Job Title:Ancillary Assistant

Job Title:Ancillary Assistant


Job Title:Ancillary Assistant

Location:St Margaret of Scotland Hospice

Professional Accountability:Chief Executive/ Head of Domestic Services

Managerial/Educational Accountability:Chief Executive/Head of Domestic Services

Ancillary Assistant July 2014

Job Description

Job Purpose:The Post Holder will be responsible for ensuring the Chief Executive/ Head of Domestic Servicesare kept informed of any management or administrative issues which may ariseand to ensure the Hospice environment is maintained to an exemplary standard.

Ancillary AssistantMain Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. To be accountable at all time to the Chief Executive / Head of Domestic Servicesand to work closely with the Head of Domestic Services.
  2. To become established as a role model for St. Margaret of Scotland Hospice and to represent the Hospice as requested by the Chief Executive.
  3. To actively work as part of theHousekeeping Service in the best interests of the Hospice at all times including following allcleaning procedures and infection control.
  4. To be responsible for the general cleanliness of the Hospice; ensuring the wards, public areas and storage areasare kept clean, tidy and secure at all times. This includes the locking / unlocking of secure storage for hazardous substances when necessary and the movement of stock and furniture.
  5. To ensure the Hospice environment is maintained to a high presentable standard and to ensure any faults in equipment pertaining to this are reported immediately, ensuring other domestic staff do similarly.
  6. To ensure any abuse of equipment or furnishings is dealt with according to Hospice policy and procedures.
  7. To ensure all paintwork, woodwork and furnishings are maintained to a high presentable standard, free from any marks, ensuring and empowering other domestic staff to dosimilarly
  8. To teach and empower other domestic staff to ensure hygiene standards are exemplary throughout all units and to maintain furnishings to a high standard.
  9. To teach and empower other domestic staff to ensure no items of clothing are in areas other than those allocated for such material.
  10. To ensure all areas are kept free from clutter and all materials are stored in their correct areas as per Hospice policy, teaching and empowering other domestic staff to be able to do similarly.
  11. To ensure housekeeping equipment is working and maintained in the correct manner, ensuring other domestic staffdosimilarly.
  12. To comply with the safe recording of cleaning substances covered by relevant legislation.
  13. To carry out all administration for the Housekeeping service in the Hospice including monitoring the usage of consumable items as delegated by the Housekeeper.
  14. To assist in themonitoring of performance standards for cleaning and infection control.
  15. Ensure attendance at all mandatory courses including Moving and Handling, Mission Effectiveness, Fire Safety, etc.,
  16. To take appropriate care of theHospice furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  17. To assist in the responsibilityfor health and safety issues regarding the Hospice Housekeeping.
  18. To represent the Hospice at relevant fundraising and other public functions and events and encourage fellow staff and volunteers to participate in related activities.
  19. To ensure excellent preparation of environment and domestic staff at fundraising events or Hospice functions.
  20. To ensure positive, good communication and to promote the Core Values and Mission of the Sisters of Charity. These are central to all care and work throughout the Hospice by all staff. This will support the Mission Effectiveness Team in its role.
  21. To maintain confidentiality and loyalty to the Chief Executive and the Organisation at all times.
  22. To optimise use of all resources including time in the operation and supply of the Hospice.
  23. To support the Chief Executive/ Head of Domestic Services’broader projects for development of the Hospice which may be outwith the current facilities.
  24. This list is not exhaustive it may be necessary to carry out other duties if and when required. Extension of your working hours within given limits may be expected at certain times of the year because of extra pressure of work and any such extension will be notified in advance.

Hostess Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. To show due care for the safety of patients.
  2. To be accountable for his/her own practice and development.
  3. To adhere to Unit/Hospice policies.
  4. To display effective contact with patients, relatives and visitors.
  5. To respect the confidentiality of all aspects of patient care.
  6. To participate in staff development and programmes.
  7. To assist nursing staff in the feeding of patients in all age groups, where appropriate.
  8. To answer telephones, to transfer calls and transmit messages.
  9. To make beverages for patients as required.
  10. To report immediately to the Ward Manager or deputy, any accident or unusual incident.
  11. At all times, politely welcome patients and their relatives and be courteous when approaching visitors who have access to the Hospice. Also, assisting in every way possible to make their time in the Ward/Department as comfortable and agreeable as possible.

Communication and Interpersonal Relationships

The post holder will work closely with and report to the head of Domestic and Ancillary staff to ensure exemplary standards of cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance of environment is continued. The Post Holder may also on occasion liaise with the senior management team. The post holder must maintain a bright positive attitude to his/her role and work as guided by the Core Values and Mission Statement of the Organisation and empower others to do the same by example.


  1. All employees are required to be aware of their responsibilities towards Health and Safety in the workplace.
  2. The Hospice operates a “NO SMOKING” policy in any of its locations including shops.

This document defines the general and specific scope of the duties involved, and may be amended to meet the changing requirements of the service. The Chief Executive will ensure that opportunities exist within the review and appraisal process to alter the scope and content of the job description. Duties may also be amended in light of operational requirements.