History 12 Unit2 WORLD WAR 1

History 12 Unit2 WORLD WAR 1

History 12 – Unit2 – WORLD WAR 1


Read the Trench Warfare and Major Events, People and Changes articles (marked out of 10)

  1. Why was the war not over by Christmas?
  1. Explain how the fighting reached stalemate on the Western Front.
  1. How and why was the war different from what people expected.
  1. Explain the ways in which techniques, tactics and equipment impacted world war one. (In the major events, peoples and changes document)
  2. the development of trench systems (Trench warfare document)
  3. the use of poison gas (Major Events, Peoples, Changes)
  4. the use of tanks (Major Events, Peoples, Changes)
  1. Finish your report by explaining which of these developments you think was the most important/significant?
  1. What day to day tasks did soldiers have to do?


Now watch the video Front Lines Vignettes (CABE Public Drive: History 12) and answer the following questions:

The Officer’s Roles:

  • What was the officers' responsibilities and the structure of Canadian forces in the First World War?

Nurses at the Front:

  • Explain the role of the nursing sisters

Faith and Hope:

  • What did faith do for the soldiers? What did they hope for?

The Life of a Soldier:

  • What was the life of a soldier like?

The Trenches:

  • Explain what the trenches were like.


The Christmas Truce. (30 minutes)

Watch the video and explain

  1. What happened on Christmaseve and on Christmas day?
  2. Why didthe soldiers do this and what was the response of the leaders?
  3. How did the soccer game start?
  4. How did the leaders “end” the Christmas truce?
  5. Why do you think the soldiers were willing to stop the fighting and meet in the no man’s land? In a similar situation, do you think you would be able do that?


Now watch the Battle of the Somme video – Slaughter and Sacrifice.

  • What went wrong with the plan of attack on the Somme?
  • Was it all the fault of General Haig?
  • Why do some historians argue that the Battle of the Somme was not a military disaster?
  • How many Canadians died at the Somme?


The Paris Peace Treaty:

  1. What did each of the following nations want (at the 2 minute mark)?
  • France
  • The United States
  • Britain
  1. What was happening in Berlin following the armistice? Why would it be such a concern to Britain?
  1. List all the terms that Germany had to agree to? (Beginning at the 6 minute mark in the video)