Notes on the Strategic Planning Meeting

Notes on the Strategic Planning Meeting

Notes on the Strategic Planning Meeting

Friday, November 07, 2008

Attendance: Helen Sandkuhl (presiding), Gordon Rogers, Lori Davis, Cheryl Phillips, Teresa Coyne,

Gail Carroll, Pat Clutter, Jim Gillam, Chris Hoag-Apel, Ginny Myerscough, Carol Pettit, JoAnn Coogan, Dianne Epple, Joanne Fogarty and Joan Eberhardt.

  • The meeting was called to order by Helen Sandkuhl.
  • The committee structure was reviewed and it was decided to keep the same committees that we now have.
  • Helen announced that she feels we have enough qualified committee chairs that we should not need to have any one person chairing more than one committee.
  • Helen’s goal is that all co-chairs should be prepared to move up into the chair slot upon the completion of the chair’s term.
  • The Course Operations committee was singled out as a committee that is special because most of our council income is generated by it, and it requires state faculty to operate the committee. Committee assignments to this committee will reflect this status. Furthermore, course operations may be impacted by the ATCN courses that are becoming more widespread in competition with TNCC.
  • Qualifications for applying for a chair position will be set out in the Standard Operating Guidelines.

Reviewing the existing committees, potential assignments for 2009 were identified as follows (candidates for positions must still apply and be accepted. What follows is anticipatory):

  • The Communications committee will remain the same as this year (Lori Davis chair, Gordon Rogers co-chair).
  • Chris Hoag-Apel will become chair of Course Operations
  • Cheryl Phillips will be co-chair for Pediatrics (ENPC)
  • Gail Carroll will be co-chair for Trauma (TNCC)
  • Cheryl Phillips will co-chair Government Affairs
  • Dianne Epple will chair Marketing/PR. Teresa Coyne will co-chair.
  • Tony Mitchell will chair Injury Prevention. Lori Davis will co-chair.
  • Membership will remain the same as this year (Ginny Myerscough chair, JoAnn Coogan co-chair).
  • Compliance will be chaired by Gordon Rogers with Gail Carroll as co-chair.
  • Joan Eberhardt has one more year to serve as chair of CCC, with Carol Pettit in line to succeed, and then Pat Clutter.

General committee members were as follows:

  • Jim Gillam will be a member of Course Operations
  • Teresa Coyne will be a member of Compliance, Communications, and Membership
  • Joan Eberhardt will be a member of Compliance and Membership
  • Jeanne Fogarty will be a member of Course Operations and Marketing/PR
  • Dianne Epple will be a member of Membership and Government Affairs
  • Gordon Rogers will be a member of Membership
  • Lori Davis will be a member of Compliance
  • JoAnn Coogan will be a member of Marketing/PR
  • Carol Pettit will be a member of Injury Prevention
  • Chris Hoag-Apel will be a member of Compliance and Injury Prevention
  • Pat Clutter will be a member of Government affairs

JoAnn Coogan suggested the creation of a Finance Committee because we need people in training to become Treasurer, which is a position that requires more than a superficial level of understanding of the job requirements. This was regarded as a good plan.

It was announced that Connie Brogan no longer is serving on the State SARRT council, and that MO ENA needs to see what contributions it can make in light of this.


Objectives of the 2008 plan were:

  1. Promote the specialty of emergency nursing in Missouri
  2. Work in collaboration with other health related organizations
  3. Identify, monitor and influence legislation regarding health care issues in Missouri
  4. Assist in chapter development and activities
  5. Promote and implement all objectives as defined

Objective 1 was met in 2008 by increasing our membership, the awards cruise, course operations, chapter and National meetings during which information about state activities was disseminated and reported on, by membership financial support at the CCC and by the offering of CEN review courses.

Objective 2 was met by our participation in the Combined Clinical Conference, by Jan Kaminsky’s work with MONA, by our membership on the State Injury Prevention board and by our participation with stroke, STEMI, Trauma and SARRT Boards, as well as the Disaster component of the Time Critical Diagnosis System.

Objective 3 was also met by our participation on the above state government panels as well as by our work on primary seat belt laws and motorcycle helmet repeal efforts, and by Lori Davis’s work with MoDOT.

Objective 4 was met by attempting to assist with the Rolla and Kirksville chapters, as well as successfully assisting with the Central Missouri Chapter. There are reports of interest in chapter formation in St. Joseph. Goals for 2009 include having one executive committee member present at a meeting of each chapter at least once during the year. Further goals include getting the Treasurer involved in total financial reviews of all the chapters, and making chapter financial reports and bank statements available to her.

Objective 5 was met as described above.

There was discussion about promotion of ENA to the membership of MHA. Renting a booth or otherwise having a presence at their meetings seems prohibitively expensive. Inviting and encouraging their participation at the CCC cruise is hampered by the crowds present on the cruises and it is hard to see the awards being given from all the vantage points, but it does (literally) get them on board.

There was brief discussion about the value of National’s December meeting, and about the potential of putting state forms (such as financial reporting forms, committee application forms, etc) on the website.

Teleconferencing was a topic mentioned in the 2008 Strategic Plan. It was decided that there was no useful purpose in pursuing that, and that conference calls could meet most of our needs in this regard.

There was discussion about the difficulties of listing all state course operations on the web due to the fact that many are conducted outside the Mo ENA system.

Membership augmentation can be assisted by CCC drawings, 50/50 raffles, and free membership drawings.

Financial committee goals would include getting our state tax exemption to go with our federal tax exemption.

Participant goals for the state were:

  • Chris Hoag-Apel: more TNCC and ENPC courses, especially in the light of ATCN.
  • Ginny Myerscough: More new members
  • Carol Pettit: The state should create and present a Resolution at the General Assembly
  • JoAnn Coogan: Getting everyone to realize the importance of financial organization
  • Dianne Epple: help each other, be mentors
  • Jeanne Fogarty: more participation by members
  • Joan Eberhardt: a) work to win the State Council award at National and b) for the State Council to support the nomination of a Missourian for a nurse award at National
  • Gordon Rogers: get more information for posting on the website, and get each committee its own page on the site for committee news and reports
  • Lori Davis: create and utilize a membership database
  • Cheryl Phillips: Increase Injury Prevention activity and coordinating with other organizations
  • Teresa Coyne: increase participation locally and at the state level
  • Gail Carroll: present a Resolution at National, larger attendance at meetings, award points for bringing new attendees to meetings and getting new members. (This led to discussion of increasing the points given for committee work and awarding the same points for attending the Strategic Planning meetings as for attending state council meetings).
  • Pat Clutter: more nurse attendance at the CCC, and have the CCC earn a profit.

Respectfully submitted by Gordon Rogers, Secretary