Jack Goes to Happy School

Jack Goes to Happy School

A Motorbike Accident Part 2

Let’s Act the Story!

Materials:‘Siu Ming Learned a Lesson’ flash file

‘Siu Ming Learned a Lesson’ script


  1. Teacher goes over the flash file of ‘Siu Ming Learned a Lesson’ with students. While reading it, students have to respond to the story by following the instructions, e.g. Help Siu Ming find his uniform.
  2. Teacher can also ask the following questions to help less able students build up their understanding of the characters and sequence of events in the story:

Who are the characters in the story?

How did Siu Ming feel when he woke up so late?

What did Siu Ming do after he woke up?

What did Siu Ming do next?

When and where did Siu Ming cross the road?

What happened to him at that time?

What did the driver do next?

How did Siu Ming feel?

What did Siu Ming learn this time?

  1. Teacher distributes the script to students and guides them to read aloud the play first. Help them with difficult vocabulary. Some success criteria can be shared with students:

They have to read aloud the story clearly.

They have to read with expressions.

  1. Students form groups. Then, teacher tells them that they are going to act out the play. Assign roles to students in the group. Teacher discusses with students the success criteria of the role play:

They have to narrate the story clearly.

They have to act out simple actions according to the characters and sequence of events in the story.

They have to show their co-operation.

Siu Ming Learned a Lesson (The script)

Siu Ming woke up at eight o’ clock yesterday morning. He was very late for school.

He dressed quickly and rushed out to the bus stop.

When he saw a bus stopping on the opposite side of the road, he ran across the road without using the zebra crossing.

At that moment, a motorbike came round the corner of the street at high speed.

Siu Ming was knocked down and his leg was bleeding.

The driver quickly called the police.

After a few minutes, Siu Ming was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

This time, he learned a lesson.

He will always remember to wait for the green man at a pedestrian crossing if he wants to cross the road. And, when using pedestrian crossing, he should look right and left to make sure there is no cars.

The End.