Internet Wellness Conversation

Internet Wellness Conversation

Internet Wellness Conversation

This is for every JP Rep, JP Customer (current or cancelled) and Prospect.

Shows new website, how JP is made, new research, 20-30 minutes long.

If theyhave already watched the new JP Video on your website, say…

OPENING LINE: Thank you for taking time to watch our new video!

  1. What was the most impressive part of the JP story?

2. What was the most surprising part?

3. Did it help you understand how Juice Plus can help youcomply with the

required 9-13 fruits and veggies/day? It’s hard to do. I struggle.

  1. Do you have any questions or concerns?

Facts: 80 million=Heart Disease,1in3men, 1in2 women=cancer, 20 million=diabetes,In fact, 1 in 3 born after 2000=diabetes,70% of 12 yr olds=Hardening of arteries, <7% kids eat 3 F/V daily. Do you know anybody like this?

Share JP your story.

Healthy Eating- Reduce Risk:Experts agree-Mom, Media, Medicine!!!

JP Concepts- JP is, JP is not, 17 F/V/G:Read foods, likes/dislikes? Get daily!

This body is a healing machine….Quality in/ quality out-Junk in/junk out!

Home-Watch Video (if have not yet) and then ask 4 questions above.

JP Science- Research Shows: Read bold sentences-15 published studies. Green words-actual study locations Read later.) No testimonials!!!

Research Underway: NSA invest $/time. 6more complete.

What experts say-Many medical professionals use/recommend JP. Listen.

Resources-2 videos & 9 websites available. View Events,Children’s Health Study, read stats, (Interim results, page down to chart), & JP Effect.

JP Concepts- Other Products: Taketurns reading each product’s info.

Store-View JP & read description. Click “all products” (4 mo/pay monthly)

“Do you think that JP is something that would benefit your family’s health?”

“Which products would you like to get started with today?” Collect info.

“I think you can tell that we are a company that cares a great deal about the health of families! I am developing a growing team of people who are locking arms with me to make a greater impact on the health of our communities.

Would you be interested in learning about what I do?

Share business story, then go back to Resources-

And watch video before our next web VF Overview phone meeting.

Cost $50/yr…Compare to Costco/Sam’s Club. Only get privilege to shop there!

What does a JP rep get for $50/yr? Rebate from your purchases, friends purchases, VO, Personal Website, Own a JPVF, and corporate and regional support. Plus ME!