LATE START SCHEDULE (6Th Gr Chromebook Assem)

LATE START SCHEDULE (6Th Gr Chromebook Assem)

Monday, January 15, 2018

▪Holiday/No School

▪8, Chess Tournament at Gateway

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

LATE START SCHEDULE (6th gr Chromebook assem)

▪8th Grade Vision/Hearing Screening via History classes

▪8th Grade Tobacco Survey via Science classes

▪10:45/11:45Rachel’s Challenge Mtg ~ rm 45/15

▪2:30-3:30 Study Hall ~ Library

▪3:30, 7 (G/B) Basketball vs St. Ann’s at Murray

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


▪8th Grade Vision/Hearing Screening via History classes

Thursday, January 18, 2018

LATE START SCHEDULE (7th gr Chromebook assem)

▪8th Grade Vision/Hearing Screening via History classes

▪11:30, Site Council Meeting, Conference room

▪2:30-3:30 Study Hall ~ Library

▪3:30, 7 (G/B) Basketball vs Charter at Murray

▪7p.m. School Board Meeting

Friday, January 19, 2018

LATE START SCHEDULE (8th gr Chromebook assem)

Spirit Day: “I Have A Dream Day”

▪8th Grade Vision/Hearing Screening via History classes

▪All Day, SSA Training, Location TBA

▪2:30-3:30, Creative Writing Club, room 10

Saturday, January 20, 2018

▪all day, Robotics, Ranchero Middle School

▪all day, 7/8th Girls Basketball Freedom Tournament

▪all day, 7th Boys Norris Tournament

From Principal:

Chess Tournament on Monday, 8:30-1, Gateway School.

Chromebook assemblies as follows: Grade 6 on Tuesday, Grade 7 on Thursday, Grade 8 on Friday.

8th graders, Vision/Hearing Screening via your history classes Tuesday – Friday.

Mr. Sweet and Ms. Bailey will be in Science classes to present a Tobacco Survey on Tuesday to 8th Grade Students.

Site Council meeting on Thursday. Site Council members will meet in the admin conference room at 10:30. Passes will be sent out to students who are on Site Council.

It’s cold and flu season so students are reminded to keep their hands off of the drinking faucets, to use sanitizer and wash your hands frequently to stay healthy.

Basketball season is going great. If you haven’t come to a home game yet you are missing out. There will be two games this week at Murray one on Tuesday then again on Thursday. Come support your basketball teams.

From Asst. Principal:

The next dance is the Valentine Danceon Friday, February 9th. Students are reminded that there are attendance requirements:in school or out of school suspensions since December 4th, 10 or more demerits, tardies and/or absences 80%, fees owed,and/oroverdue library books exclude you from this dance. Earn merits NOW!!

Reminders:Tardies were a big issue last semester, and have seriously impacted some students eligibility standing, so please make sure to be on time, and earn merits to make up for your misconduct.

Reminders: Electronic equipment is not to be brought to school. Cell-phones,if brought to school,CAN NOT be used during school hours. If used,theywill be confiscated. See your planner for rules/discipline.

Please remember to leave dangerous objects at home and do NOT bring them to school. There are serious consequences for students with illegal items in their possession. This includes tobacco and drug paraphernalia, lighters, any type of knife, and/or metal spikes.

From ASB:

Friday’s Spirit day is “I Have A Dream Day”. Wear any sort of apparel that shows what you dream of or what you want to achieve. Do you dream of graduating college? Do you dream of going to a certain place? Do you dream of becoming a Doctor, an Astronaut, a Teacher, or do you dream of meeting someone famous.

From Basketball:

There is a minimal fee to attend “Home” games at Murray. Adults $3, Children $2, Students with ASB cards are free. Please no Gum, Food, Drink or hard sole shoes in the Gym.

From Yearbook:

Yearbooks are $35 and name engravings are $5. Cost goes up February 1st to $37. Look for the yearbook table at MOQ, or go see Mrs. Abshire in Room 12.

From CJSF:

CJSF applications and money ($5) for 2nd semester will be due by2:30pmonFriday, January 19thto Mrs. Trudy, Room 16.

From Rachel’s Challenge:

Rachel’s Challenge: Dream Big

Quote: “ My codes may seem like a fantasy that can never be reached, but test them yourself and see the kind of affect they have in the lives of people around you. You may just start a chain reaction.” - Rachel Joy Scott.

Rachel’s Challenge meeting during 4th lunch in room 45 at 10:45; then during 5th lunch in room 15 at 11:45.