You will be assigned one of the four major perspectives of personality: Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, Humanistic, Trait Theory, Social -Cognitive. You will make a 20--30 minute micro-lesson for the class on your assigned topic. All groups must complete the following:

  • You must find a reading (make it interesting) about your assigned topic. The reading should be something that has depth and substance, but is not excessively long/boring nor too short and easy. Your reading can either be directly or indirectly related to your assigned topic. The reading will be posted as assigned homework before your micro lesson, so make sure that you find a way to incorporate the reading in your lesson plan.
  • You must write out your learning objectives for your micro-lesson. When you write them, be very particular with your language. Do not simply say, “students will learn about Carl Jung’s theory of personality.” What aspects of theory are they learning? Also, instead of using a verb such as “learning” choose a verb that allows for the measurement of your objectives, such as, “students will be able to compare and contrast Jung’s and Freud’s theory.”
  • In your micro lesson, leave 5 minutes for a concluding activity, such as an exit slip, a discussion, etc. that allows you to measure whether the students have achieved your objectives.
  • Your micro lesson should be ready to go right away in class. We want as little lag time as possible between lessons.
  • Don’t simply lecture at the class. If every group does this, we (especially me) are in for a long day. A very brief activity or a good discussion would be much more preferable.
  • Regarding activities and discussions consider the following: An activity for activities sake is not good. Ask yourself the purpose of doing an activity. A discussion might be a better idea. However, with having a discussion, you must have questions to guide the class and have alternative questions or ideas if nobody is talking. Think about the times that you have sat in class and a teacher asks the class to just discuss, only to be met with silence. Some ideas that might be very interesting to explore are incorporating song lyrics, art analysis, movie clips, etc. in your presentation.
  • You are only presenting a portion of your assigned theory; keep this in mind when trying to find something that works within the time parameters.

Psychodynamic Perspective: Adler (birth order and inferiority complex), Jung and Mythology (collective unconscious, archetypes)

Humanistic Perspective: Carl Rogers and congruence, self-concept/image. Rollo May and existential psychology. What exactly is existential Psychology?

Trait Perspective: Gordon Allport and Cardinal traits/central trains/etc. Also, Raymond Cattell and the 16pf.

Social-Cognitive Perspective: Bandura and Reciprocal Determinism, self-efficacy, Assessing behavior in situations (the effect of a situation on personality).

Below is the chart that you must fill out and turn in on the day the project is due (one per group). Print and attach any articles, etc. that will be used in your presentation

Activities(brief description):

Below this chart, please write in detail, the responsibilities of each group member.