Initi Tive 2004. Telemecanique Altivar 31 Variable Speed Drive

Initi Tive 2004. Telemecanique Altivar 31 Variable Speed Drive

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Brussels (Belgium), December 4, 2003

Initi@tive 2004. Telemecanique Altivar 31 variable speed drive

The Altivar 31 is a Simply Smart* product, compliments of Telemecanique.

A compact and high performance frequency inverter, Telemecanique Altivar 31 is designed for the control of 3-phase asynchronous motors with power ratings from 0.18 to 15 kW. Enriched and numerous functions enable it to adapt to many applications (materials handling, pumps, fans, packaging/packing, special machines, etc.).

One special feature of the Altivar 31 is its exceptional compactness - H 145 x W 72 x D 140 mm (Altivar 31 model: 0.75 kW, 240 VAC single-phase, RFI filter). Drives can be mounted side by side, providing considerable savings in space. Robust, its operation is assured in severe ambient conditions (-10 to +50 °C without derating the drive current).

4 voltage ranges (240 VAC single-phase, 240, 500 and 600 VAC 3-phase), together with integrated RFI class A filter, positive or negative logic… make the Altivar 31 an international variable speed drive that respects the technical specifications and standards of the major worldwide markets.

Performance and user-friendliness

Ready to use with its «plug and drive» concept, the Altivar 31 is operational as soon as it is connected. Autotuning, it quickly adapts to the parameters of each motor and provides dynamic performance in complete safety.

Customisation of the settings can be made directly using the built-in display or by using a remote terminal that can be mounted on an enclosure or control panel door. For more complex functions, it can be configured using the PowerSuite software workshop on a PC or Pocket PC, a genuine universal assistant for both the Altivar variable speed drive and Altistart starter product ranges.

Open access and availability

With built-in Modbus and CANopen, the Altivar 31 integrates easily and efficiently in industrial automation systems. In addition, its web server function using an Ethernet/Modbus bridge offers worldwide accessibility to information, regardless of location or time.

With versions available in an enclosure or in kit form, the Altivar 31 adapts to any environment.
The ready assembled IP 55 enclosure includes a Vario switch disconnector with rotary knob, a potentiometer, a reversing switch and EMC cabling. This ready to use solution considerably reduces costs and design time and, in particular, the risks of not meeting EMC conformity.

A fully customisable IP 55 enclosure is also available. It comprises the drive only, with space available for adding the required motor starter components (switch-disconnector or circuit-breaker, switch, pilot light, potentiometer, etc).

For equipment construction, the drive kit, which can have the heatsink mounted externally, enables simplified installation in control panels, together with other components.

The Altivar 31 range conforms to the international standards: UL/CSA, CE, NOM.

Other characteristics:

-software and equipment compatibility with the previous Altivar 28 generation,

-main functions: preset speeds, + speed / - speed, brake sequence, regulator and preset PI, saving sets of parameters, limit switch management, etc.

- included in the options available: external RFI class B filters, NEMA Type 1 adaptation kit, CANopen adaptor, etc.

*Simply Smart: more ingenuity and intelligence for continually improving ease of use.

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