Honors Biology Project

Honors Biology Project


The project for Honors Biology will be 100 points to be counted as a Test in the fourth quarter.

You will find two research articles that deal with the theme of Prokaryotic Evolution

The process includes:

  1. The Problem (10 points) Due April 29th

You will use the two Scientific American Articles previously given out in class as a starting point. You will select a problem to investigate (in the form of a question) and find two research articles dealing with your problem and connecting it to the two Scientific American articles.The other 2 articles must be peer reviewed journal articles. Articles should not be older than 2010. You will Write out the problem, write an abstract (a summary of what you are researching…one paragraph) and submit the copies of the research articles you are using.

  1. Set of Questions( 5 points) Due May 12th

You will make up five multiplequestions from the 2 original Scientific American articles. Questions could be straight factual, conceptual or application ones. There must be a mix of all three and you must include at least one of each type. You will need to type up each question on an index card. On the back of the index card put your name and the name of your teacher as well as the type of question it is. The index cards are worth 5 points toward your essay (see below)

  1. The Quiz ( 20 points) on the day of your Final Exam

On the day of your Final Exam you will also get a 20 point quiz. Some of the questions on the quiz will be selected from the ones that students submit. If your question is selected, you will be awarded 2 extra points on your overall project. The quiz will be worth 20 points and cover information from the first two Scientific American articles.

  1. The Essay(70 points) During week of May 19st (TBA)

This essay will be written in class. You must state your problem on the essay. You may use a (1) 3 X 5 hand written index cards to organize your thoughts before class. Your index cards will be submitted with your essay.

The essay will be graded on content (40), organization (8), mechanics (8), directions (4) index cards (3), bibliography (2) and questions submitted (5).

In addition to the project: All Honors Biology students will take a comprehensive Final Exam.

(Counts as 100 points in 4th quarter.)

It will be administered during Final Exam week. Topics included: tools & techniques, cells, biochemistry, enzymes, respiration and photosynthesis, cell reproduction, Mendelian and Molecular Genetics, evolution, classification, ecology, animal & plant anatomy and physiology, reproduction and development.