commencing at 7.30 Pm


Councillors Cllr Michael Craft, Cllr Simon Cropper, Cllr Alan Harris, Cllr Sughra Nazir,

Cllr Beverley Porter (Chair), Cllr Janet Turpin

ClerkEve Haskins

In attendanceOne memberof the public was present

68/17Apologies consented to

None received; apologies were noted from Ward CllrsDunbar,Duffy and Mullaney.

69/17Declarations of interest

None received.

70/17Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of previous meeting held on 8th May 2017 confirmed as true recordand signed by the Chair.

71/17Public forum

  1. Wilsden Road development:

A parish councillor expressed concern regarding the lack of work being carried out on the Wilsden Road housing development: agreed that that the Clerk to liaise with the Ward Cllrs to determine whether this work has ceased.

  1. Public forum:

The Chair reminded the Parish Council that members of the public and visitors should only speak during Parish Council meetings during the public forum or when invited to do so: it is not acceptable for attendees who are not members of the Parish Council to speak at other times.

72/17Ongoing issues

  1. War memorial:

The Chair reported that she has planted lavender and poppy seeds at the war memorial: agreed that the planting be reviewed once the poppies have begun to grow.

  1. Traffic issues:

The Clerk updated all that the police have not responded to the message sent following the previous meeting, where resident concerns were reported regarding the speeding on Deanwood Crescent, GrasleighAvenueand Prune Park Lane, as well as the ongoing issue of the parked cars on Wilsden Road. Agreed that the Clerk to contact the local police again to report these concerns and invite them to a Parish Council meeting to discuss local problems further.

  1. Park equipment funding:

This item deferred to the next meeting when Ward Cllrs may be present.

  1. Red phone box/defibrillator:

Clerk updated all that the defibrillator has now been received and quotes are still being pursued for the painters and electrics for the defibrillator placing within the phone box.


  1. Clerk to contact painters/refurbishers as a priority, as this work will need undertaking first;
  2. Clerk to contact electrician who connects Christmas tree lights for advice and a quote also;
  3. Clerk to contact insurance company to obtain advice on the phone box as a Parish Council asset;
  4. Phone box to be painted blue, instead of the usual red colour.
  1. Summer event:

Clerk updated all that amusements/rides company and the face painters have provided quotes for the event, the Youth Service are able to provide a smoothie bike again and that the RAFA are unfortunately unable to attend this year. Cllr Turpin reported that her daughter is able to attend to provide cycle track and will need access to the park prior to the event, and Cllr Nazir reported that the British Heart Foundation are able to attend the event also.


  1. Summer event date of Sunday 27th August 2017, 1.00pm-4.00pm, be advertised in the next newsletter and help requested with the organisation;
  2. J W Hirst Amusements agreed as ride providers, at a cost of £900;
  3. Event Entertainment agreed for three face painters for three hours, at a cost of £345;
  4. Clerk to contact Chair of Cricket Club to invite him to the next couple of Parish Council meetings to be included in the organisation of the summer event;
  5. Clerk to organise for the provision of two toilets plus one disabled/baby change toilet for the event (previous company used to be contacted as Parish Council may be in credit with them);
  6. Clerk to contact local pre-school to determine whether they wish to be involved, and also if they have a hook-a-duck game that could be used, at the event;
  7. Cllr Craft to liaise with local caterer regarding refreshments at the event;
  8. Clerk to liaise with Bethel Baptist Church to accept their generous offer of providing refreshments for the event and to determine exactly what this would consist of, as well as requesting the use of chairs and table for the event;
  9. Cllr Nazir to organise for a samosa stall to be present on the day;
  10. Chair to contact ice-cream man to request his presence at the event again;
  11. Clerk to liaise with representative of British Heart Foundation regarding their requirements for the day and whether a permit/collecting buckets would be required;
  12. Allocation of gazebos and need for new sign/poster to be discussed at the next meeting.
  1. Emergency planning:

Clerk reported that the Emergency Planning Officer has advised that the Parish Council need to identify a base within the village that could be used to store emergency supplies and is easily accessible. RESOLVED that Clerk to contact the Chair of the Cricket Club to determine whether their building could be used for this purpose.

73/17Planning issues

  1. Planning applications:


a)Sandy Lane Parish Council have NO OBJECTIONto application 17/02898/HOU: the construction of a rear conservatory and rear balcony at 22 Grasleigh Avenue, Sandy Lane;

b)Sandy Lane Parish Council have NO OBJECTIONto application 17/03002/HOU: the construction of a ground floor extension and dormer window to front elevation at 8 Creskeld Way, Sandy Lane;

c)Sandy Lane Parish Council have NO OBJECTIONto application 17/03189/HOU: an additional window added to existing gable of the previous application 16/08878/HOU: alterations to existing dwelling with two storey extension and attic conversion at 450 Haworth Road, Sandy Lane.

Clerk to contact the Planning Department accordingly.

  1. Notifications of decisions by Bradford Council:

None received.

  1. Local Development Plan (LDP):

Nothing to report.

74/17Financial matters


  1. The following approved for payment:

a)Bradford Council for salaries for May2017 (£511.49);

b)Cllr Simon Cropper for gazebo purchase (£67.98);

c)Clerk for expenses (£101.63), including refreshments (£3.64), travel (£18.00) and laptop security (79.99);

d)J Hirst for deposit for J W Amusements for summer event rides (£200);

e)BMDC for youth club project (£150.00).

75/17Clerk’s appraisal

Chair reported that the Clerk’s annual appraisal took place prior to this meeting and all is going well.

76/17Correspondence received

  • Email from Dave Horsman re dog fouling signs: acknowledged;
  • Email from youth service re youth club in village and offer of help at summer event: acknowledged, see item 72/17/5;
  • Email from J W Hirst Amusements re summer event: acknowledged, see item 72/17/5;
  • Email from Event Entertainment re summer event: acknowledged, see item 72/17/5;
  • Emails from RAFA re summer event: acknowledged, see item 72/17/5;
  • Email from Alex Dilger re update on Lower Grange Community Association: acknowledged;
  • Email from RAFA Skipton re summer event: acknowledged, see item 72/17/5;
  • Email from YLCA re White Rose publication: acknowledged;
  • Email from Bethel Baptist Church re offer of refreshments and busker for the summer event: acknowledged, see item 72/17/5;
  • Emails from British Heart Foundation representative re summer event: acknowledged, see item 72/17/5.

77/17Minor items and items for next agenda

1.Standing items of traffic and emergency planning to be on next agenda;

2.Summer event to be discussed again at the next meeting (including decisions on gazebo allocation and park ‘plan’, refreshments and advertising poster/flyers);

3.An extra meeting to be held in August this year to finalise planning for summer event (provisional date of Monday 14th August agreed).

78/17To note the date, time and venue of next meeting

  • Next meeting of the Parish Council due to be held on Monday 10thJuly2017 at 7.30pm at Bethel Baptist Church, Sandy Lane.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45pm.