M26 Pershingtank #10, E Tank Co.,67Th Armored Rgt.,2Nd Armored Div., Germany, April 1945

M26 Pershingtank #10, E Tank Co.,67Th Armored Rgt.,2Nd Armored Div., Germany, April 1945

HG3202 review

M26 PershingTank #10, E Tank Co.,67th Armored Rgt.,2nd Armored Div., Germany, April 1945

This review is based on a pre-production model and might differ slightly from the retail version with the retail version being the better of the two.

I’m not going to get into anything technical about this model or any model for that matter. I’m looking for something that is visually appealing, a good paint and markings application and parts that fit well. Just the general things most average collectors will look for and appreciate. I’ll leave any technical points of view up to others. Since this is a pre-production model I received it in a plain white box so I cannot comment on the packaging or the graphics.

The model comes in the standard Hobby Master clear hard plastic covered display case. The information for the tank is embossed in silver lettering on the front left corner of the black plastic base. Two small screws hold the tank on the base and are removed from the underside of the base. The tank sits high enough that the tracks don’t touch the base because over time the tracks would begin to deteriorate if they sat directly on the plastic base.

The overall appearance of the model is very good and appealing. It isn’t the most colorful paint scheme but then again when you are being shot at you don’t want to stand out in the crowd. The paint and markings are masterfully applied and the clarity of the tiny lettering on the ammo box attached to the machine gun is phenomenal.

The chassis is one that was produced between the times Hobby Master decided to make the chassis’s from plastic instead of metal and when they will revert to metal beginning in 2008. The chassis is well shaped and has the wheels attached. The wheels are plastic as well but the tracks are a soft rubber. The tracks or wheels don’t roll. I think the entire set up of wheels; tracks, suspension and chassis really come together to make a very good-looking lower half.

The deck is made from plastic but this seems to be an industry standard so they can achieve the great detail we want. Hatches, stowage boxes and grills all look authentic. The only thing I can see is they left the gun travel lock off, at least on my pre-production model. There is a small hole on the rear deck just in back of the white star that I have no idea why it is there. I just wish they had included a tow cable across the rear plate and/or added some tarps along the fenders just to break up the plain appearance.

The main gun can elevate and it is made from metal. The turret can turn and the majority of it is metal as well. Hobby Master did a very nice job with the detail for the hatches and vents as well as the machine gun.

If you aren’t looking for a 1/72-tank model that is a great paperweight then you should consider this model. The large majority of this model is well constructed and finished but it does lack heft. Many people I talked to tell me detail, accuracy and cost are the most important factors when considering a model. This model has all 3 factors in its favor. Once it is one the display shelf you’ll never know if it weighs an ounce or 2 pounds.

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