New Memberinduction Ceremony

New Memberinduction Ceremony

New MemberInduction Ceremony:

Introduced by club member Fred Nurk

  • John Doe classification:Dental Engineer

Induction Ceremony

It is my great pleasure on behalf of the board of directors and members of the Rotary Club Such & Such to welcome you as a member.

We welcome you not only for the fine fellowship that we shall share, but also for your willingness and abilities that will help us to carry out our many projects to make our community, our country, and our world a better place in which to live.

Rotary membership is a two way street. You reap that which you sew. I sincerely hope that Rotary membership is as personally rewarding and satisfying for you and your family, as it has been for those present here in this room tonight, and for those who have gone before us during the past 25 years that the Rotary Club of Such & Suchhas existed, and indeed during the past 100 years of Rotary International from its humble beginnings.

(President requests those present to stand for the delivery of the charge that follows.)


You have been chosen for membership in the Rotary Club ofSuch & Suchbecause your fellow members believe you to be a leader in your special line of activity and because you manifest those qualities that we believe will enhance the International Fellowship of Rotary.

You are a representative of your vocation in this club and information of an educational value pertaining to your skillsshould come to us through you.

At the same time you become an ambassador for Rotary to all whom you meet, and we rely on you to demonstrate, both through your words and your actions, the ideals of service, to which your fellow Rotariansaspire.

Our community will know and judge Rotary through you, and we accept you as a member because we know our principles and organization to be safe in your keeping.

We look forward to your active participation in our club for many years to come, and we look forward to sharing your inspiration that will help us all to become better Rotarians,

It is with this hope that I invest you with the distinguishing badge of a Rotarian, and gladly offer you the right hand of Rotary fellowship.”

(President asks those present to be seated.)

It is also my pleasure to present you with this folder of information pertaining to Rotary, which I hope you will read and think about.

You are reminded that Rotary is a truly International Organisation and you are welcome to attend any club throughout the world as a Rotarian, where you will be welcomed with open arms. We encourage you to wear the outward sign of Rotary at all times to display to those you meet your proud association with this prestigious organisation.

John, for the remainder of this Rotary year, you have been placed on the International ServiceCommittee and your director will be RotarianBilly Jones.

Fellow Rotarians, I have much pleasure in presenting to you RotarianJohn Doe

Please extend to the right hand of Rotary fellowship to both Johnandhis partnerStickyand make them welcome within our Rotary family

(The new member addresses the club,)