Lieber Herr Jeltsch

Lieber Herr Jeltsch


of the Conference on “Modern Problems in Applied Mathematics” dedicated

to the 90-th anniversary of Iv. JavakhishviliTbilisiStateUniversity (TSU) and

40-th anniversary of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics (VIAM) of TSU

The Conference will be held in VIAM TSU onSeptember, 26-28 and October, 7-9, 2008


Iv. JavakhishviliTbilisiStateUniversity (TSU)

I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics of Iv. JavakhishviliTbilisiStateUniversity (VIAM TSU)

Georgian Mathematical Union (GMU)

GeorgianNationalCommitteeof TheoreticalandAppliedMechanics (GNCTAM)

Tbilisi International Centre of Mathematics and Informatics (TICMI)

Some of participants are supported by:


Georgian National Science Foundation (GNSF)

Civil Research and Development Foundation/Georgian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF/GRDF)




Fikret Aliev (Azerbaijan)

Nikoloz Avazashvili

Lenser Aghalovyan (Armenia)

George Akhalaya

Mikheil Amaglobeli

Jemal Anthidze

Akaki Arsenashvili

Matias Baas (Austria)

Mikheil Basheleyshvili

Vagarshak Belubekyan (Armenia)

Ramaz Botchorishvili

Natalia Chinchaladze, Secretary

Ana Danelia

Teimuraz Davitashvili

Robert P. Gilbert (USA)

Ushangi Goginava

Leri Gogoladze

David Gordeziani

Paolo Podio-Guidugli (Italy)

George Hsiao (USA)

George Jaiani, Chairman

Temuri Jangveladze

Alexandre Kharazishili

Sergo Kharibegashvili

Nuri Khomasuridze

Archil Kipiani

Gela Kipiani

Kamil Mansimov (Azerbaijan)

Tengiz Meunargia

Bernadette Miara (France)

Elizbar Nadaraya

David Natroshvili

Khimur Rukhaya

Jemal Peradze

Omar Purtukhia

Ketevan Shavgulidze

Tamaz Tadumadze

Merab Svanadze

Jondo Sharikadze


Tamaz Vashakmadze




Nikoloz Avazashvili

Natalia Chinchaladze (Vice-Chairman)

Temur Davitashvili

George Geladze

Manana Gvaramadze

George Jaiani (Chairman)

Albert Katamadze

Gela Kipiani (GNCTAM, Vice-Chairman)

Khimur Rukhaya (Vice-Chairman)

Jondo Sharikadze (GMU, Vice-Chairman)

Mary Sharikadze

Tengiz Tetunashvili

Manana Tevdoradze

Lali Tibua

George Todua (Secretary)


The following sections are foreseen:

September, 26-28

-Foundation of Mathematics and Mathematical logics (Chair A. Kharazishili, Cochair A. Kipiani)

-Applied Logics and Programming (Chair M. Baas (Austria), Cochairs J. Anthidze, Kh. Rukhaya; email: )

-Function theory (ChairsU. Goginava, L. Gogoladze, Cochair A. Danelia; email: )

-Computational Mechanics (Chair T. Vashakmadze, Cochair J. Peradze; email: )

October, 7-9

-Algebra and Number Theory (Chair M. Amaglobeli, Cochair K. Shavgulidze; email: )

-Complex Analysis and Application (Chair T. Meunargia, Cochair G. Akhalaya)

-Differential Equations and Optimal Control (Chair T. Tadumadze, Cochair A. Arsenashvili; email: )

-Partial Differential Equations (Chairs S. Kharibegashvili, G. Jaiani, Cochair T. Jangveladze; email: )

-ProbabilPity and Mathematical Statistics (Chair E. Nadaraya, Cochair O. Purtukhia; email: )

-Mechanics of Solids (Chair M. Basheleyshvili, Cochair M. Svanadze; email: )

-Some nonclassical problems for thin structures (Chair P. Podio-Guidugli,Cochair B. Miara)

-Theory of Shells and Plates (Cahir: N. Valishvili, Cochair G. Kipiani; email: )

-Mathematical Problems of Hydromechanics (Chair J. Sharikadze, Cochair N. Khomasuridze; email: )

-Multi-field Problemsof Mathematical PhysicsandContinuum Mechanics (Chairs: G. Hsiao, D. Natroshvili; email: )

-Solid-Fluid Interaction Problems (Chair R. P. Gilbert (USA), Cochair N. Chinchaladze; email: )

-Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis (Chair D. Gordeziani, Cochair T. Davitashvili; email: )


Each presentation will be scheduled for 35 minutes including discussion time. Generous time will be scheduled at refreshment breaks and social events, in order to maximize the scientific interaction and intellectual exchange between participants. The electronic version of the abstracts of all accepted presentations will be available on the web-page: Proceedings will be published later.


One page abstracts should be submitted in LaTex format (preferably via e-mail to the sections and to the Conference Secretariat as well) before August 31, 2008. The abstract should contain the title of the presentation, names of the authors, affiliation, e-mail and title of session. Full-length manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before being included in the Conference proceedings, which will be published by Tbilisi University Press.

The Deadlines for delivering manuscripts (September 26, 2008) and, following peer-review, revised manuscripts (February 1, 2009) not more than 10 pages.


Please indicate your intention to participate in the Conference, either as a speaker or as an attending participant, by submitting the Registration form, either by mail, fax or E-mail (to the sections and to the Conference Secretariat). The registration fee of 250 Euros will include the cost of all lunches, refreshment breaks, official receptions and the book of proceedings. A special programme of social events, including excursions to places of particular interest as well as the Conference receptions and banquet, will be arranged for accompanying persons.


Advance payments should be made in EURO by

bank transfer to the following Bank Account:

Intermediary Bank: Commerzbank, Frankfurt, Germany


Account with institution:

Bank of Georgia, SWIFT: BAGAGE22

3, Pushkin Street, 0105 Tbilisi, Georgia

Beneficiary: Georgian National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Account: 181896100EUR

For More Iinformation Please Contact either to Sections

or to the following address

George Todua

I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics of Iv. JavakhishviliTbilisiStateUniversity

2, University St.

0186 Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel.: +995 32 303040 Fax: +995 32 186645

E-mail: web-page:


of the Conference

Dedicatedtothe 90-th anniversary of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) and 40-th anniversary of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics of Iv. JavakhishviliTbilisiStateUniversity

September ,26 -28, October, 7-9, 2008

Last name:......

First name:......

Title of the presentation:......









I would like to:

present a paper (Abstract attached)

attend the Symposium (not as a speaker)

bring ___ accompanying person(s)

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