Load XML Files with Lists of Registered Taxpayers in the Inspectorate of the Day

Load XML Files with Lists of Registered Taxpayers in the Inspectorate of the Day

Load XML files with lists of registered taxpayers in the inspectorate of the day.


Every day at 12:00PM local time in all time zones of the Russian Federation is the generation two files for all inspections with recorded taxpayers for tomorrow:

  • MS Excel file that is sent by e-mail to the inspectorate
  • xmlfile that stored in database and ready for download by this service

Thus, xml file is ready for download via this web service after the overall procedure, at about 01:00AM local time.

Access point.

There are two access points to the service:

  • From Internet
  • From the departmental network FTS Russia (Intranet)

For backward compatibility, each version has its own URL. Each version from the official release does not change and will continue to work as well as at the time of the official release.

Access from the Internet.

The current version of the service is located at:

WSDL is located at:

The service domain name (order.nalog.ru) must resolve to IP address

Access should be on port 80. This port is open to all Internet networks.

Access from the departmental network.

The current version of the service is located at:

WSDL is located at:

The service domain name (order.tax.nalog.ru) must resolve to IP address

Access should be on port 80.

General description

If you browse at the service location, the service description page appears. It shows that the service name – OrderService_v01, and that the service has three types of methods:

  • LoadXML_*** - Information about taxpayers ordered the next day
  • LoadReference_*** - Reference loading
  • ***Version*** - Version control.

If you go to the link in any of the methods that you can see detailed examples of queries to the service of two versions of the SOAP protocol.


Input parameters

In all methods LoadXML_*** input parameters is equal:

  • FNSCodeSOUN – string identifier of inspectorate, it appears as a four-digit code (the code of the inspectorate in accordance with the Directory code designations of the tax authorities for the purposes of taxpayers). For example, "3435." The list of possible codes can be obtained from method LoadReference_FNSof this web service
  • FileDate – file date in form of xs:dateTime(for example "2012-07-05T00:00:00")

Output parameters

The first output parameter is the same for all methods of this type - ResultCode

It may contain the following values:

  • Ok - File successfully loaded. You can collect data from the second output parameter - XMLFile
  • UnexpectedError - An unexpected error occurred. It is necessary to contact the developer
  • NoSuchFile–Requested file is missing. You must ask for another file or the file that has not yet been generated.
  • FileDateIsWrong - File date is incorrect. So it less 2012.07.04 or in future.
  • FNSCodeSOUNIsWrong - Code of Inspectorate is incorrect. It does not satisfy the regular expression ^\d{4}$

The second return parameter for all methods – XMLFile.

Different methods will return a different type:

For LoadXML_AsByteArray method parameter type isaarray of bytes (file) (in windows-1251 encoding)

For LoadXML_AsStringmethod parameter type is Unicode string (ignoring windows-1251 in markup)

ForLoadXML_AsObjectmethod parameter type is nested objects, which are obtained by deserializing the XML file from the first two methods



Returns a two-level list of the Services.First level are the Regional Offices. At the second level there are inspectorates related to the selected Regional Office. Information of FNSCodeSOUNfor the function call LoadXML_ *** located in the CodeSOUN on the second level directory. At this moment, following codes available for usage in functions LoadXML_ *** : 3401,3407,3411,3414,3417,3418,3419,3420,3422,3423,3425,3435,3439,3443,3444,3452,3453,3454,3455,3456,3457,3458,3459,3460,3461,4801,4802,4804,4807,4808,4811,4813,4815,4816,4821,4823,4824,4825,4826.


Returns the IDs and names of possible regions in which lie the Regional Office and the Inspectorates of the reference FNS (fieldRegion_ID).


Returns a two-level directory of the Service, provided by inspectorates. The first level is the grouping of services, the second - a detailed description of the service. Service names may be duplicated, because are different types of entities (juridical person; physical person, private businessman). Face is contained in the Face_ID field, related to reference Face.


Returns a reference to person types those fields in the fieldFace_ID in reference Service.



Returns a list of currently available versions of the service with the specific addresses of access points.


Returns the current version of the service


Head developer – Aksenov Alex.


Organizational issues – Procopjev Oleg