I Have Been Asked Several Times Where Is the Town of Denmark and How Do We Get There, Its

I Have Been Asked Several Times Where Is the Town of Denmark and How Do We Get There, Its

I have been asked several times where is the town of Denmark and how do we get there, its simple just follow highway (1) the road that does a complete circle of Australia, it goes straight through the middle of our town, you don’t need to fill up on magnetite to get here just stay on the road, while on the subject of magnetite, notice how many articles are popping up about that and magnetic lines since I wrote the first article on them.it seems that now everybody is an authority on those subjects, nearly every pigeon magazine that you read has an article written about them, it has shades of when many years go I wrote the first articles on Folate now every thing in the food line has the nessary Folate added, just check any food line on the supermarket shelf.

Because ot time limitations this year I was late getting the babies on the roof, something I had never done before but it doesn’t seem to have done them any harm, several of the youngsters had thrown three and four flights before they had their first taste of freedom, in total over the two rounds there were just over 80 pigeons, after the first night of their release I had wondered what I had done as there were less than a quarter of the birds in the loft, mainly because the first predator that I had seen for nearly eight months decided that he would have a go at the birds, in the end I had all the birds return over a five night period, some of them were done like a turkey dinner but after a few days they had returned to normal, I don’t mind the babies having a night out on their first taste of freedom as I find that they are usually the last birds dropped, any bird that can find its way home like that has to have the nessary ingredient for a racing pigeon that is brains,

It is over 18 months now since I had a stroke, it happened while I was away from home in Sydney, the doctors released me from the hospital on condition that I was to be admitted into a hospital in Western Australia on my return, the thing I found out is that it is reasonably easy to get into hospital when you are lying on your back in an ambulance but just try and get into one when you are on your feet, well last week 18 months later I had the notification to report to the hospital for admittance, lucky the stroke wasn’t a very bad one or they would not need to send the form, maybe if the government spent a bit of the money they are taking out of the system to buy war materials and spent on the health system we would all be better off.

Had a visitor to my lofts from the east, the boss sent him down to the loft, that is the easiest place to find me, just as he approached the loft he saw me drop a bird from waist height, he asked me what I was doing so I showed him, I selected a large cock bird held him in the hand and then let him drop, the bird could not make the first perch, just dropped straight to the floor, he asked me what that proved, as far as I am concerned that bird would be lucky to get up in the air from a basket so you would be wasting you’re your time keeping it in the loft, any bird that can not reach at least the middle perches doesn’t survive in my loft, it shows a lack of balance, recovery and whether the bird is overweight.

Pigeon fanciers I believe have got the message at last, there has been a great demand for Colliodal Silver generators from the fancy, some have seen the results of lofts that had used the silver in the past season, and there have been recommendations from those already using it.

Isn’t it great to be young and know your way around computers these days, my grandson is fourteen years old, his hobby is designing web pages for all and sundry, being the ikey type of person that I am I have told him to make a quid out of his hobby and charge to make up a web page, that is after he design’s mine for me of course, when he finishes it I will broadcast the contact web site so you can judge for your self what sort of job he does.

Recently I had a newspaper clipping sent to me by a friend from Bristol in England, the photo in the article was of a beautiful lady fancier named KellyDevonald, what took my notice other than wishing we had a few fanciers in our club half as good looking as that lady instead of ones that make dracular look like a movie star, was the striking resemblance to a friend of my daughters named Allison, I folded the photo so all you could see was the photo and asked at least a dozen people who they thought the photo was of, the reply’s were one hundred percent “Allison”, so watch out Kelly you have a double living in Australia

What a couple of days we had lightning, thunderstorms and rain for three days on end, I have never seen anything like it, the press wrote it up as the best sky show ever seen in our part of the country, the only person that missed the best night was my darling wife she slept through the noise and flashing of the lightning, that shows how contented she is, the damage to electrical household goods would be extremely high, computers were also affected with quite a few becoming U.S., there were also the usual fires started by lightning strikes, talking about fires it is believed that several of the major fires in the country were started by smokers throwing their butts out of car windows as they were driving,

Another thing the tobacco manufacturers have to answer for, what has happened to the cigarettes at one time when you stopped smoking the cigarette went out but now they continue to smoulder, still that helps to sell more cigarettes no more butts to light up.

After reading all the problems that are rising among the pigeon fraternity this week for my thought for the week I am borrowing a quote from WilliamArthur ward and I would like every pigeon fancier that reads this column to absorb the words and put them into practice.

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.