Myanmar (Formerly Burma)

Myanmar (Formerly Burma)

Myanmar (formerly Burma)

I was so excited to be on Chuck Lenhart's Frontier Harvest Ministries team from Feb. 1-4 in Mayanmar. Our team of 6 Americans, 4 Chinese, and 1 on-fire Dutchman trained, prayed for, ate with, washed the feet of, and commissioned by anointing with oil, sixty Burmese believers. We sent 11 teams to share the good news in 11 areas where the Pulang people live in the Shan state. One million people with no church. Thanks to Chuck's supporters.Theyfunded the training and the sending expenses. Enough was given to purchase 5 motorcycles to reach the remote mountain areas.

One of the teams had an unsettled feeling so they passed through a village and spent the night in the next place where 2 people made commitments to Jesus. That night the first village burned to the ground! A heroin addict accidently started it. Seventy percent of the world's heroin comes from Mayanmar. Have you heard of the golden triangle? Jared Lenhart and a team of Chinese will be going there this weekend to demonstrate God's love by taking food, blankets, and tents to the 200 homeless villagers.

The teams returned with 32 people who were discipled for 3 days and sent back to their homes. Later they will be visited and brought back for more training. Pray with us for a great harvest and the establishment of the kingdom of Godthrough church planting.

Prayer Requests:

1. April 25-May 19, 2016

Week 1 We will return to Guinyangan, Luzon, Philippines for a ZMI (Zion Ministries International) extension class to finish the seminar that we had to cut short a few years ago when that huge typhoon (hurricane)destroyed so much of the central part of the Philippines.

Week 2 We will be preaching an ApoyngDyos (Fire of God) revival in Pinugay, Baras, Rizal, Philippines. Ten small churches will cooperate to present this event in a squatter relocation village of 10,000 houses. The government moves these people from the city to a remote area. They are given a 'home'. About 10-20 homes in one long building. The 'home' is 12'x16' with two homes sharing a toilet.

Week 3 We will be inVietnam for a ZMI seminar on Mission. The government has eased some visa restrictions and religious laws in order to attract more investments and tourism. However, we hesitate to give details about our efforts there as with other 'closed'countries. We worry about the persecution of the local people more than ourselves. We might be interrogated (I have been.), fined, or expelled from the country. The local people can be beaten, imprisoned, or lose their lives.

2. Persecution in China in on the increase. In some areas they tell pastors to sign a paper saying Chinese religious laws are higher than the Word of God. If they don't sign, they are arrested.

Laws for the Three Self Church, the government approved church in China:

  • The Communist party decides how many people can be baptized per year.
  • The party has the final decision on who can preach and what can be preached. (Foreigners can speak to other foreigners with a permit if they refuse local people to enter the gathering.)
  • Preaching should focus on social rules and the benefits of Christianity.
  • Preaching on the resurrection and second coming of Jesus are forbidden.
  • Preaching against religions that deny the deity of Christ is forbidden.
  • Preaching that atheist communist heroes went to hell is forbidden - good communists go to heaven.
  • Preaching against abortion is forbidden.
  • Preaching outside of Three Self churches is forbidden.
  • Preachers can only preach in the Three Self church where they are assigned.
  • Evangelism and giving tracts is forbidden.
  • Imported Bibles and printing Bibles in China are forbidden.
  • Government officials, teachers, soldiers, policemen, children, and teenagers cannot be Christians.