Minutes of the Taynton Parish Council

Minutes of the Taynton Parish Council


Held on November 19th 2015at 7.30p.m. in the May Hill Methodist Rooms

PRESENTJason Smerdon, K. Burry,Keith Marsh,David Sillince, ,Hilary Lyon the Village Agent),Brian Robinson (County Councillor),and 3parishioners

APOLOGIESJane Horne (District Council), M Hammond

In Mr Hammond’s absence, J Smerdon (Vice Chairman) took the chair.

Adoption of Minutes14th September 2015

The minutes were passed. Proposed KB,Seconded DS, carried unanimously



The Old Barn, May Hill(pending decision)

Yew Tree Cottage May Hill(pending decision)

Woodbine Cottage, May Hill(in circulation)

Other Matters Arising


Budget 2016/17

The clerk presented a draft budget to the council and a discussion of coststook place,

covering potential future election costs, transparency, grants and contingencies.

Web hosting costs to meet Transparency requirements were the cause of some concern with

annual charges in excess of £200 being quoted by third parties. The County Councillor

indicated that GL17 post codes(covering May Hill parishioners) can be hosted free of charge

on theMitcheldean Library site and also suggested that Taynton could achieve a web

presence though a facebook page.Action: Clerk to research the options and publish a

second draft.


It was proposed that all of the historic grants to local facilities should be maintained at their current levels and a contingency of £100 put in place as a potential grant towards installation of a defibrillator at the May Hill Village Hall. Proposed KM, Seconded KB, passed unanimously.

Grass Cutting

The invoice for the current year is £135 compared to a budget at £150, and it was agreed that

this should be paid immediately.Proposed DS, Seconded KB, passed unanimously


A long discussion took place regarding the level of the precept.

In order to ensure that potential costs of a future contested election could be covered and

address the negative income figures forecast in the 2015/16 and 2016/17 budgets, a total

precept of £3,750 was agreed. Proposed KM, Seconded DS, passed unanimously.

The Conservation Volunteers

DS agreed meet with Kelly Osborne of CV as a first action to look at potential suitable areas,

that will include Moat Lane and Glasshouse Green.

Transparency Code

The Clerk was actioned to investigate further the costs associated with meeting transparency

requirements, with a view to making a grant application this month – November.

The Village Agent informed the meeting that Churcham Parish Council have launched a web site an it might be productive to talk to Marion King (Clerk)

County Councillor

Reported that things are tight as both Adult Care and Children’s Care are running over budget

(increase in Children in Care and cost of caring for the elderly).

Devolution is on the agenda and a proposal has been put forward by Gloucestershire

Councils and agencies. The Government has asked for more detail and will talk again in the

new year. To deal with this a combined authority is the suggested way forward, but this does

not include an elected Mayor.

Cost pressures on Health are driving a consultation on the way Community Care services are

delivered in the Forest of Dean.

Fly tipping near Taynton House (Rocks Wood) and asbestos on Kents Green Lane, The

County Councillor agreed to progress action on both counts.

District Councillor

On behalf of the District Councillor, the County Councillor reported that waste services will

change next year to include more recycling (plastics and cardboard atkerb side), which

change is expected to save overall cost by reducing landfill charges.

Village Agent

The Village Agentadvised that The NHS Information Bus will be available from 10:00am

to 3:00pm on 1st December at Newent Co-op to provide information on staying “safe and

well” this winter.

Also, there is a Funded Public Transportation Consultation at Newent Memorial Hall on

Thursday 3rd December 6.30-8.30pm.


The bridge on Newent Rd from Taynton is getting narrow because of debris building up – the County Councillor to progress an action

Caerwentsmarking posts have been knocked down and the new ditch has been partially


Folly Lane.Dip Well head capped by a cider stone has been pushed into the hedge above

The Old Barn. This is adjacent to a new manhole cover. Action: Clerk to try to identify a

responsible agency.

2 drains are blocked on Folly Lane – outside Honeypatch and Rosebank cottages. Action,

Clerk to inform Highways.


Boundary bridge with Tibberton – Tibberton Mill, is to be replaced (Susan Hope).

New Matters

May Hill Defibrillator

May Hill Village Hall wish to install a defibrillator, for which they have been offered a grant

towards the total cost. They are looking for further support in meeting the cost and are

engaged in fundraising/grant application. SW Ambulance Service support the installation.

ActionDS to contact Kevin Dicken of SW Ambulance Services.



The Clerk requestedQuestions to be forwarded by councillors for a26th November Meeting


Change of Use, Barns to Residential

The County Councillor gave his understanding of the District Council position, that the new

Planning proposals did not really change much on the ground.

(National Planning Framework).

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS:Feb. 4th Mayhill, AGM 12th May Taynton