MILLET MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION Meeting Minutes of October 20, 2014

MILLET MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION Meeting Minutes of October 20, 2014


MILLET MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION – Meeting Minutes of October 20, 2014

In attendance: James Johnston, Donna Zurbrigg, Becky Buchaski, Kenny Herman, Wes Johnston, Shelly Dreger, Cindy McGrath, Tanya Huolt, Trish Schroeder, Dawn Trent, Cynthia McLaughlin, James Rennie, Melissa Emmerzael

  1. CALL TO ORDER: James called this meeting to order at 7:10pm.
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of September 29, 2014 –Laura was not at the meeting and her name needs to be removed from attendance list. Ty Langner’s last name was confirmed. Trish motioned to accept the minutes with the above mentioned change. Wes seconded – Carried.
  1. ADDITION/APPROVAL AGENDA: Laura motions to approve. – Wes seconded - Carried

a)PRESIDENT– James Johnston

-James has been working on the ice schedule. There were some incorrect times listed. James will have a conversation with Don from the Town of Millet to discuss it. Tournament times need to be confirmed. There looks to be ice for Friday evenings (during tournaments) from 7:15 – 9:45 and Saturday and Sunday 8:00-5:30 (except Pre-Novice who will hae 8:00-6:30). There is extra time available BEFORE 8 if necessary.

-Tournament dates on MMHA had a few mistakes on the website, but should have been fixed. The correct dates are on the Hockey Alberta website.

-There is a tiering meeting next Monday.

-Coaches courses need to be completed ASAP.

-Coaches and players need to have equipment on properly or they will be asked to leave the ice (ie: chin straps done up on helmets).


-Roger Lorenson has made his name available for nominations. Shelley motions to nominate Roger Lorenson as the Vice President for the remainder of this season, Trish seconded. Carried.

c)TREASURER – Donna Zurbrigg

-There is $18086.41 in the Bingo Account, casino now has $6,537.17. General has $74861.89 with a total of $99485.67. Revenue to collect is $15388.75. Our overall total is at $114874.42. See report for budget numbers.

-Someone who used to be a part of MMHA contacted Donna in regards to bingo credits being paid out. Donna contacted Dawn and Dawn will look into it. They are now registered for hockey in Fort McMurray. It is unclear whether a credit should be paid out or only used for credit through MMHA.

-Remembrance Day – a wreath will be purchased for $70.00.

-1660 has reimbursed $270.00 for the fee paid for a second Atom team and Bantam team (both didn’t go ahead this season).

-Donna received $300.00 x 3 from Canadian Tire Jump Start in order to help out with fees for 3 families.

-Bingo and Casino review has been signed by James.

-There hasn’t been a new invoice from Millet yet.

-September and October ice fees are about $8000.00 and Donna will pay for those two months.

-A few dates for Hugo Witt room were confirmed (Nov.29/30 – cancelled because it was for the Bantam tourney, Nov.29/30 is the Novice tourney).

-Donna motioned to accept the report. Kennyseconded. Carried.


-Kenny nominated James Rennie to be the ice coordinator until the end of this season. Becky seconded. Carried. It was discussed that all positions will have a term from now until the AGM.

e)REFEREE IN CHIEF – Kenny Herman

-There 7 senior officials and 4 younger officials.

-There is a clinic that we will be hosting on November 1. They will need about 1 ½ of ice time around 1:00-2:30pm. There are 20 registered with enough spots for 30.

f)REGISTRAR – Becky Buchaski

-We have outstanding fees from 16 families.

-Two players have moved. One Atom has moved down to Novice with the knowledge that if he becomes an impact player he will move back up to Atom. Also one Novice player has moved down to Pre-Novice. Both moves were requests from parents and coaches.

-Team certifications: October 31 deadline for MMHA.

-Becky asked for support in keeping MMHA deadline at Oct.31. Wes motioned for the October 31 deadline to be enforced for players and coaches. Anyone not certified as a coach or a player will not be allowed on the ice (coaches who are registered for a course are OK to go on before Nov. 15. If the coach misses the course then they are removed from the roster.).Shelley seconded. Carried.

-Becky needs a list of all coaching staff from the Team Coordinators.

-Becky has applied for sanction numbers for all the tournaments.


-Sundays bingo was extremely busy and the many patrons were rude. A gentle reminder can be sent out for reminding people to please sign up for some bingos.


-Shelley nominates Cynthia to be the new Public Relations coordinator. Laura seconded. Carried.

i)EQUIPMENT – Wes Johnston

-There was a request for stickers. There should be enough for almost all players and they will be handed out starting with the youngest players up to the oldest.

-There have been two signs made up. One is for the arena and one is for HighLine and there will be two booklets left there as well.

-Reminder to NOT dry socks and wash in cold water.

-Source for Sports have been asked to bring Reebok prosocks in.

-Atom & Midget teams have requested pinnies. Laura motioned for requested pinnies to be purchased. Dawn seconded. Carried.

-There are two cages with keyed locks that are not working well. Wes will look into some new combination locks.

-James cleaned out a locker.

-Posters area available to hand out (in regards to the quad raffle) and anyone interested can get one from Wes.

j)MIDGET - Laura Johnston

-PreSeason is now over and they had some good games. There is lots of ice this week and the players are requesting the extra ice.

k)BANTAM - Trish Schroeder

-There is no team but Trish is still here to help out and report.

-5 Bantam players from Millet went Leduc. They are all on the same team together. They have played 3 out of 4 games. They have tied one, lost one, won one.

l)PEE WEE – Tanya Huolt

-Liam and Skyler are both playing in Wetaskiwin.

-Three Atom players have moved up to the PeeWee team.

-They have lost the first 3 tiering games.

-Coaches request to be in tier 5.

m)ATOM – Shelley Dreger

-We have 16 players now (3 moved up, 1 moved down).

-All 4 tiering games were lost. Coaches are recommending to be in tier 5.

-Shelley found managers for the team – Melissa Emmerzael & Dawn Trent will co-manage the team.

-The Atom team is requesting extra ice on Wenesday night (extra 30 minutes to extend their practice until 8:30.)

The Midgets are also wanting the ice so they will share the ice from 8:00-8:30 on Wednesday evenings.

n)NOVICE – Lindsay Gross (report read by Becky)

-The team is looking at a Canmore tournament at the end of January.

-They are busy working on their home tournament which is in November.

o)PRE-NOVICE – Cindy McGrath

-Tom Thumb will start playing games at the end of November. Game time will be taken from Initiation or possibly from extra Bantam ice on Sundays.


-Trapper Trent and Zachary Werner – they both tried out in Camrose but came back to Millet to play for this season.

-Sanction numbers will be sent to contact person for each tournament.

-Board positions – they have all been filled!

-Quad Raffle – Tickets booklets can be handed into Laura and all money collected goes straight from team coordinator to Donna.

-Oilers 50/50 – All volunteer names (about 10 per team) need to be in before December 1.


a)Halloween Party – cancelled.

b)Raffle tickets – more available if needed.


a)Apparrell lined up – Wes is looking into getting a few dates for samples to be brought in. He will update as he has more information but it will hopefully be soon.

b)Remembrance Day – The wreath will be purchased from the Legion as mentioned above. It will be at the school on the morning of the ceremony. We need volunteers (players) to represent at the ceremony. Team coordinators please ask who will be able to volunteer. It would be around 10am.

  1. NEXT MEETING: November 17, 2014@ 7pm. (Melissa will be absent, Trish will fill in for mintues.)

9. ADJOURNMENT:Kenny adjourned meeting at 9:09 pm