Highway Safety Improvement Program Projects

Highway Safety Improvement Program Projects

RFP #12-9299-7CS

August 3, 2012






Your firm is invited to submit a proposal to provide professional traffic and roadway engineering services for highway safety improvement program projects for the County of Henrico, in accordance with the enclosed specifications. The submittal, consisting of the original proposal and six (6) additional copies marked, "Highway Safety Improvement Program Projects Proposal ", will be received no later than 2:30 p.m., August 24, 2012, by:


County of HenricoCounty of Henrico

Department of General ServicesDepartment of General Services

Purchasing Office ORP.O. Box 90775

1590 E. Parham RoadHenrico,, Virginia23273-7032

Henrico, Virginia23228

This RFP and any addenda are available on the County of Henrico website at:

The Bids and Proposal link is listed under the Henrico Business Section on the homepage. Please contact Richard Edwards at if you need technical assistance downloading this document

Time is of the essence and any proposal received after 2:30 p.m., August 24, 2012whether by mail or otherwise, will be returned unopened. The time of receipt shall be determined by the time clock stamp in the Purchasing Office, Department of General Services. Proposals shall be placed in a sealed, opaque envelope, marked in the lower left-hand corner with the RFP number, title, and date and hour proposals are scheduled to be received. Offerors are responsible for insuring that their proposal is stamped by Purchasing Office personnel by the deadline indicated.

A pre-proposal conference will be held on August 9, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. in the Purchasing Office Conference Room, North Run Office Complex, 1590 E. Parham Road, Henrico, VA23228. Offerors are strongly encouraged to attend in order to ask questions regarding the RFP requirements and familiarize themselves with purchasing procedures. Only two representatives from each firm will be allowed to attend the pre-proposal conference. A teleconference number has been established for offerors who are unable to travel to the County of Henrico. To join the meeting, call 804-501-7555and enter meeting ID # 7002 and password #2123. This option is open to one caller from each firm.

Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible firm or in any way restrain or restrict competition. On the contrary, all responsible firms are encouraged to submit proposals. The County of Henrico reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted.

The awarding authority for this contract is the Board of Supervisors.

Technical questions concerning this Request for Proposal should be submitted to Rob Tieman, P.E. at , no later than August 13, 2012.

Very truly yours,

Christopher L. Winstead, P.E.

Cecelia H. Stowe, CPPO, C.P.M.

Purchasing Manager

(804) 501-5685







The intent and purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP), and the resulting contract, is to obtain the services of a qualified engineering firm to provide engineering services for the design of six (6) separate, federally funded Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) projects.

The Successful Offeror shall perform all professional engineering services, as hereinafter stated which includes normal and related civil engineering services, to complete design of these projects. The Engineer(s) represents that it will perform all tasks in accordance with generally accepted professional standards. The Engineer(s) further represents that it will provide the County the best possible advice and consultation within the Engineer's authority and capacity as a professional engineer. The Engineer(s) will comply with the regulations, laws, ordinances and requirements of all governmental environmental impact statements applicable to the project. Project # 06604 for the County of Henrico, Department of Public Works.


The successful Offeror shall provide all labor, materials and supervision to provide the following services:

  1. Description of Six (6) Separate HSIP projects

1.Three Chopt Road / Parham Road (UPC #T10226)

•Modify existing traffic signal to accommodate westbound right-turn overlap.

•Remove existing pedestal poles in Parham Road median and install new signal poles with longer mast arms to accommodate the left turn signals.

2.Shrader Road / Parham Road (UPC #T10226)

•Remove existing pedestal pole in Parham Road median and install new signal poles with longer mast arms to accommodate left turn signals.

•Increase curb radius and relocate/replace existing signal pole in southwest corner of intersection.

•Replace existing signal pole on the northeast corner of intersection.

•Install pedestrian crosswalks, handicap ramps, pedestrian countdown signals, and cutting back the median noses on Parham Road to accommodate new crosswalks.

•Install approximately 1,000 feet of sidewalk along north side of Parham Road, approximately 500 feet of sidewalk along the south side of Parham Road, and approximately 500 feet of sidewalk along the west side of Shrader Road.

•Install battery backup for the existing traffic signal.

3.Ackley Avenue / Parham Road(UPC #T10270)

•Install actuated LED flashing lights on “Signal Ahead” signs in advance of the bridge for eastbound traffic on Parham Road.

•Increase curb radius on the northeast corner of the intersection.

•Install battery backup for existing traffic signal.

4.Woodman Road / Parham Road (UPC #T10268)

•Convert southbound channelized right turn lane on Woodman Road to a standard right turn lane.

•Modify existing traffic signal to accommodate the right turn overlap.

•Install battery backup for existing traffic signal.

5.Darbytown Road / Laburnum Avenue(UPC #T10267)

•Convertsouthbound and westbound channelized right turn lanes to standard right turn lanes with full deceleration lanes and tapers.

•Increase length of existing southbound and eastbound left turn lanes

•Set back signal poles on the northeast and northwest corners and extend mast arms to accommodate truck movements.

•Install battery backup for existing traffic signal.

6.Parham and Villa Park(UPC #100561)

•Install sidewalk and curb and gutter on the south side of Parham Road between Sanctuary Drive and St. Joseph’s Villa property line just east of Villa Park Drive (approx. 1,300 feet total).

•Install a crosswalk with count-down signal heads, push buttons, and curb ramps to cross Villa Park Drive on the south side of the intersection.

  1. Design
  1. Plans
  1. A registered Professional Engineer holding a valid licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia should be project manager. All plans, specifications, and other documentation should be reviewed, approved, and sealed by a registered Professional Engineer holding a valid licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  1. The Successful Offeror will comply with all applicable County, State, and Federal regulations, laws, ordinances and requirements.
  1. All Plans and specifications shall be based on the latest County and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) specifications and guidelines using English Units.
  1. The County will provide the Successful Offeror with current surveys of the six (6) projects in AutoCAD Civil 3D (2011).
  1. Plans shall showfinished grades and alignment in detail. Alignment shall be computed from field surveys. Field surveys will utilize NAD 83 (horizontal) and NAVD 88 (vertical) datum. Grades are to be within standards for a Major Arterial class of roadway.
  1. These plans will include, at a minimum and where applicable, the following:

•Roadway, existing and proposed, including edge of pavement and typical sections.

•Roadway profiles and cross-sections.

•Roadway alignment, grades, summaries.

•Metes and bounds where required.

•Right-of-way, existing and proposed; easement lines, existing and proposed, property lines with owner and property identification number, and summarized right-of-way data sheets.

•Drainage ditches, pipe size, and elevations of structures.

•All necessary culvert details, related hydraulic information, and supporting structural details.

•All necessary construction details.

•All required water quality calculations.

•Water and sewer relocations.

•Erosion and settlement control plans, details, and sequencing.

•Wetland delineated and proposed stream diversions along with RPA, RMA and 100 year flood plain lines as applicable.

•Footprint and profile of any mainline proposed structure.

•Pavement marking plan.

•Traffic Signal timings and designs.

•Maintenance of Traffic plans and details on any required detours.

•Construction phasing.

•Demolition plans for existing structures and facilities that will be removed with this project.

  1. It should be assumed there will be 30%, 70%, Utility Coordination, and 100% plan submissions. Successful Offeror will be present at staff review meetings following each of these milestone submissions.
  1. Successful Offeror must prepare all necessary environmental studies, permits, documents, plans, hydraulic and hydrologic studies, and other supporting engineering and graphics data, schematics, and reports needed to achieve DPW defined objectives and comply with applicable County, State, and/or Federal regulations.

i.Printing to be sufficiently large that it can be read when standard plan sheets (24”X36”) are reduced to ½ scale. Plan scale is to be 1 inch = 25 feet horizontal. All printing should utilize existing County contract.

  1. The Successful Offeror shall prepare final cost estimate, construction plans with easement information, where necessary, specifications, and contract documents. The Successful Offeror shall prepare contract documents to include bid forms, notice to bidders, advertisement, bid proposal, contract forms, bonding and insurance requirements, technical specifications, and any applicable federal and state requirements. It can be assumed that these six (6) separate projects will be strategically grouped so that less than six (6) separate bids will be advertised for construction.
  1. If applicable, Successful Offeror to provide installation of monumentation at time of County acceptance of constructed project, and reproducible on Mylar and disks of sheets done by CAD with directory showing title and sheet number. Plans may be prepared using AutoCAD or MicroStation; but at project completion, digital files are to be presented to the County in the latest version of AutoCAD. At project conclusion, all applicable, roadway, environmental, and water resource data shall be provided to the County in an acceptable format that is compatible with CountyGIS. All plan sheets for the project should be submitted as Mylars and electronic digital plans in the latest version of AutoCAD format files.
  1. Environmental
  2. Successful Offeror to determine need and prepare all necessary environmental documentation, including but not limited to: SERP, appropriate NEPA documentation, wetland delineation, RPA and RMA boundaries, and 100 year flood plains where required for environmental permits and show on plans.
  1. The Successful Offeror will be responsible for preparing all environmental permits and associated backup materials for Director’s signature and represent the County at any hearings and meetings related to these permits, if needed. If applicable, Successful Offeror to prepare and submit to County for signature, and submit to the Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC) a preliminary joint permit application with a mitigation plan for construction of the projects. It should be assumed any mitigation requirements will be satisfied by purchase of credits from an approved wetland bank. Mitigation plans, if required, for permits shall be by supplemental agreement.
  1. Successful Offeror shall prepare all required documentation associated with Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP). This includes preparation of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP). Successful Offeror shall conduct SWPP inspections during construction, and prepare all necessary submissions for County signature.
  1. If applicable, Successful Offeror shall conduct all on-going environmental monitoring inspections, as well as preparing all required submissions for County signature.
  1. Geotechnical

Successful Offeror to provide geotechnical surveys and services, including subsurface exploration and laboratory testing, to provide sufficient data for structure and pavement design, slope stability, settlement analysis and unsuitable excavation limits.

  1. Traffic Signal Design

Successful Offeror shall prepare all necessary plans and supporting documentation for design of any existing, modified, or proposed traffic signal or related improvement. This includes design of all signal pole foundations.

  1. Water Resources

Successful Offeror shall prepare all drainage calculations and data necessary to design drainage facilities in accordance with applicable Henrico and VDOT manuals. Calculations are to be submitted with Staff Review Plans. These calculations shall include, but are not limited to, all roadway drainage, all hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of crossing, stormwater management, and erosion and sediment control.

  1. Public Participation

All anticipated work associated with these six projects is located entirely within existing rights-of-way. Therefore, it should be assumed that no citizens information meetings or public hearings will be required for any of these six projects.

  1. Right-of-Way

All anticipated work associated with these six projects is located entirely within existing rights-of-way. Therefore, it should be assumed no additional rights-of-way or easements will need to be secured to facilitate construction of these six projects.

  1. Utility Relocation

The Successful Offeror is to coordinate utility designation and location during preliminary field investigations. The Successful Offeror is responsible to coordinate with all public and private utilities that will be affected by this project. Should there be any, all needed utility easements (blue lines) required for any necessary relocations shall be included on the plans and summarized the right-of-way data sheet.

  1. ConstructionSupport
  1. Following final review of plans and bid specifications, Successful Offeror shall support the County through the bidding process. This includes, but is not limited to: attend pre-bid conference, respond to all Requests For Information (RFI), attend bid opening, make recommendation to award, and attend pre-construction conference. Immediately prior to bid opening, the Successful Offeror shall provide a sealed Engineer’s Cost Estimate and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of bid tabulations that includes the following information: Bid invitation number, project number, project name, project length and/or project limits, bid date, bid line item number, specification section, item description, item units, item quantities, unit cost for item, total cost for item, and total bid price calculated from summation of total cost for items in the bid. Successful Offeror will act as plan holder during bidding, which includes but is not limited to: print and sell plans and bid specifications to interested contractors, distribute all addendum, keep current plans and bid specifications at local plan holding rooms, and provide County with regular updates of plan sales log.
  1. County will administer construction of these six projects; however, Successful Offeror is to provide professional support to clarify plan details, resolve plan discrepancies, and respond to Contractor RFI’s and County questions, as needed.
  1. Successful Offeror may be asked to perform construction staking.
  1. VDOT and FHWA Coordination

Successful Offeror shall assist County in preparation and submission of forms and other documentation required by state and federal authorities related to these projects. When appropriate, Successful Offeror may be asked by County to act on their behalf to assist in securing necessary state and federal approvals related to these projects.

  1. Scheduling

The Offeror shall submit a schedule; in weeks, beginning with Notice to Proceed until the time plans will be ready for acquisition after public hearing approval. A copy of updated schedule is to be submitted with each invoice. These projects will be designed and constructed with Federal Highway Safety Improvement grants. Time is of the essence in completion of these projects.


HenricoCounty will designate an individual to act as the Project Manager for all work performed under this contract. The Project Manager shall coordinate the work, and shall have the authority to make decisions in writing binding their respective employers on matters within the scope of the contract.


The following represents a tentative outline of the process currently anticipated by the County:

Request for Proposals distributedAugust 3, 2012

Preproposal ConferenceAugust 9,2012, 2:30 p.m.

Receive written proposalsAugust 24, 2012, 2:30 p.m.

Conduct oral interviewsSeptember 2012

NegotiationsSeptember 2012

Award of ContractOctober 2012


A.Annual Appropriations

It is understood and agreed that the contract resulting from this procurement (“Contract”) shall be subject to annual appropriations by the County of Henrico, Board of Supervisors. Should the Board fail to appropriate funds for this Contract, the Contract shall be terminated when existing funds are exhausted. The successful offeror (“Successful Offeror” or “contractor”) shall not be entitled to seek redress from the County of Henrico, Virginia (the “County”) should the Board of Supervisors fail to make annual appropriations for theContract.

B.Award of the Contract

1.The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any informalities.

2.The Successful Offeror shall, within fifteen (15) calendar days after Contract documents are presented for signature, execute and deliver to the Purchasing Office the Contract documents and any other forms or bonds required by the RFP.

  1. The Contract resulting from this RFPis not assignable.

4.Upon making an award, or giving notice of intent to award, the County will place appropriate notice on the public bulletin board located at the following locations:

Purchasing OfficeEastern GovernmentCenter

North Run Office Complex3820 Nine Mile Road

1590 East Parham RoadHenricoVA