Ideas for Nurturing Faith and Discipleship at Home

Ideas for Nurturing Faith and Discipleship at Home

Living Pentecost 2 at Home

Ideas for nurturing faith and discipleship at home

Perhaps you share parenting time with another household and your children are not able to participate in church activities regularly. Or maybe you are looking for faith experiences to share together at home. Or you might be a grandparent or other relative who wants to include faith conversations in your time with the children in your life. Whatever your particular circumstance, this resource will help you nurture faith and discipleship at home.

“Living the Seasons at Home” provides a weekly engagement of the focus passage from the lectionary. If your church uses the Revised Common Lectionary, these passages will possibly be the same ones you hear in church on Sunday. Even as you set aside space and use special material, Sacred Presence is always with us. Therefore, faith conversations can happen anytime and anywhere.

Wherever you see signs of love, God is there; wherever kindness and fairness are extended, God is there. Wherever the sacred story becomes our story, God is there.

Enjoy this season at home.

Resources to use at home:

Lectionary Story Bible, Year A by Ralph Milton (Kelowna BC:

Wood Lake Publishing, 2007)

Lectionary Story Bible Audio & Art CD, Year Aby Ralph Milton (Kelowna BC: Wood Lake Publishing, 2010). Six audio CDs of author and former radio broadcaster Ralph Milton reading all the stories from the Lectionary Story Bible: Year A.

Audio stories Audio recordings of the weekly focus passages retold in ways that are accessible and engaging for people of all ages are available for purchase at Seasons MP3 Downloads, The MP3 versions of the stories are also included on the Season of Creation, Pentecost 2 CD included with the SeasonsFUSION materials.

Season after Pentecost

The weeks between Pentecost Day through to Reign of Christ Sunday are known in the church as the Season after Pentecost, or Ordinary Time. This is a season of celebrating God’s presence in everything – in all creation, in the stories of our past and our dreams for the future, in our groaning and our praying.

God is known to us through creation, tradition, and the urgings of the Spirit. This knowing inspires us to live with accountability for our actions. We are woven together with the rest of creation, all given breath and life by the one Source in whom we live and move and have our being.

Stories for this Pentecost 2

September 3, 2017 – Here I Am

Exodus 3:1–15

ReadExodus 3:1–15 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “Moses Hears God’s Call” on p. 38 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

God says to Moses, “I am who I am, or I will be who I will be. Now come and I will help you be an instrument of care and freedom for people trapped in slavery.”

Moses’ reluctance suggests that he was thinking, “I’m not an instrument of care and freedom for enslaved people. I’m just a slow-tongued shepherd who is hiding from Pharaoh. I am nothing special.” But God persists until Moses puts on his sandals and starts following the Voice that said, “I will be who I will be.” Do you think Moses started to think of himself differently as he walked in a different direction? What would it mean for Moses to say, “I will be who I will be, and see where this new calling takes me?”

Together this week

  • What burning issues are important in the life of your household? Draw the outline of a burning bush by first drawing a trunk, then add two or three boughs, and then separate the boughs into several individual branches. With a red marker, write what individuals are concerned about on the branches. Write issues that are shared by two or more people on the boughs such as caring for the environment. Finally, write an issue that is shared by all members of the household on the trunk. Place the bush at the centre of your gathering. How are you living out your God-given call to respond to these issues?


Take off your shoes just before a time of prayer.

God, I’ve taken off my shoes because I want to slow down and listen for your guiding Spirit.

Pause for a time of silent reflection. Put your shoes back on.

God, I’m putting my shoes on. Now may your Spirit guide my steps.

September 10, 2017 – Remember, Restore, Renew

Exodus 12:1–14

ReadExodus 12:1–14 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “We Remember” on p. 50 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

This week’s reading gives instruction for the first Passover meal. The Passover festival is part of a celebration when the Jewish people remember the beginning of their journey from slavery in Egypt into freedom. The meal is filled with foods that help the people remember how difficult it was to be a slave, but also how loving God is. What helps you remember how much God loves you?

Together this week

  • Plan a special meal to celebrate God’s love. How will you set the space? What foods will you serve? What music will you play during the meal? With whom will you share the meal?
  • Write these words on a piece of construction paper and create a placemat: I will remember God’s wonderful love.


Open a Bible as you say:

We listen to God’s great story.

Light a candle as you say:

We journey together with the light of God showing us the way.

Indicate the meal you are about to share.

We remember and give thanks for all that God gives.


September 17, 2017 – Road to Freedom

Exodus 14:19–31

ReadExodus 14:19–31 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “Road to Freedom” on p. 62 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

God’s people are leaving behind their lives of slavery in Egypt, just as God promised. But beginning in a new life of freedom is not going to be easy. Pharaoh’s army is chasing after the Hebrew people, and they find themselves in a scary place with the army on one side and the sea on the other. God’s love prevails. A path appears through the sea, and the Hebrew people can journey to freedom. When has God’s love helped you through a difficult time?

Together this week

  • Dance and sing and celebrate God’s goodness.
  • Write this thought on pieces of paper and put them in special places, such as lunch boxes, coat pockets, and briefcases: Have no fear, God is with you always.


Gather a basket of tambourines, maracas, or noisemakers. When someone has some good news to share this week, grab an instrument and shout, “Thanks be to God!” Then tell the good news so everyone can give thanks together.

September 24, 2017 – Tensions in the Wilderness

Exodus 16:2–15

ReadExodus 16:2–15 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “Tensions in the Desert” on p. 74of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

God answers the people of Israel’s complaint about being hungry by providing manna – bread-like flakes the people collected from the ground each morning. Besides serving as food, manna was also a teaching tool from God. God instructed the people of Israel to take only what they needed so everyone would have enough. By resting on the Sabbath, God also encouraged the people to enjoy their relationship with the One who was setting them free. What lessons can you continue to learn in this story about manna?

Together this week

  • Plan to take a hike together. Take some water and a snack of cereal flakes. Let yourself miss or delay a meal so that you feel hungry. Then, in the wilderness of grass and trees or cars and buildings, have a meal of “modern manna.”
  • Throughout the week, carry this thought with you: God always keeps God’s promises.


We often think about prayer as bringing to God our thanksgivings and requests. But God also listens graciously to our complaints and questions. At the top of a pad of paper, write, “God’s Complaint Department,” and collect submissions. They may range from, “Why is math so hard for me?” to “Why do some have such a hard life?” Prayerfully wait for God’s loving response.

October 1, 2017 – Everyone’s a Critic

Exodus 17:1–7

ReadExodus 17:1–7 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “No Longer Slaves” on p. 86 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

The people of Israel ask the question, “Is God with us, or not?” This is an understandable question when people are struggling in the wilderness of uncertainty. God answers their question through the guiding cloud, the crossing of the Reed Sea, and by providing manna and water for the journey. How does God continue to say “Yes, I am with you”?

Together this week

Take a large-mouth jar and layer the following ingredients to look like the layers of a desert:

1/2 cup powdered milk,

1/3 cup cocoa powder,

1/3 cup granulated sugar,

dash of salt

1/3 cup brown sugar


During the week, tape drawings to the jar to make it look like a desert landscape. At the end of the week, put the mixture in a saucepan, add 2 cups warm water and dissolve; add 3 cups of milk, heat, and serve.


God, you give water for us to drink.

Thank you. Amen.

October 8, 2017 – A Rule of Love

Exodus 20:1–4, 7–9, 12–20

ReadExodus 20:1–4, 7–9, 12–20 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “A Loving Communiy” on p. 98 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

The book of Exodus contains many stories about the people of Israel who made the long journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom. Moses was someone God called to lead the people on this journey. This week’s story tells about when the people of Israel learned more about living in God’s loving ways. The church often calls these ways the Ten Commandments.
Just imagine a community of justice and caring for all of God’s good creation, shaped by wisdom and faith. The ten commandments are the foundation of that vision. God gives these essential rules to the people of Israel as the basis for creating a loving community. The rules have to do with living together in harmony and right relationship with God, creation, and one another.

Together this week

  • Review the ten loving ways revealed in Exodus 20 one at a time. Protestant theologian Martin Luther (1483–1546) taught that every negative in this list implies a positive. For example, “do not kill” implies “support the living.” Talk together about what each loving way might look like.


Based on Psalm 19, the psalm for this week.

One:Wherever I am and wherever I go,

All: I can feel and see the power of God.

One:In the awesomeness of galaxies,

All:in the amazing wonder of creation,

One:I can hear God’s voice.

All:I can feel God’s presence everywhere.

One:God’s teachings are priceless.

All:God’s words give me new life,

One:God cares for me more than I can ever imagine.

All:Thank you, God.

October 15 – Soothing Our Souls

Exodus 32:1–14

ReadExodus 32:1–14 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “The People Are Impatient” on p. 110 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

Moses is away on the sacred mountain and the people turn to Aaron for leadership. Moses is gone a long, long time and the people become worried. Will Moses ever return? The people and Aaron long for something to cling to; a physical reminder that they are not alone. The people bring all their gold to Aaron to be melted and turned into a statue for them to worship. It’s as if the people have already forgotten God’s leading, love, and promises. It seems God forgets, too, and would have destroyed the people if Moses had not intervened to restore the relationship.

Aaron and the people wanted to make a symbol to represent God, but God’s relationship with the people can already be seen in their liberation from Egypt. Even with Moses out of sight, the people don’t need anything, except their memories of being freed from slavery, to be assured of God’s love. How do people in your household assure one another of love for each other?

Together this week

  • Talk about the things you say and do to show love.
  • Write a family blessing for mealtime that expresses gratitude for both love shared together and the loving presence of God.
  • What helps you remember God’s loving presence?


God of Moses, may we remember, and be within your remembering.

May we care, as we are within your caring.

May we hear, as we are within your hearing.

May we rejoice, as we are within your rejoicing.

May we matter, as we are within your mattering. Amen.

October 22, 2017 – Our Whole Selves

Exodus 33:12–23

ReadExodus 33:12–23 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “Moses Sees God” on p. 122 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

This story, like some of the others this season, shows how close and familiar the relationship between God and Moses was. Moses talked to God as he would talk to another person, telling God what he needed and how he felt. In this story, Moses asks to be shown God’s full glory. But Moses is reminded that no one can take in, or comprehend, all God’s glory. But God had a plan. God directed Moses to a big rock close by. In the shelter of the rock, Moses felt God deep down and all around; in the shelter of the rock, Moses saw something of who God is. Afterwards, Moses tried to describe what he had seen and felt. “It was like the brightest light you can imagine,” Moses explained. “It was like a gentle wind blowing in the desert. It was like a raging thunderstorm that shook the mountain. It was like the most beautiful music you have ever heard. Afterwards, it was like a trail of gold dust twinkling in the sun.”
According to the story, no one, not even Moses, has ever seen God. And yet, Moses talks with God as if God was sitting right across from him. What are some ways we talk with God?

Together this week

  • What special place might people in your household go to talk with God? It might be inside where you live together, or it might be a special place in creation that you visit. Organize a time to visit the special place, or identify one together if this is a new idea.
  • Spend time together in that place and experience God’s presence.


God of mystery,

we open ourselves to hear the whispers of your presence. Amen.

October 29, 2017 – Time to Say Goodbye

Deuteronomy 34:1–12

ReadDeuteronomy 34:1–12 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “God’s Promises” on p. 134 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).

Something to think about, talk about, or do

The book of Deuteronomy tells the last part of the story of Moses and introduces a new leader named Joshua.

As the people reach the end of their journey through the wilderness and prepare to settle in a new land, Moses climbs a high mountain and looks out over the land of promise – a land he will see, but in which he will never live. Moses dies there in Moab and the people mourn his death. Moses will be remembered as the greatest prophet Israel has ever known. Joshua takes up the mantle of leadership, which had been passed to him directly from Moses. Both of these great leaders helped to shape the stories of the people of Israel, and continue to live on through the people of faith.

Together this week

  • The blessing Joshua receives from Moses empowers Joshua to become a leader for the people. Take turns blessing each family member. Take the hands of another in yours and say, “You are special to God. Be strong and have courage knowing God loves you.”
  • Spend a few moments talking about the experience of being blessed.
  • Make a list of leaders in your community, your neighbourhood, and your nation. What characteristics make them good leaders?
  • Use art supplies to make cards for leaders on the list. Decorate the cards and write a blessing for the leader. Gather in a circle and read the blessing aloud. Deliver the cards to the leaders.


This is the day that you have made, gracious God.

We rejoice and are glad in it. Amen.

November 5 – What Should I Do?

Matthew 23:1–12

ReadMatthew 23:1–12 in an age-appropriate Bible or story Bible, or the story “Be Yourself” on p. 146 of SeasonsFUSION (copies available from your church office).