Name: Khalil Ibrahim Issa, M

Name: Khalil Ibrahim Issa, M


Curriculum Vitae: KhalilI. Issa M.D

Date: April,10th, 2015

Personal & Professional

Name: Khalil Ibrahim Khalil Issa

Date of birth: 20th of February 1967

Profession: - Orthopedic Surgeon “1996”

FormerCanadian Orth. Association member: COA, Palestinian

Orth. Association member: POA)

- Spine Surgeon ( Fellowship certified 2008)

- Ilizarov – Reconstruction Ortho.Surgeon (Fellowship

Certified 2005)

- Ass.Professor. Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences

FMHS-An-Najah National UniversityNNU/


CurrentPositions: - Vice Dean and Director of Dpt. of Medicine - FMHS

- Director of Program of Medicine, head of Division of

Special Surgeries & Faculty member- FMHS

- Head of division of higher education of Health Sciences

- Actively practicing specialty as ortho-spine surgeon at An-

Najah National University HospitalNNUH

- Member; Supreme Scientific Committee / Palestinian

Medical Council -PMC

- Member of Scientific Orthopedic Committee / PMC

-Member;Hospitals' Residency Evaluation Com./PMC

Former Positions: - Medical director –NNUH

- Acting General Director at NNUH

- Deputy Dean for clinical affairs (2009 - Jun. 2013), and

- Director of Department of Medicine (2011- Jun 2013) -


- Chair of scientific committee in POA(2009-Nvm.2013)

- member of research committee and IRB committee at


- Head of Orthopedic reconstructive Unit (Ilizarov)/

Ittihad Hsp. (Established by me as head of Unit:Oct.2009–

May 2013).

-Responsible for Orthopedic services in two private

hospitals (together for 11 years)

- Member of Nablus strategic planning group/health

sector / Nablus Municipality

Present Address:Official:

An-Najah National University Faculty of Medicine & HS – new campus Tel + 970 9 2345113 x 2127 - 2160 Fax: + 970 9 2349739. Personal Mobile: + 970 599 208 667

An-Najah National University Hospital, Tel + 970 9 2331471, Fax: + 970 9 2389683

Nablus-Palestine. E Mails: (most used),


School Schools till 3rd secondary: Nablus - Palestine 1984 (ranked one

of the 1st 10 at Tawjihi National exam) Medicine Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, M.B.,B.S.;M.D

Faculty of Medicine; University of Jordan (Amman) 1984 – 1990.

Post GraduateTrainingAnd Fellowship(s)

Jun 01,1990-May 30,1991 Internship;JordanUniversityHospital, Amman-


Jun 01,1991-May 30, 1996 Residency Program in orthopedic surgery; one year

general surgery and four years orthopedic surgeryatMakassed Hospital

(tertiary care trainingHospital) inEastJerusalem.

1994 – 1995 Mount's David's Children Orthopedic Hspt. Bethlehem-

Palestine – part of residency program (this hospital is now closed).

From 6th august to

9th October 2004: 2 month Fellowship in Ilizarove surgery – Al-Zahra

Uiversity Hospital – Cairo – Egypt with Prof. Yaser


From 1st march to

30thApril 2005: 2 month Fellowship in Ilizarove surgery – Alssandro-

ManzoniHospital-Lecco- Italy with professor

Maurizio Catagni.

From 1st Feb 2007 to

30th Jun 2008: Spine Surgery Fellowship Specialty Certified

LHSC-Victoria Hospital- UWO- London-ON-Canada

From 30 Jan 2014 to

3rdApr 2014: 2 month Spine Surgery Fellowship updating course –

Florence Nightingale Spine Center – Istanbul –Turkey

(June 2014) One month updating experience 1st assistant surgical

visit to MarkgroningenOrthopedic center – Spine

surgery Unit - Germany

Specialty/Sub. Certification:

Jul 01, 1996 Palestinian Board legible. Orthopedic Specialist

Nov , 2001 Palestinian Board of Orthopedic Surgery .

N.B (the time between board legibility and beingBoarded is due to

political conflicts that prohibited the first Palestinian board till 2001).

Oct. 10th 2004 Reconstructive (Ilizarov) Surgery –Affiliated with Azhar

Univ. - Egypt

May 01st 2005 Reconstructive (Ilizarov) Surgery –Affiliated with

Milano Univ. - Italy

Jun 30th 2008 Spine Surgery - Affiliated with UWO - Canada.

Licensesof Practice

Jul 01 , 1991 General Practitioner ( license number 7755 )

1996-2001 Temporary through PalestinianMinistry of Health to practice as

OrthopedicSurgeon (Specialist),due to the delayof thestablishment

of the Palestinian Medical Council till 2001 .

Jan 2002 and forth Permanent License to practice as Orthopedic Surgery

Specialist in PalestinianAuthority from the Palestinian MOH after

Palestinian Board Certification.


July1996-March 2003: Initiated and was responsible for orthopedic sector in Saint

Luke'sHospitalSLH inNablus – Palestine(operative and clinics)

the first comprehensive Orthopedic unit in Northern Palestine)

Aug 2000 Complete preparation of the orthopedic sector for

Specialized ArabHospitalSAH – Nablus–Palestine

March 2003-Jan 2007 Attending and full time responsible orthopedic surgeon in

SAH in Nablus –Palestine (operative and clinics).

Summer 2003 Facilitated the Initiation of the first pediatric spine surgery program

in the west bank through hosting and participating for this pioneer activity

with Prof Hugh Watts and Dr. Alaa Azmi

2009-2013 Sharing major role in health sciences faculties reconstructions in the

University, directing the program of doctor of medicine, working on

editing its course descriptions and being member of setting regulations

of the FMHS.

2009 – Jan 2014 Active and milestone member of the concise crew working

on and responsible for the establishment of the first University hospital

in Palestine (started to function by Summer 2013) . My most important

role concentrated onspecialistsrecruitment directed mainly towards

highly specialized and qualified Palestinian physicians from inside and

especially from abroad.

I had also cornerstone role in regards of planning, implementation,

setting regulations, initiation, tenders' preparation and activation, and

equipment designation and time planning for the hospital via being

medical director, deputy general and general director and heador

member of most important committees in regards.

Research Activity and Publications

1-Prospective clinical and radiographic results of the Charitte III Artificial Total Disc Arthroplasty at 2-7 year follow up: A Canadian Experience; Canadian Journal of Surgery, Jan 2011

2-Unique Combination of Junctional level injuries to the spine; ANU-MHS, Dec 2010

3-Treatment of Subtrochanteric Fractures in Adolescent Patients with Reconstructive Trochanteric Antigrade Nail, ANU-MHS, Dec 2010

4-Epidural injection in Spinal Stenosis; finished May 2011 not published yet

5-Ilizarov "Local Experience in West Bank"; finished May 2011 not published yet

6-Effectiveness of full length silicon shoe inserts in the treatment of planter fasciitis finished May 2012 not published

7-Steroid injections in tennis elbow finished May 2012 not published

8-Supervised Master degree Project: Back Pack effect on School students

9-Supervised Master degree Project : Erb’s Pulsy

Courses and Conferences

Dec-2000 AO course in Davos – Swiss .

Sep-2003 Pan Arab orthopedic conference Amman –Jordan .

Dec-2003 AO course in Davos – Swiss

Feb-2004 10 days assistance in scoliosis surgeries with

Prof.Hugh Watts and Dr. Alaa Ahmad in Specialized

Arab hospital in Nablus – Palestine

Sep-2004 39th annual meeting of SRS ( scoliosis research

Society ) in Buenos Aires– Argentina . .

Nov-2005 Pan Arab orthopedic conference Amman-Jordan

16th-18th And Jordanian orthopedic surgeons conference

Aug-Dec 2006 Got my acceptance for spinal fellowship in LHSC/ UWO

ON , CA , proceeded with CPSO requirements , and

been arranged for 17 month pediatric and adult spine

training by the spine unit,

Jan28th-Feb5th 2007 acquired the UWO registration , CPSO license and

CMPA approval to start The PEAP for my fellowship .

Feb 2007 - Spinal Surgery Fellowship in Spine Unit in

VictoriaHospital, LHSC, UWO, London, ON, Canada

July, 1st 2008. Joined pediatric ortho & spine first then adult spine unit

in June 2007 . Since 5th Feb . being fully involved in

clinical and operative work and attending scientific

orthopedic rounds.Passed the pre entry assessment

program(PEAP)in April 27th, 2007.

During the period being participating in case study

reports and clinical researches

March 30th 2007 Accepted to be an Associate member of The Canadian

Orthopedic Association COA .

Jun. 2007 Attended the 62nd COA annual meeting in Halifax,


Jun 2007 Attended the coarse of Current Concepts and

Techniques in Spine deformity held in Mount Sinai

surgical skill lab, Toronto , Canada, with hands on


Oct. 2007 Attended the third International World Congress of

External Fixation held in Cairo-Egypt and attended

the pre and post courses in Ilizarove technique and

Spatial frames.

Apr 2008 Attended the educational event of evidence based

Practice in spine surgery in the TrilliumHealthCenter

- Spine institute. – Canada

Jun 2008 Attended the 63rd COA annual meeting conjoint with

the AOA annual meeting in Quebec-Canada

Jul 2008 Attended the IMAST ( international meeting of adv-

anced spine technologies; a division of SRS activities)

in Hong Kong.

Nov 2008 Organizing member and Paper Presenter of An-Najah

University 1stInternational Pediatric conference.

Jan 2009 International workshop in Jordan for Osteoporosis

May 2009 Workshop in Austria/Salzburg for Kyphoplasty stinting

of osteoporotic vertebral fractures VBS. A procedure

which is not yet done in Palestine.

Oct 2009 The organizing chairman of the An-Najah

2nd international medical conference held between

8th and 10th of October 2009.

Oct 2009 Spine surgery meeting in Cairo

Jan 2010 Course in Spinal surgery for one week in Damascus

Oct 2010 Annual Conference of the Palestinian Orthopedic


Oct 2010 Organization member of An-Najah

University 3rd International Medical Conference

Mar 2011 local Orthopedic conference

Oct – 2011 Annual Conference of the Palestinian Orthopedic

Association (attendance and speaker)

Mar – 2012 10th Healthcare Conference of ArabHospital

Federation with annual Arab Health Ministers


July – 2012 Speaker and attendant of the 4th Palestinian medical

association conference.

Nov – 2012 Annual Conference of the Palestinian Orthopedic

Association (attendance and speaker)

Nov - 2013 Annual Conference of the Palestinian Orthopedic

Association (attendance and speaker)

Dec - 2013 Attended AO Spine masters course in Davos – Swiss

Jan-Apr 2014 Updating – experience Fellowship in Spine surgery –

Florence Nightingale Spine Center – Istanbul - Turkey

June 2014 Updating – experience one month visit to Spine Unit –

Markgroningen Orthopedic Center- Gemany

Khalil I. Issa M.D

M.B,B.S, Ass. Prof.

Orthopedic Surgeon