Post Responsible To:
/ Line Manager
(Please attach an organisational chart)
Job Purpose:
To manage the administrative systems and procedures of the Department's General Office supporting current students.
To administer Year One and Foundation students and the learning and teaching functions of staff who teach such students.
To act as Secretary to the Department's Undergraduate Learning and Teaching and Staff/Student Committees.
Principal Accountabilities (Responsibilities):
To manage the administrative function and processes of the Department's General Office, in so doing evaluating and improving current procedures and identifying any absent procedures to improve service quality.
To supervise, monitor, guide and appraise Principal Clerks (level 4) and temporary/casual staff, resolving or informing the Departmental Manager of any workload or administrative issues, and producing agreed work rotas (ie post and e-mail rotas).
To manage and develop staff training for new members of staff, and ensure that existing members of staff are up to date and aware of any new University or Departmental procedures, and provide advice and support to staff to ensure that the Department offers a high level of service to both students and academic staff.
To manage and contribute to the development of the the Department’s student records database.
To manage the Department's student reception and customer service provision; resolving any queries with reference to University policies and Departmental procedures.
To participate in the recruitment of clerical staff when necessary in order to ensure that a high level of staff are recruited.
To monitor the attendance of Year One students and maintain accurate student registers, using judgement and initiative to decide on courses of action and informing the Student Progress Officer and Departmental Manager of any complex concerns.
To manage the registration and induction arrangements of new undergraduate and postgraduate students.
To allocate personal tutees to members of academic staff as required, for all undergraduate years.
To provide a first point of contact for Foundation and Year 1 undergraduate students, in so doing providing advice on University and Departmental regulations and procedures, explaining sensitive matters carefully and concisely.
To assign first year students to tutorial, seminar and class groups, making effective use of room allocations, staff and student time and ensuring a clash free timetable, resolving clashes where necessary and ensuring that students have the most options available, under the guidance of the Departmental Manager.
To input examination marks for Foundation and Year 1 students, to prepare Faculty Board returns for checking by Exams Administrator and to produce provisional examination transcripts for said students.
To update and maintain Year One WebPages.
To assist Year One lecturers and tutors with the production of teaching and learning materials
To act as Secretary to the Undergraduate Learning and Teaching Committee, organising and minuting meetings for same and supporting the work of the Departmental Manager in producing module and programme specifications; implementing the Department’s LTC policies and academic requirements, ensuring relevant policies and quality of operational administrative procedures.
To act as Secretary to the General Staff Student Committee, organising publicity and elections of student representatives, and arranging and minuting meetings.
To distribute, collate and mark lecture and tutor evaluation questionnaires for all undergraduate years, and provide statistics for consideration in LTC meetings
To provide Clerical assistance for academic members of staff
To perform general clerical, reception and mail duties according to agreed rota / % Time
Resources Managed / Facts and Figures:
Supervision of Principal Clerks (level 4 - 1 Postgraduate Administrator, 1 Undergraduate Administrator and 1x 0.8 FTE Exams Administrator).
Internal and External Relationships:
Daily contact with colleagues in the General Office in terms of monitoring workloads, delegating certain tasks and providing on the job training
Daily contact with Students, responding to and resolving queries, referring any complex matters to the Departmental Manager or Personal Tutors.
Daily contact with other clerical members of staff including marketing officer, departmental secretary and Departmental Manager.
Daily contact with members of academic staff, answering queries and providing clerical support.
Contact with the Faculty of Law, Politics, Maths and Modern Languages for students who take Economics subjects as supplementary subjects.
Support of Student Progress Officer.
Contact with the Room Bookings Officer, Registry (regarding student records), Examinations Office, Student Welfare, Library.
Planning and Organising:
Working with others diaries when organising internal meetings
Planning and organising my own workload in order to ensure that I can provide the most effieicent service.
Planning workload in up to a year in advance due to the cyclical nature of the position, prioritising tasks as and when they arise.
Organising staff rota for general clerical duties
Allocation of students to class/tutorial/seminar groups each year, ensuring clash free personal timetables, under the guidance of the Departmental Manager
Work as initiated by the Departmental Manager and by the requests for information by other Departments.
Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience (Indicate which are essential and which are desirable):
Minimum Requirements for Management & Administration Family Level 5:
Either academic or vocational qualifications (NVQ 3, general education to A-Level, City and Guilds or equivalents) plus at least typically at least 1-2 year’s work experience in a relevant role;
Typically 3-4 years relevant work experience in a comparable setting.
Working knowledge of relevant systems, equipment, processes and procedures including standard software packages.
Additional Requirements for Job:
(*Criteria to be used to shortlist candidates for interview)
Skills, Abilities and Competencies (Indicate which are essential and which are desirable):
Minimum Requirements for Management & Administration Family Level 5:
  • Initiative and judgment to resolve many problems independently.
  • Ability to communicate clearly orally and in writing to ensure effective reporting and customer/contact handling.
  • Numeracy skills.
  • Good I.T. skills.
  • Familiarity with work priorities and those of colleagues.
  • Understanding of relevant policies and procedures, as they affect the role, and the quality standards and outputs required.
  • Ability to apply relevant health and safety and other University policies and procedures.
  • Where relevant, ability to train/develop and supervise other staff.
  • Ability to assess data and information, and to identify problems.
Additional Requirements for Job:
  • Ability to communicate both verbally and orally
  • High level of IT skills
  • Ability to organise and prioritise workload.
  • Able to demonstrate accuracy and attention to detail
  • Willingness to work flexibly as part of a team
  • Ability to coach and mentor teams
  • Financial awareness
(*Criteria to be used to shortlist candidates for interview)
Additional Information:


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* Only for instances when a job is being changed in consultation with the existing post holder.

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