Multi Sports Club Minutes

Multi Sports Club Minutes

Multi Sports Club Minutes

Sunday 15th April 2018

Wildern 500pm

Present:Susan Perrin, Sarah Jane Davies, Irene Small, Suzy Foster

1.Last Minutes Agreed.

2.Sports: Tag Rugby (Mike), Cricket (Mike). Lee to cover 29th April

To review coaches for next year, try and get a few more on board. To use Active Nation, Solent Stars, and Energise You (Harry Stow) for contacts.

To book The Hub for Table tennis for the summer using Trevor (Harry’s Grandad) for the summer. Thursdays 600-700pm – Action Irene

To book venues and sports for September onwards. Need to check school dates:

Football (Sam), Tennis (Lee), Le-Cross/ Hockey (Mike), Basketball (Silvan?) and Athletics (Mike).

3.Treasurers ReportSarah Jane name is now changed at the bank. Susan has completed the paperwork for the underspend (£2420)for the Totton Grant. If all goes well,we are thinking of setting up a Football League session and try the football group again in the Totton area – Action Susan

The overall income of the year was £17,143 and the total outcome was £24,409.

We looked again at our losses the highest is the Sunday MSC morning sessions where the numbers are very low, so we decided that as from September we will merge the two groups and make the session longer(£6) and earlier so we could get the bigger hall,and this would help with our wheelchair user, Josh. – Action Irene

4.AGM –Saturday 2nd June - venue to be booked and fish and chips supper – Action S/Jane.Bingo and Supper at Fryern Pavilion, Chandlers Ford 700-930pm

5.Club mark– we had the presentation on Friday 9th March at Football by Mims Davies and got our photo in the Daily Echo.

6.Football League Report –the League was cancelled on the 22ndMay and has been moved to the 29th April and the last one will be on 13thMay. After it has finished there will be a presentation arranged and medals will be given out – very exciting!

7.Club Development Plan – we reviewed this and there has been no change.

8.Community Showcase – we had a stall here at The Point but have had no interest from it.

9.Brockenhurst Gateway – Saturday 29th September

10.Solent Boat Trips–5th May - Full, 30th June – Full, 25th July – 7 booked, 26th Aug – 9 booked, 8 Sept -?29th Sept – 6 booked.

11. GDPR-we need to investigate this asap to see the effect on the club. To investigateworkshops. Susan and Sarah Jane to complete a Webinar on it for further information. To arrange a separate meeting to discuss GDPR – Action All

12.Shine Dance Group –Friday 20th April Showcase. Chloe’s cheque presentation (£370.05)and photos – Action Susan and Sarah Jane.

Chloe is now coming back to cover the group and Amanda is happy to cover some dates in the summer.

13.Safeguarding – we needtohave a meeting to update our policies

14.Totton Grant - Susan looking into possibility of a Football League training group and maybe restart a football group in Totton to see if we have better respond this time.

Next Meeting Monday 21st May at 730pm