How Mouthbeats Came Into Being

How Mouthbeats Came Into Being


Mouthbeats is the culmination of work that began several years ago with bö's discovery of beatboxing. Since 1994 this hobby has been a very important part of his life.

His passion and all the hard training lead to his first performance in front of an audiance when he was 17 years old. The positive reaction from his audiance was a great boost to his motivation and spurred him on to get better and better and in this way he has become slowly but certainly professional. His talent was discovered quickly and he was asked for many other performances, some of them with other musicians.

In 2005 there was a great chance for bö, which suddenly made him well-known in his area (Chur): He had the possibility to produce a track for the CD 'Amplified' from the group 'Mosphit'. ( With this track his beats were officially in the shops for the first time.

Bö became an idol for many teenagers in his area - especially for another big talent called BB Roider.

At the very young age of 9 BB Roider tried to make his first beats. Having a lot of ambition he improved rapidly. By the age of 14 he had moved with his family from his village Trimmis in the Chur area to another area called Rheintal. There he could feel a big difference, because in this area beatboxing was hardly known. However, this fact wasn't at all a reason to stop - on the contrary - he was even more keen on practising his hobby and because of his talent and enthusiasm he very soon gave several performances and he got more and more known in his new area, the fan base has been constantly growing.

The next important step in BB Roiders career was getting a little studio for his own use to be able to create his own tracks and also to listen to his beats in order to hone his talents and to come closer to perfection.

At the same time he was working together wit 'VOMIT' ( to produce some songs. By then he had a lot of fans and was well-known and so he decided to think of his own logo and his first website. (


BB Roider and bö have known each other, as mentioned before, for ages, but after BB Roider moved they lost contact and never thought about a project together.

Luckily, they met again a few years later at a big event, where bö had a performance. Both were surprised as to how much the other had improved in beatboxing and so they decided to start a project. First they just played with their beats but soon they realised that there could be more, because it was great fun to work together and, in addition to this, it sounded amazinglygood to create beats together! After a short time they gave their first concert. Although there weren't many people the feedback was excellent and they were booked for two new concert dates that evening.

In the first 6 monthseverything was going as planned: more rehearsals and a lot of concerts! But it was still a hobby for both and their lives weren't just focused on beatboxing. That's why they decided after this 6 months to have a little break, because their lives were very busy at that time.

In 2006 there arose a big opportunity for the two talents. Rennie from the group 'Sektion Kuchikäschtli' was at a concert of BB Roider and bö and was very enthusiastic about their beats. Without hesitation he asked them to guest feature on the new CD 'Affatanz'. Unfortunately, everything was done very late and so BB Roider and bö weren't mentioned in the liner notes, even though they had a track on the CD.

However, this was the official start of 'MOUTHBEATS'. The first steps in the music business were successfully taken and there were no more obstacles in the way of their working together.

Now it's in your hands... Go to the Mouthbeats homepage and check out for yourself just how talented these great musicians are!! (


'Human Beatbox' means 'human box of rhythm'. Beatboxing is an art where the correct use of lips, tongue and vocal cords makes a beat. Then you have to train very hard to become able to make the sounds and beats faster one after the other, which has the effect of sounding as though the sounds and beats are made at the same time.

After a lot of practise the beats sound like drums (with a bad bass) and additional melodies.

Beatboxing is practised all over the world and also in Switzerland where it's growing in popularity.

Actually, it's quite easy to create some simple beats to begin, but afterwards it's hard to make them clear and strong.