Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology Laboratory

MCB 2010L (4871)

Fall 2017 M/W8:00 AM – 9:15 PM SE/TL-160

Instructor: Katherine L Siegler


Office Hours: Seminole LSC M/W 10:45 to 12:00; T/R Clearwater NM131 4:00 to 5:30 PM, or by appointment

Office: NM131 Clearwater campus

Academic Department:

Dean: Natavia Middleton
Office Location: UP 337B (Seminole Campus)
Office Number: 727-398-8288

AcademicChair:Dr. Amanda Gilleland


Office Number: UP – 337F

OfficeNumber: 727-791-2503

Pre-requisites/ Course Description:

Microbiology laboratory consists of experiments that teach bacterial techniques, bacterial morphology, growth responses, metabolism, genetics and distribution of microbes in the environment.

Pre-requisites:(BSC 1086 and BSC 1086L) or (BSC 2010 and BSC 2010L). Corequisite: MCB 2010.

Course objectives: Curriculum and Instruction document is located in MyCourses

Criteria Performance Standard:

Upon the completion of this course the student will, with a minimum 70 percent accuracy, demonstrate mastery of each of the stated objectives through classroom measures developed by individual course instructors.

Student/Classroom Expectations:

Students are responsible for reading and studying the assigned material in the provided laboratory manual in order to assimilate the key terms and analyze and understand the topics presented.

Students are advised to establish regular weekly study habits and seek tutoring help, if necessary, early in the semester. The concepts from one lecture class build a framework for the next. Contact me at anytime with concerns by phone or email.

This syllabus is currently available in MY COURSES for your convenience


Is available on MyCourses. A photo atlas for your reference is also available on MyCourses. Please check MyCourses prior to class for any lab modifications. Other requirements include long sleeve lab coat, gown or cover-up, plastic bag, sharpie permanent marker and CLOSED TOES SHOES

All lab coats or cover-ups must remain in the laboratory (stored in plastic bag between lab sessions). Lab cover-ups will be properly discarded at the end of the semester. CLOTH COATS MUST BE AUTOCLAVED AND WILL PROBABLY BE DAMAGED. Disposal cover-ups are highly recommended.

Meeting Information:TL-160

Course Location: Seminole Campus

Meeting Days: M/W

Class Times: 8:00 AM to 9:15 AM


Important Dates:

August 14Classes begin

August 18Drop Add date

August 18Last day to withdraw with refund

September 4Labor Day – NO CLASSES

October 31All College Day – NO CLASSES

October 19Last day to withdraw with a grade of “W”

November 10Veterans’ Day – NO CLASSES

November 22 – 26Thanksgiving Break

December 4 – 7Final Exams

Note to students: The syllabus addendum is an important part of your syllabus and can be easily accessed by using the link below. Do take the time to read this very important information—

Academic Integrity: The college has an official policy on academic honesty and proper classroom behavior. It is the student’s responsibility to review the online Academic Honesty Policy or "Academic Honesty and Student Behavior: Expectations of Students at SPC" brochure. It is important to remember that everyone’s goal should be to learn. Behavior that impedes the learning process of others will not be tolerated. Disruptive behavior includes talking at inappropriate times, text-messaging or talking on the phone during class or repeatedly coming to class late. Students are expected to be actively engaged in the learning process, and should ask the instructor questions as needed.The professor will assign a grade of "0" to any exam or other course work for admitted or alleged academic dishonesty pending appeal. Penalties may include expulsion from college.

Attendance Policy:The college-wide attendance policy is included in the Syllabus Addendum .

For this class, attendance is defined as performing the laboratory exercise, data collection and analysis. Attendance at all laboratory sessions is essential (since you are working with live organisms, labs are often sequential and make-ups may be impossible). If you miss a lab you can’t submit a lab report and will receive a zero for that assignment. Any student who misses three consecutive labs will receive a grade of WF for excessive absences.


Faculty must file lack of attendance reports (exceeding 2 absences) for veterans, dual-enrolled, Early College and Collegiate High School students.

SPC Withdrawal Policy:

Instructors can no longer withdraw students from classes. If a student wishes to withdraw from a course, it is the responsibility of the student to withdraw either online through MySPC or with the help of an advisor in the registration office. If the withdrawal is completed by October 19, 2017 a grade of “W” will be recorded which does not impact the student’s GPA. If the withdrawal occurs afterOctober 19, 2017the student will receive a grade of WF (withdraw-failing). The WF grade is punitive; it has the same impact on the GPA as an F. Students in the third attempt of a course who withdraw will receive a WF regardless of the date of withdrawal. Students who do not attend during the first two weeks of classes will automatically be withdrawn from the course by the college and will still be responsible for the tuitionand fees.Also, students who do not show sufficient active participation in the course by October 19, 2017, will be administratively withdrawn by the college and receive a WF. Students who withdraw from all classes may be required to repay some or all of the financial aid received for the term. Should you consider totally withdrawing from all classes before October 19, 2017(for the Fallsession) it is important that you consult the Scholarships & Student Financial Assistance office on your home campus to understand your options and the consequences of total withdrawal.

Disability Statement: St. Petersburg College provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. A student who is in need of one or more accommodations for a disability must make a request either verbally or in writing to the College. In the event that a request is made directly to an instructor or other staff member, the instructor or staff member must refer the student to the Disabilities Office. The student must self-identify the disability by completing the Self Identification and Authorization Form for Students with Disabilities (SDS-1) as well as provide documentation of the disability that complies with the SPC published Guidelines for Documentation of a Disability. Confidentiality is strictly maintained for any records provided to the Office of Disabilities Services related to the student’s disability. Under the law, SPC is allowed to request documentation that reflects the current functioning of the student.

Grading System

The following is the point distribution for this course:

Exams / 300 points
Quizzes / 50 points
Lab reports / 75 points
Attendance / 25 points
Unknown project / 50 points


Attendance points are determined as follows:

25 points: 27 to 30 classes attended

10 points: 23 to 26 classes attended

0 points: less than 23 classes attended


The exams will consist of a combination of multiple choice, short answer and/orpractical questions. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an exam you will not be able to take the exam that day. There is a 10% penalty for taking exams late.

Make-up Exams:

Any student missing a lecture exam may take a make-up provided they have a legitimate excuse for missing class (i.e. severe illness with doctor’s note, family emergency). All scores on make-up exams will be reduced by 10% each time you need to take one. This penalty applies to ANYONE taking a make-up, No Exceptions! The 10% penalty is additive, so the first make-up is -10%, the 2nd -20%, the 3rd -30% etc… Make-up exams must be taken within one week of the original test date and note that make-up exams may be of a different format than the original.

Grades Changes: Please follow the guidelines listed below if you feel that an answer on an exam, quiz, homework, or other assignment has been erroneously marked incorrect. I will give you back your exam with written corrections.

1)Please circle the answer in question and return to me within one week from the day you receive the assignment/exam back.

2)I will review the appropriate answers and determine if your grade needs to be adjusted. I will return your assignment/exam back to you within one week from the time you give it to me.

3)The time frame therefore for changing a grade on any given assignment is TWO WEEKS. If for some reason you are ill or otherwise engaged, you may make an appointment with me, but the appointment needs to be made within the two week time frame.

Please do not ask me during class time to review your papers for a grade change as there is no time for me to assess the situation while in class.

All pre-class assignments must be completed and submitted to the appropriate dropboxone hour prior to the scheduled class time (8:30 AM). Discussion participation and any associated activities must be completed in class and CAN NOT be made up due to excused or unexcused absence. Details and any changes to specific assignments will be posted in the Lessons folder on MY COURSES.

Wikipedia may not be used as a reference in any assignment.

Late assignments will not be accepted for any reason.

Further details will be provided during class or posted on MyCourses.

Make-up Assessments:

Any student missing aparticipation assessmentmay make-up the assessment provided they have a legitimate excuse for missing class (i.e. severe illness with doctor’s note, family emergency). All scores on make-up assessments will be reduced by 10% each time you need to take one. This penalty applies to ANYONE taking a make-up, No Exceptions! The 10% penalty is additive, so the first make-up is -10%, the 2nd -20%, the 3rd -30% etc… Make-up assessments must be taken within one week of the original assessment date and note that make-up assessments may be of a different format than the original.

Lab reports:

The format for the assigned lab report is posted in MyCourses. We will review the format for each lab report in class. All assignments including lab reports must be uploaded into the appropriate MyCourses dropbox on the day that they are due by 7:00 AM. Refer to the MyCourses calendar for the appropriate due dates. I will not accept late or emailed reports.

Grading Scale:

450 – 500 points / A
400 – 449 points / B
350 – 399 points / C
325 – 349 points / D
325points / F

Student Survey of Instruction (SSI):

The student survey of instruction is administered in courses each semester. It is designed to improve the quality of instruction at St. Petersburg College. All student responses are confidential and anonymous and will be used solely for the purpose of performance improvement.

Course Schedule

Lab / MW / Topic / Lab book pg#
1 / 8/14 / Introduction to the lab; Requirements; Lab safety / 5-6
2 / 8/16 / Ubiquity of Microorganisms
Handwashing Lab / 22
3 / 8/21 / Aseptic Techniques; Streak Plate
Observe Ubiquity and Hand washing Results / 26-30
23, 25
4 / 8/23 / Observe streak Plate / 31
5 / 8/28 / Basic bacterial morphology.
Use of the microscope & oil immersion. / 7-11
6 / 8/30 / Eukaryotes: Molds and Yeast / 12
9/4 / Labor Day – No Class
7 / 9/6 / EXAM 1
8 / 9/11 / Simple Stain/ Make smear unknown / 13-15
9 / 9/13 / Gram stains on gum smears. KOH method of Gram analysis / 16-19
10 / 9/18 / Read Gram Stains / Demo Slides: Spore Stain, Flagella, Capsular, and Acid Fast / 20-21
11 / 9/20 / Effect of pH and Osmotic pressure on microbial growth
Lab Report 1 Due: Gram Stain / 32-33
12 / 9/25 / Aerotolerance/Temp Tubes
Observe pH/Osmotic Tubes / 34-37
13 / 9/27 / Antibiotic susceptibility
Observe Aerotolerance/Temp Tubes / 40-41
14 / 10/2 / UV Radiation
Observe Antibiotic sensitivity plates / 42
15 / 10/4 / Observe UV radiation results
pGlo Genetic Transformation of E. coli / 43
16 / 10/9 / Observe pGlo Plates
Exam Review
Lab Report 2 Due: Antibiotic Sensitivity / 63-64
17 / 10/11 / EXAM 2
18 / 10/16 / Simulated HIV/ELISA TEST / 66-68
19 / 10/18 / Staphylococcus Identification Lab / 45-48
20 / 10/23 / PEA/EMB
Inoculate PR and MRVP fermentation Broths, Urease, PAD
Observe Staph Identification results / 49
21 / 10/25 / Observe PR fermentation/Urease/PAD
Lab Report3 Due: Staph Identification / 53
22 / 10/30 / Set Up Citrate, Kligler iron agar, tryptone broth, motility, Catalase, Oxidase / 54-55
23 / 11/1 / Observe Citrate, MRVP, Kligler iron agar, tryptone broths / 53, 55
24 / 11/6 / Begin Unknowns / 69 - 70
25 / 11/8 / Unknowns continued
26 / 11/13 / Unknowns continued
27 / 11/15 / Unknowns continued
28 / 11/20 / Unknowns continued
11/22 / Thanksgiving Break
29 / 11/27 / Unknowns continued
30 / 11/29 / Final Lab Exam

Note: Instructor reserves right to change above information, including, but not limited to, test dates and information covered. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of changes. Instructor will give sufficient notice regarding changes.

After reading this syllabus, read the below signature page, sign it (type your name) and upload it into the dropbox in MyCourses by the end of the second week of class (August 25, 2017)

Signature Page

I have read, understand, and agree to abide fully by the parameters set in this syllabus and Syllabus Addendum.

Student Signature: Date: .