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AP Physics 1 Syllabus

Course:AP Physics 1Semester: Fall 2014 School Year: 2014-2015

Teacher: E. Durbane-mail:(During school hours)

Class Blog Address:

Course Outline

Cycle I: August 25nd –October2nd

Unit I: The Science of Physics (Chapter 1- 1 week)

  • What is physics?
  • SI units
  • Dimensional Analysis, Significant Figures

Unit II: Motion in One Dimension (Chapter 2 – 4 weeks)

  • Scalars & Vectors
  • Displacement & Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Falling Objects

Cycle II: October 3rd - November 4th

Unit III: Motion in two dimensions(Chapter 3- 2 weeks)

  • Vector Operations
  • Projectile Motion

Unit IV: Forces (Chapter 4- 4 weeks)

  • Newton’s first law and inertia
  • Newton’s second and third laws
  • Net forces and Free Body Diagrams
  • Friction & Inclined Planes

Cycle III: November 7th - December 16th

Unit V: Work and Energy (Chapter 5- 3 weeks)

  • Kinetic & Potential Energy
  • Work-energy Theorem
  • Power
  • Conservation of Mechanical Energy

Unit VI: Momentum (Chapter 6- 2 weeks)

  • Impulse-momentum theorem
  • Conservation of momentum in elastic and inelastic collisions

Textbook & Resources

You will need to bring allof the following materials to class EVERYDAY.From time to time I will check to make sure you have these resources. No prior warning will be given and a grade may be given.

  1. Textbook: Cutnell and Johnson
  2. Scientific Calculator (Does not have to be a graphing calculator.)
  3. Pencils and Pens (Blue or Black Ink Only)
  4. Paper that does not have torn edges from a spiral notebook.


Khan Academy

Physics Classroom


Class Rules

  1. Be Prompt
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Be Productive
  4. Be Polite

Grading Policy

Tests = 60% of grade (generally given every 2-3 weeks or at the end of a unit)

Labs and quizzes= 30 % of grade

Homework/Class Work = 10% of grade

Homework is always due at the beginning of class. If you fail to turn it in at that time you will have until the next class to turn it in, however, you will receive a grade no higher than 70%.

Tests are always announced at least 2 class periods before they are given. Quizzes may be unannounced. Material from the book, lab activities and homework may be included on tests and quizzes.

Special Project:

1. Bridge

2. Motor boat


When you are absent, it is your responsibility to complete the missed work and get the notes from class. I will assign a zero for all work that you fail to turn in.

Assignment Format

Note: You may lose points on assignments that do not have the proper heading.

Label all assignments as follows:

Student’s First and Last Name Date Period