked Deflategate by superimposing Bill Belichick’s face over that of its protagonist while keeping the monologue. This movie is the basis of Cartman’s story arc in the South Park episode “Medicinal Fried Chicken,” in which Colonel Sanders executes someone by hanging him from a helicopter. For 10 points, name this 1983 movie in which the Al Pacino-played Tony Montana becomes a Miami drug lord.

ANSWER: Scarface

<SH/a tossup about parodies/homages of something more famous>


During one instance of this activity, a man worries that the line “It’s your spectre against mine” will bring the evil eye on him. In another instance of this activity, a man claims that he and a woman share three passions; after she quips “I hope the third is where your real talent lies,” he replies “One rises to meet a challenge.” James Bond is performing this activity in the very first scene of Dr. No. This game features such terms as “banque,” “carte,” and “pass the shoe.” For 10 points, name this card game that Sean Connery’s James Bond often plays.

ANSWER: baccarat [prompt on “drinking” or “smoking” throughout the question, since those often go with baccarat]

<SH/a tossup on James Bond>


Even before the square where this event took place was renamed for its victim, so-called “candle youth” or “candle children” gathered there to mourn it. In that square, a memorial to this event consists of a metal square, within which 16 basalt rocks are sunk unevenly into the pavement. This event took place during a rally called “Yes to Peace, No to Violence.” At the funeral for the victim of this event, Bill Clinton said “Shalom, chaver.” This action was committed by Yigal Amir, and took place a year after the victim had shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat. For 10 points, name this 1995 killing of an Israeli prime minister.

ANSWER: assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

<SH/a tossup on a famous murder/assassination>


This theory was introduced in a 2001 Harper’s article by Paul LimbertAllman. One piece of evidence against this theory is the fact that the perpetrator of the central event, William Tager, was probably just a crazy person. Evidence for this theory includes a certain writer’s creation of a conceited character named Lather, his recurring character named Kenneth, and his use of the phrase “What is the frequency?” For 10 points, identify this theory, which states that the author of Sixty Stories was responsible for a 1986 attack on a CBS news anchor.

ANSWER: the theory that Donald Barthelme was behind the 1986 attack on Dan Rather

<WN/a tossup about conspiracy theories>


The only incidental music this man composed was for Voltaire’s Zaire. LotharPerger created an error-ridden catalogue of this composer’s works. Mozart’s requiem was influenced by this composer’s requiem for Sigismund von Schrattenbach. A piece known as Mozart’s Symphony No. 37 was actually mostly written by this composer. He composed slightly over forty symphonies, many of which were originally attributed to his brother. For 10 points, name this brother of the more famous composer Joseph.

ANSWER: Michael Haydn

<WN/a tossup on classical music using no score clues>


A song by this musician plays as a character is told “You’re a good and beautiful person and I won’t let you walk out on me” and “You want to be with me? Then you be with me.” Right when a guitar lick from that song plays, Claudia looks into the camera and smiles and the screen cuts to black. In another scene from the same movie, a different song by this musician plays as characters like “Quiz Kid” Donnie Smith and Frank T. J. Mackey sing along. For 10 points, name this musician whose songs “Save Me” and “Wise Up” appeared on the Magnolia soundtrack.

ANSWER: Aimee Mann

<WN/a tossup on “movie music” however you define it>


One of these objects conspicuously appears in a scene in which a group of schoolchildren make up a story about a crippled boy defeating an alien boy with a magic sword in ApichatpongWeerasethakul’sMysterious Object at Noon. One of them is in the top left of the screen when a stammerer is being cured by a hypnotist in the prologue to Tarkovsky’sThe Mirror. The shadow of one of them can be seen in the first cockpit scene of Plan 9 from Outer Space. For 10 points, name these objects, whose appearance in the frame is generally taken to be a sign of incompetence because they’re just supposed to hold the microphone.

ANSWER: boom mike

<WN/a tossup about film that is entirely common link>


On this show, one contestant’s answer of “Hell, yeah” was ruled “somehow” correct, despite all the other contestants being told “no” was correct. Its host remarked that he’d have to start calling oral sex a “loosey.” The winner of this show received a can of Murray’s hair cream and two bootleg DVDs. On this show, an answer of “get out and vote” was ruled incorrect on a question about rising up and overcoming. Contestants on this show included a social worker and a Korean grocery store owner, and among the questions posed in this sketch was “Finish this Good Times lyric.” For 10 points, name this Chappelle’s Show sketch about a game show concerned with African-Americans.

ANSWER: I Know Black People [prompt on “Chappelle’s Show” before mentioned]

<SH/a tossup related to TV theme songs>


He's not Lenny, but in the Archer episode “Blood Test,”Ray compares Lana holding the Wee Baby Seamus to this man. At the 2013 Tony Awards, he danced with Neil Patrick Harris. This man is the final boss in the original version of an NES game in which the player plays as “Little Mac.” Before the fight in Rocky Balboa, this man and Mason Dixon get into an argument. In the Family Guy episode “Patriot Games,” Stewie beats up Brian and asks “Where’s my money?” after Brian had bet on this person to win a fight against Carol Channing. In the first Hangover movie, the protagonists steal one of his pet tigers. For 10 points, name this boxer who bit Evander Holyfield’s ear.

ANSWER: Mike Tyson [accept Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!]

<SH/a tossup related to 8 or 16 bit video games>


A warrior named for one of these objects fought with his brother Yellow Hair at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Gouverneur Morris acquired one of these objects after a carriage accident. Arthur Aston was beaten to death with one of these objects at the siege of Drogheda. After a run-in with a cannonball, Peter Stuyvesant acquired one of these objects. Two of these objects which are now displayed in Illinois were captured by American troops from Santa Anna. For 10 points, name these prosthetic items.

ANSWER: peglegs [or artificial legs; accept “wooden legs” even though Santa Anna’s was made of cork, because the rest of the clues are about wooden legs]

WN/a tossup that you think Mike Cheyne might have written for College History Bowl>


This object is advertised by Chip, the wisecracking assistant on the hit sitcom Toolin’ Around, who says “but today, I’m here as a ‘tool’ of Global Dynamics Corp.” After a failed attempt to get rid of this object, Fat Tony and his associates successfully get rid of a body bag by claiming it’s a Beanie Baby. The owner of this object lies and says it’s an activity center which “teaches [kids] as they learn.” Mr. Burns buys this object from Astrid Weller, after which its creator says “In your face, Jasper Johns!” For 10 points, name this object which becomes a sensation in the art world in the Simpsons episode “Mom and Pop Art.”

ANSWER: Homer’s failed barbecue pit

<WN/a tossup related to The Simpsons


Rory Jobst wrote a one-act play about one instance of this real-life activity. This activity was done to repay a farmer for helping one of its participants build a cottage near Paris. This was done as a favor for Boris Rousimoff, who was a friend of one of the participants and the father of the other. The two participants in this activity allegedly mostly talked about cricket. For 10 points, name this activity, in which an absurdist Irish playwright helped an acromegalic future professional wrestler get to school.

ANSWER: Samuel Beckett driving André the Giant to school

<WN/a tossup that uses a professional wrestling clue but is not actually about wrestling>


In an alternate future timeline in the episode “Children of Time,” Yedrin is one of these characters. The embittered Verad forces Dr. Bashir to make him one of these characters in the episode “Invasive Procedures.” A mysterious melody brings up memories of one of these characters who is a psychopathic murderer named Joran. One of these characters negotiated the Khitomer Accords and is named Curzon. One of them is killed by GulDukat after marrying Worf. For 10 points, name these humanoid hosts for a symbiotic character on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, who include Ezri and Jadzia.

ANSWER: Dax’s hosts

<WN/a tossup related to Star Trek>


In his most recent appearance, this character offers “sincere apologies” for his behavior that night before shouting “Bonjour, mademoiselle, I’d like to see le [sic] tits now!” In another appearance, he calls someone a “mountebank” before asking him “What’s the difference between you and a mallard with a cold?” In yet another appearance, he explains that “turn out” is a prison term that means making someone a prostitute in his employ. He routinely offers such comic misreadings as “The penis mightier” for “The pen is mightier.” For 10 points, name this recurring antagonist of SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches, a Scotsman who routinely calls Alex Trebek’s mother a whore.

ANSWER: Sean Connery as played by Darrell Hammond in SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy!sketches [accept either name]

<SH/a tossup related to Saturday Night Live>


A character in this music video is criticized for acting like a “stuck-up ho, like you from Beverly Hills or some shit.” This music video begins with two characters driving around looking for hot women, before a ridiculously long limousine crashes into their car. The faces of most of the women in this video morph into the creepy-grinned face of the musician, whose real name is Richard D. James. For 10 points, name this Chris Cunningham-directed video for an Aphex Twin song whose title comes from a translation of a French idiom meaning “window shopping.”

ANSWER: “Windowlicker”

<WN/a tossup on a famous music video>


A character notes that she is glad that this scene didn’t feature an eggbeater. This scene includes a point-of-view shot of a man dealing cards at a table crossed by lengthy shadows, in which it is revealed that his opponent’s cards are blank. It includes a man in a mask called “the proprietor” who drops a wheel on the roof of a building which a man in skis had just fallen off of. This scene takes place in a gambling venue surrounded by curtains with eyes painted on them. For 10 points, name this Salvador Dalí-designed sequence from a 1945 Hitchcock film.

ANSWER: the dream sequence from Spellbound

<WN/a tossup related to Alfred Hitchcock>


On a “Dot’s Poetry Corner” segment from Animaniacs, Dot says that Fuzzy Wuzzy changed his name to this person’s name. This 9/11 truther played Guy Banister in Oliver Stone’s JFK. This actor starred in a spin-off in which the only other character from the original show to appear was Aunt Flo. He played the news director of WJM-TV on a show in which he served as a father figure for Mary Richards. He voiced a widowed character who flies to South America with help of thousands of balloons. For 10 points, name this actor who played Lou Grant and voiced Carl Fredricksen in Up.

ANSWER: Ed Asner

<WN/a tossup that uses some clue from Animaniacs


Kramer accuses Jerry of “being gaga over” the owner of this object, and Jerry responds by accusing Kramer of “trying to bilk an innocent bystander out of a family fortune.” This object inspires a trend which Peterman wants to market with references to Zelda Fitzgerald. George is mistakenly declared dead after an accident caused by this object. In a reference to the O.J. Simpson trial, Jackie Chiles says that this object has “gotta fit right up a person’s skin, like a glove!” Elaine gives this object to the heiress to the Oh Henry! fortune, but she annoys Elaine by wearing it without a shirt. For 10 points, name this item of clothing worn by Sue Ellen Mischke on Seinfeld.

ANSWER: Sue Ellen Mischke’sbra

<WN/a tossup related to Seinfeld>


In one commercial for this company, a man seems proud that it took him “only” nine takes to shoot a scene in which he plays a dead witness. In a commercial for this company’s Week of Greatness, a man’s display of excitement includes gently setting a potted plant on its side. In yet another commercial for this company, Damian Lillard accidentally insults the ring-less Barry Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Webber, and Karl Malone. In a commercial made by this company about “short memory,” Scottie Pippen declares “I’m the greatest Chicago Bull of all time.” For 10 points, name this sportswear and footwear company whose employees dress like referees.

ANSWER: Foot Locker, Inc.

<SH/a tossup related to commercials>


After the villain of this movie is reminded that he shook Sinatra’s hand, he declares “Screw Sinatra’s hand.” The so-called “VUP” in this film is given room 1706, which he is thrown out of for “repeated disregard for acceptable standard for personal hygiene.” The absence of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts in this movie is explained with the line “It’s not their fight,” and this movie features Matt Damon wearing a prosthetic nose to seduce a cougar. This movie opens with the Al Pacino-played Willy Bank cutting Reuben Tishkoff out of co-ownership, giving him a heart attack. For 10 points, name this third and final installment in a George Clooney heist series.

ANSWER: Ocean’s Thirteen

<SH/a tossup related to actor Al Pacino

21. NOTE TO PLAYERS: Apologies if this tossup is too esoteric. Hopefully it will at least amuse you.

This trait led this person to consider a Chicago Open bonus part on Stephen Leacock to be easier than it actually was. This trait of this person routinely causes trouble at Ann Arbor bars because the person’s ID has his date of birth in a different place than the waiter expects. Saul Hankin frequently exaggerates the diphthong pronunciations caused by this trait of this friend of his, but can honestly report that at a bar, the friend asked for the bones to be “oot” of his chicken wings, not “out.” For 10 points, name this citizenship status of a Michigan quizbowler and linguist.

ANSWER: the Canadian-ness of WillNediger [accept either underlined name]

<WN & SH/a tossup that is about an attribute of someone>


As this object’s most notable owner first receives it as a teenager, he lowers his head; when he raises his head, the scene has changed to him as an adult getting punched in the jaw on a ship during a storm. Upon receiving this object, that owner was told “You lost today, kid, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.” The wind blew this object up out of a valley that its owner had fallen into while riding a tank. In perhaps its most iconic scene, this object’s owner reaches under a descending stone door to grab it. For 10 points, name this piece of headwear worn by a Harrison Ford-played archaeologist.

ANSWER: Indiana Jones’s hat

<SH/a tossup related to Indiana Jones>


This woman disappointed her friends by recounting a celebrity encounter with someone who collected Harvey’s trays and was known as The Frozen Snowshoe; she offered that man an Old King Clancy. This woman’s ex-boyfriend Simon sings in a band called the Foreskins; she met him while filming the music video for “Sandcastles in the Sand.” To test how much like home the Hoser Hut was, she shoved a man who then apologized to her and offered her a donut. As a teenage pop star, she sang the song “Let’s Go to the Mall.” For 10 points, name this Canadian ex-girlfriend of Ted on How I Met Your Mother.

ANSWER: Robin Charles Scherbatsky [accept Robin Sparkles]

<SH/a tossup that mocks Canada>


A solo number near the end of this musical ends “With all your faults I love you / I need you to love me that way too.” That number comes soon after one that laments “I’ll never be the [song title], noble and wise / Like the [song title] who lifted me high”; that song is “Soul of a Man.” A fight in this musical is accompanied by the song “In This Corner,” and ends with one combatant losing on purpose despite having been trained as a boxer by his father. One of the main characters in this musical reveals that his given name is Simon in the duet “Not My Father’s Son.” For 10 points, name this musical in which Charlie Price’s shoe factory makes footwear for Lola and other drag queens.