Lesson Title: Comparing Chinese Dynasties

Lesson Title: Comparing Chinese Dynasties

Lesson Title: Comparing Chinese Dynasties

Name: Mindy Kelley

Course/Grade Level: 7th Grade Social Studies

Standards:7.20 Describe the reunification of China under the Tang Dynasty and reasons for the cultural diffusion of Buddhism. (C, G, H, P)

7.22 Summarize the significance of the rapid agricultural, commercial, and technological development during the Song Dynasties. (C, E, H)

7.26 Draw evidence from informational texts to analyze the contributions made during the Ming Dynasty such as building projects, including the Forbidden City and the reconstruction of the Great Wall , isolationism, and sea voyages. (C, E, H, P)


Students will:

-Categorize and organize accomplishments of early Chinese dynasties

-Compare the major advancements of the three dynasties covered in the 7th grade Social Studies Standards (Tang, Song, Ming)

-Analyze the impact of these advancements on the world during these eras, as well as on the world today

Time: One 50-minute Class Period

Materials needed:

Internet access to show Youtube video

Textbook Discovering our Past: A History of the World by McGraw Hill Education

Graphic organizer (attached)



Students will begin with hearing an introduction on major inventions from the Chinese (Youtube video link: title “10 Amazing Ancient Chinese Inventions”)After the video is complete, ask students how those inventions are seen in their world today and the impact those things had on the world.

**The Youtube video is produced and published by Alltime10’s and the information is based on their research. Although they cite their information on each invention, there are questionable inventions that may have been invented in other regions. For example, there is evidence that leads to alcohol being invented in other civilizations. However, china.org.cn also credits China with inventing alcohol. Use this opportunity to show students the dangers of using internet sources.


As a class, students will read the sections from the textbooks about all 3 dynasties (pages 178-181). As students read each section, they fill out the graphic organizer attached with major impacts from each of these dynasties. Instructor should guide students in picking out the key information that relates to the standards tied to the lesson. Instructors should also reference a map to point out the locations of the different dynasties, focusing on the geography of the areas. This lesson will help students to understand the impact of China as a whole, which in return will help them to master 7th grade Social Studies standards: 7.19-7.26.


The instructor should monitor the student progress of the charts to ensure they are picking out relevant information in their charts. Mastery of the objectives would include a completed chart with students able to verbally point out the impacts of the dynasties and compare their achievements.


Youtube video link: title “10 Amazing Ancient Chinese Inventions”

Textbook Discovering our Past: A History of the World by McGraw Hill Education