Job Title: Grace Mary Manor Service Coordinator

Job Title: Grace Mary Manor Service Coordinator


Job Title: Grace Mary Manor Service Coordinator

Member of:Resident Services Department

Current Grade: 8

Responsible to: Resident Services Manager

I. The Mission of Housing Authority of the County of SaltLake

The mission of the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake is to provide and

develop quality affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families while

promoting self-sufficiency, empowerment and neighborhood revitalization.

II. Job Description

Objective A: Program Development and Management

  • Ensure the day-to-day service coordination and service operationsare functioning in accordance with agency philosophy and standards set

forth in funding contracts and agency policy.

  • Assist the residents in navigating their way through the social services systems,

in order to get the services they are requesting, and help them remove barriers in

their way via advocating for them.

  • Maintain resident files in accordance with legal and grant requirements, and

complete all documentation in a timely manner.

  • Ensure reports are submitted to the Resident Services Manager by set monthly report deadlines.
  • Responsible for performing profession-level administrative duties involving

research, analysis and reporting.

  • Work with Resident Services Manager and Fund Developer to actively seek and

develop fund raising strategies for supportive services for residents of Grace

Mary Manor.

  • Develop, implement and assess outcome measures for supportive services.
  • Research similar programs and conduct literature reviews on a regular basis to

ensure programs are effectively and efficiently run.

  • Complete all paperwork including but not limited to monthly reports, grant

appeals and reports (as requested in grant requirements), data collection, etc.

  • Develop and implement short and long rang plan for supportive services for the


  • Facilitate development of and provide support for Resident Advisory Board.

Objective B: Collaboration

  • Cultivate partners with services providers to ensure a continuum of care for

Grace Mary Manor Residents

  • Actively coordinate on-site services for residents in collaboration with community


  • Attend Housing Team Meetings, Resident Services Meetings, Police Meetings,

Grace Mary Manor staff meetings and other community building meetings as is


  • Relay information to other Housing Authority departments regarding resident

issues and needs.

  • Support Resident Services co-workers and other Housing Authority staff work as

a team to accomplish agency, department, and program goals.

Objective C: Supervision

  • Assist in the hiring and training of staff and volunteers to carry out program


  • Provide supervision and over site for case coordination/ case staffing with community partners.
  • Assist and coordinate office functions to assure a safe and productive work


  • Promote agency mission and strategic plan by writing objectives into staff

performance plans.

  • Supervise HACSL Services Specialist.

Job Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree in Social Services or related field.

2.Two years full-time, paid experience or equivalent.

3. Computer literate.

4.Experience supervising staff and working with volunteers.

5. Experience working with low income individuals

6. Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team

7. Ability to express ideas clearly, both verbally and in writing.

8. Clear understanding of crisis intervention and ability to mange others in crisis.

A criminal background, drug screen, driving and credit check must becompleted before hire. An Official Housing Authority Application Form must be completed and a resume submitted. The Housing Authority complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 by providing equal access to services, programs and activities for qualified individuals with disabilities. With 24-hour advance request, reasonable accommodations will be provided to individuals with disabilities.

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