Outdoor Explorers Session #4, July 18Th-July 22Nd, 2016

Outdoor Explorers Session #4, July 18Th-July 22Nd, 2016

Outdoor Explorers Session #4, July 18th-July 22nd, 2016

Arrival/Departure Times and Location

Monday through Friday8:15am-2:30pm

Oak Openings Preserve: Buehner Center at Mallard Lake; 5402 Wilkins Road, Whitehouse, Ohio 43571

Enter Oak Openings from Wilkins Road off of Airport Highway. Follow Wilkins Road until it intersects the Oak Openings Parkway at the Oaks Lodge. Turn right and continue one quarter of mile west on Oak Openings Parkway. Turn right into the Mallard Lake Area and the Buehner Center is the building with a large front porch.

What to Wear and Bring

Khaki shorts or pants, a camp t-shirt (provided at the June 10th training or during your first week), and athletic shoes are the uniform for camp. Activities continue rain or shine. On days where there is rain, you will go outside. Wear rain-gear! If it is storming, rainy day options are available indoors. Bring a change of clothes or a swim suit on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Bring: sunscreen, bug spray, a refillable water bottle, a hat, a positive attitude and SMILE!

Lunch: Pack a lunch daily and bring a refillable water bottle. Drinking fountains and water coolers will be available to refill your water bottle throughout the day. Limited access to a refrigerator and microwave may be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Cell Phones:Use of cell phones by CITs is not permitted while you are at camp. As a volunteer and representative of the Metroparks, personal cell phone use appears unprofessional and takes attention away from our campers. Camp staff will have phones in case of emergency.

Duties of the Day

  • Sign in and out daily (electronically and on paper)
  • Assist camp staff to set up and clean up daily
  • SMILE and be positive as you interact with campers, parents, co-workers and staff
  • Play with the children, sing songs and play games
  • Be a mentor to a camper
  • Take pictures of the campers having fun and trying new things

Before and After Care

Before and After Care is a new service being offered to working parents. Staff will arrive early and stay after camp to do activities with the campers. Be aware that there will be children present when you arrive and leave camp.


Each day, take lots of pictures to show all of the fun experiences campers have done. Each CIT bag will have a camera, memory card and extra batteries. Take lots of photos! Be aware that some of our campers and/or parents do not want to be photographed and that’s okay. Campers that should not be photographed have a dot on their nametag. Please do your best to not photography these children.


At the beginning of the summer you signed up online that you would be committed to your camp schedule. We ask that you only cancel when absolutely necessary (illness, doctor’s appointment, or other emergency situations). If you will be absent, please call Heather Norris at 419-461-0520.

Feedback and Evaluations

On Monday, camp staff will review the CIT feedback form and daily reflections with all CITS. Each day, you will complete a daily feedback survey. On Friday, you will meet with a staff member who will review your daily feedback survey and provide you with feedback on your participation as a CIT. Come ready to discuss your camp week and your goals for personal growth and development.


Within 2 weeks of completing your volunteer service, please go to MetroparksToledo.com to answer a few questions via Survey Monkey, regarding your experiences as a volunteer. Please complete the survey as soon as possible it is your opportunity to provide comments, ideas or improvements.

Contact Information

Lead Staff Member: Rachel Palmer, Environmental Education Specialist (419-467-8301).

To ask camp questions or to change your volunteer schedule: Heather Norris, Mgr. of Environmental Education (419-461-0520) or

Volunteer Hours and Service Credit: Nancy Jomantas, Volunteer Coordinator (419-205-7715)

Thank you! Metroparks is so pleased to have you as a volunteer at Camp. We hope that you will come to us with any questions, ideas or otherwise should you have any. We’re grateful for your week that you’ll be spending with us! Please remember to document your volunteer service by signing in each day.