Lab-5: Spreadsheet Software: 100 Points

Lab-5: Spreadsheet Software: 100 Points

Lab-5: Database Management Systems: 35 points

In this lab, you will be learning about database systems. A database system is software for storing and organizing information so that the user can retrieve information from the database by asking questions of it. The database system that we will be working with is Microsoft Access, but its features are shared by other popular database systems.

IMPORTANT: Bring a new diskette to lab with you (just to be safe, two would even be better). Then you will have a blank diskette to move files onto as you need them. This will ensure that you have enough room to store your work. Often, database data files take up a lot of space!

  1. Use a diskette to copy the Access files from the server in your lab.
  2. Execute the tutorial on pages AC1.4 –AC1.62 of your lab manual. Skip the part of the Tutorial concerning “Inserting a Picture” When you reach page AC1.55 of your lab manual, enter one additional record of data – this additional entry should pertain to you and include your name. (I don’t care if you enter fictitious information for your address, etc., but be sure the name you enter is not fictitious or a nickname!) Be sure that any save operations are made on drive A: so that you are saving the database on your diskette. (Whenever you enter a lot of data, you should be sure to save your file frequently so that you don’t lose a lot of information in case the machine crashes.) Print your database as described in the lab manual and make sure that the printout contains the extra record with your name.
  3. Execute the tutorial on pages AC2.4 – AC2.30 of your lab manual for Access. (Stop at “Formatting the datasheet”.) When you reach page AC2.30 of your lab manual, enter one additional record of data – this additional entry should include your name. Save the database under the name ac02_Employee_1 on drive A: . Then print the contents of the database.
  4. Do practice exercise 2 on pages AC1.74 – AC1.75 of your lab manual. Create a record ABC-2005 that contains your name in the Author Last Name and Author First Name. Print table using landscape orientation.

What to turn in (no disk)

  1. Your printouts of the two databases constructed during the lab tutorials.
  2. Your printout of the database from exercise 2 on page AC1.74. Your printouts MUST be stapled together with your name and section number at the top of the page.