Monthly HSW Activities for 2010 - 2011

Monthly HSW Activities for 2010 - 2011

SECTION 1: Commitment

1-02F02 Schedule of Planned Activities

Monthly HSW Activities for 2010 - 2011

Key Activities / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May
Distribution Dates: / 3/6/11 / 8/7/11 / 5/8/11 / 9/9/11 / 7/10/11 / 4/11/11 / 3/12/10 / 4/2/11 / 4/3/11 / 8/4/11 / 6/5/11
OHS Training / TNA / Monthly reports requested
Incident Management
Contractor Inspections
OHS Consultative Committee /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / 
Team Meetings /  /  /  / 
Chemicals / Check register and msds / Storage and Spill Kits
Plant Register / 
Electrical Register / 
Hazard Register / Risk Assessments /  /  /  / 
Workplace Inspections /  / 
Ergonomic Assessment / 
Emergency Preparedness /  / 
First Aid Arrangements / 
Personal Protective Equipment /  / 
Motor Vehicle / 
OHSW Information /  /  /  / 
Manual Tasks / 1 / 2
Corrective Actions /  /  /  / 

 Workplace Inspections for high risk areas: performance venues


Key Activities / Actions to be Completed
Chemical Register / Check the Chemical Register on S:Drive against substances you hold in the workplace. Add any new substances, delete substances disposed off, check currency (within 5 years) and availability of MSDS’s. Note: Register will be forwarded to University HSW Unit early December.
Confirm chemicals are being stored as per the HSW Handbook 3.19: Appendix A; and
All containers (this includes original, decanted or mixtures) must be labelled in accordanceHSW Handbook 3.19: Appendix I
Contractor / Managed Services Inspections / Review, if applicable, NSCA Advisory Note of Contractor Inspection or 3.2-01F06 Managed Services Non Conformance Report and confirm corrective actions have been undertaken.
For next month nominate one contractor (if applicable) to the IPT HSW Operations Consultant (Sam Abbott – NSCA) for a Managed Services Site Inspection. Please inform the contractor and provide contactor contact details.
Corrective Actions / Confirm RMSS Corrective Actions within the last three (3) months have been completed and closed out or plans are available to resolve the issue.
Electrical Register / Obtain electrical test and tag register for your area (available from Campus Services), check all equipment in your area is listed and next test date has not been exceeded. Add any new items to the register and forward to Note: Items that are not tagged or outside the retest date must be removed from service until compliant. (HSW Handbook 3.7 Appendix I)
Emergency Preparedness / Confirm an emergency exercise has been conducted in your area(s) of responsibility in the last 6 months. Date exercise held?
Which contingency are you are you planning to test in the next 6 months / Fire /  / Intruder /  / Bomb threat /  / Medical emergency / 
Chemical spill /  / Lockdown /  / External emergency /  / Epidemic (key staff risk) / 
Ergonomic Assessment / Staff, whose substantial position involves working at a desk, are to complete the Computer Workstation Ergonomic Assessment:
  1. Complete the assessment;
  2. Raise any issues of concern with your Manager / Team Leader and develop corrective actions (where required); and
  3. Return the completed forms to Business Services.

First Aid Arrangements / Check first aid kits in your area meet or exceed the Approved Code of Practice for First Aid and there are no expired components.
Confirm the designation of first aid officers for your area/s and check that contact details are readily displayed and accessible by staff.
Hazard Register / Risk Assessments / Check Hazard Register and list the Risk Assessments and Standard Operating Procedures which are due for review i.e. they are over 5 yrs old, or need to be developed.
Please advise the number of risk assessments that have been undertaken since previous report.
Incident Management / Report incidents within the specified timeframes (Incident/Property Damage/ Hazard Report Form – within 48 hours and Notifiable – within 24 hours).
Check that all reported incidents have been investigated and corrective actions assigned within RMSS where relevant.
Incidents reported from the previous month are closed out and outcomes communicated to affected stakeholders.
Inductions / Induction training provided to new employees and agency staff. Communicate attendance records to the Training Coordinator (Melissa Gibbs) or attach to this form when returning.
IPT HSW Consultative Committee / Manager and/or staff representative to attend OHS Consultative Committee on Insert date of meeting and actions from Insert date of last meetingmeeting have been completed.
Manual Tasks / 1 / Activities with a high or very high residual risk of a manual handling injury need to be identified and a risk assessment conducted. Please over the next three months through your meeting structure(s) ensure that all staff have been consulted on possible manual tasks (handling) hazards and identify any areas of concern, send details to so a risk assessment can be conducted.
Manual Tasks include activities which include:
  • a repetitive or sustained application of force;
  • a repetitive or sustained awkward posture;
  • a repetitive or sustained movement;
  • the application of high force;
  • exposure to sustained vibration
  • handling of a person or an animal;
  • unstable or unbalanced loads or loads which are difficult to grasp or hold; or
  • a requirement to transfer an item(s) up or down stairs using both hands.

2 / Activities with a high or very high residual risk of a manual handling injury have been identified, HSW Handbook Ch. 3.32 Manual Handling Please forward list (if applicable) with this report.
Motor Vehicle / Licence checks are being undertaken and recorded prior to vehicle being used.
Logbooks are being completed appropriately.
3.1-22F01 Vehicle Safety Checklist are being undertaken and documented monthly.
OHSW Information / Check that the local notice boards contains relevant HSW information and ensure items are current. Such as OHSW Policy, OHS Consultative Committee minutes, Newsletter, HSR or HSO details, Hazards Alerts etc.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) / Confirm that PPE has been checked/maintained and is deemed adequate or replaced e.g. helmets, glasses, gloves etc.
Confirm that PPE is stored in hygienic condition and if the sharing of the equipment or clothing could present a hygiene risk e.g. hearing protection, provided to a person for exclusive use, or sterilised after each use.
Confirm that PPE which requires documented inspection in the past 6 months e.g. harnesses, lanyards and respiratory equipment.
Team Meetings / Health, Safety & Wellbeing has been an agenda item at team meetings, within the last 3 months (¼).
Please tick if you would like a Business Services HSW presence at a future team meeting 
Workplace Inspection (High Risk Areas) / Inspections have been carried out in performance venues.
Workplace Inspections / Has a workplace Inspection been undertaken in your area within the last twelve (12) months – please give date.
Please provide the name of the person who will be undertaking the programmed workplace inspections in your area(s).
Have all corrective actions been recorded in RMSS and completed.
Training Matrix (Month Aug, Nov, Feb & May) / The OHSW Training Matrix has been re-organised and updated. The matrix represents the information that was available to Business Services on Insert date when Matrix updated prior to SPA distribution.
  • Note any training that is required but has not been completed or is out of date (marked in gold/orange);
  • Follow up to ensure all necessary training is scheduled for completion by the end of 2010;
  • Include the month in which the training is scheduled to occur on the spreadsheet; and
  • Return the updated spreadsheet to the Training Co-ordinator - Melissa Gibbs

Training Matrix (Month Sept, Dec, Mar & Jun) / OHS specific training matrix (included as attachment to this report) has been checked with any dates of training recorded and evidence sent to the Training Coordinator (Melissa Gibbs – Business Services) or proposed dates of training.
Training Matrix (Month Oct, Jan, Apr & Jul) / Technical/Trade specific training matrix (included as attachment to this report) has been checked with any dates of training recorded and evidence sent to the Training Coordinator (Melissa Gibbs – Business Services) or proposed dates of training. (see Read Me page on matrix)
Document Title: / SPA Plan 2010-2011.docx / Version No. / 1.0 / Effective Date: / July 2010
Filepath: / S:\Services_Resources\Infrastructure\Shared\HSW\Schedule of Planned Activities\SPA Plan 2010-2011.docx / Next Review Date: / July 2011
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