New Club Letter of Intent Requirements

New Club Letter of Intent Requirements

NCJLA New Club Application

In order to apply for club membership in the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association, please submit an application to the NCJLA executive director. We accept applications beginning in June and by September 1st at the latest, each year. The executive director will bring the application before the board of directors for review at a monthly meeting. The board will review the application and decide to formally recommend the club be admitted to the league at the annual delegates meeting in late September. The delegates vote to accept new clubs each year at this annual meeting.

Required information:

  • Club name
  • Club contact

-Name and contact information (email and phone) for officers: president (NCJLA delegate), treasurer or financial contact,a boys’ and a girls’ NCJLA representative, secretary and any other identified board members. Please include at least one club contact; three or more are preferred.

-Will the president be the NCJLA club delegate or appoint a designee? If designee, provide name and contact information.

  • Official club mailing address
  • Geography

-Clearly defined boundaries of the population to serve (either by zip code, county, city limits, school district, school... etc.) If a youth program, list high schools in the target geography and which currently have CIF lacrosse programs.

-List the name(s) of contiguous lacrosse clubs and whether they have been contacted and reached an understanding or agreement about the establishment of this new club.

  • Intended teams to be established – boys, girls and what level(s)

-If only planning to start with boys or girls teams is there a plan to expand to include teams for the other gender in the future?

  • Statement of understanding and agreement to adhere to the bylaws of the NCJLA and the rules and regulations in effect.
  • Statement of understanding and agreement that if admitted to participate, the first year of participation in the NCJLA is provisional and non-voting.
  • Statement of nonprofit intent (501c3, or similar statement that the organization is formed to benefit youth, not as a profit making business.)
  • Statement of understanding that club will not recruit players from outside their defined geographic boundaries, as established by NCJLA.
  • Statement of understanding that NCJLA requests at least one person in the organization per team become a trained official.

Provide information or status of the following:

  • Home field(s) with field name and address.
  • Coaches identified and committed.
  • Financial plan to launch organization.

-Budget for the first season

Shortly after club is admitted to NCJLA you will need to provide:

  • US Lacrosse Group ID number for the new club
  • Club profile with:

-Updated contact information

-Club description

-Website link

-Mascot name

-Team colors


Email application to , by September 1. The earlier we receive the application the more time we’ll have to work out any outstanding issues, thus increasing the likelihood the application will be recommended to the delegates for a vote.