Name of Rotation/Elective: Neonatal Intensive Care Acting Internship

Name of Rotation/Elective: Neonatal Intensive Care Acting Internship

Course Code: PEDI G801

Name of Rotation/Elective: Neonatal Intensive Care Acting Internship

Prerequisite: 3rd Year Pediatric Clerkship

Course Director: Benton Cofer, MD

Course Director e-mail: /

Course Director phone:(864)313-5161

Course Coordinator: Tempie Morrison

Coordinator e-mail:

Coordinator phone: (864)455-7382

Course Faculty (list all):

Benton Cofer, MD, Reese Clark, MD, Bryan L. Ohning, MD, PhD, Catrinel Marinescu, MD, Jeffrey Ruggieri, MD, Whitson Walker, MD, India Chandler, MD, Michael Stewart, MD

Location: GHS, Greenville Memorial Hospital, NICU

Time and Location to Report on Day 1:

8:00 am, NICU 6th Floor Greenville Memorial Hospital

Number of weeks: 4

# of students per rotation: 1

Course Objectives:

At the completion of the rotation, the student should be able to do the following:

oIdentify and describe strategies to reduce fetal and neonatal mortality (for example, use of

Group B strep prophylaxis and perinatal steroids.)

oExplain steps in resuscitation and stabilization of a newborn in the delivery room

oDescribe the common causes of acute deterioration in previously stable NICU patients

oUnder supervision, evaluate and manage patients with the signs and symptoms that present

commonly in the NICU

oParticipate in the transition of a critically ill newborn to a stable growing infant, including

discharge planning

Course Description:

The content of this course is designed to present to the student the essential aspects of premature and sick newborn care. Students will get the opportunity to attend high risk deliveries. He/She will be assigned several new patients in the NICU and will be responsible for completing a history, physical, and maturity assessment on each. He/She will observe and participate in special treatment procedures performed on his/her patients, e.g., intravenous and intra-arterial catheter insertions, nasal continuous positive airway pressure, mechanical ventilation procedures, endotracheal intubations and resuscitation. In addition, the student may attend a weekly follow-up clinic for those infants discharged from the NICU. He/She will be responsible for talking with the infant's parents with guidance from the attending. He/She will make work rounds with the house staff and teaching rounds with the attending physician daily and will participate in all regularly scheduled neonatal and perinatal conferences.

Brief Description:

oThe M-IV student will shadow a resident physician through completion of their daily activities in the NICU

oAccompany the resident on "pre-rounds" gathering patient data for the day

oAttend rounds with the attending physician and possibly present one low- acuity patient from the resident's list on rounds.

oAttend resident education discussions and lectures

oAttend deliveries with the resident when the resident is on call for deliveries

oObserve any procedures taking place in the unit (intubations, line placement, LPs)

oAttend check out rounds in the afternoons and possibly present one low-acuity patient from the resident's list