Heart of West Midlands Regional Opticalcommittee20-10-2016

Heart of West Midlands Regional Opticalcommittee20-10-2016

Heart of West Midlands Regional OpticalCommittee20-10-2016


Peter BainbridgeSandwell/Chair

Charles Barlow (CB)Dudley/Solihull

Jill Cheney (JC)Wolverhampton

Debbie Graham (DG)Optometric Advisor

Ian Hadfield (IH)Birmingham

Peter Hampson (PH)Sandwell

Simone Mason (SM)Solihull LOC

Peter Rockett (PR)Wolverhampton

Dan Sanders (DPS)Solihull

Louise Sarjeant (LS)Sandwell/Minutes

Paul Sidhu (PS)Dudley

Dave Stevens (DKS)Walsall


Claire Roberts (CR), Prab Boparai (PKB), Aisha Jeewa (AJ)

Minutes of previous meeting

Proposed as correct by PS, seconded by CB

Matters arising

PS has the children's ST letter been sent to hospitals? PB no, wanted to clarify contents. PS can't just send them to us and demand a cyclo. The DH guidance says “Where it is considered that a refraction is required for purposes other than the possible prescribing of new glasses or contact lenses it would be inappropriate to test sight under the GOS arrangements.”

PB we’re governed by GOS, not the HES. DG however there are LOCSU Children’s Eye Care Pathways for consideration.

PS any news about faxes? No. Need to raise issue about about patient safety as not all practices will have email. DG may be in contract in future that referrals will be via email. CB currently if don't have email, would have to give patient the referral letter to take to GP or casualty.

DG spoke to AJ earlier who said practice HQs can do IG toolkit to cover practices. Can the company do that? PH no, as no control over individual practices. QiO is having a revamp, and the toolkit will be on there. Caldicott review was critical over the tick-box exercise, there may be external audits. There will be no money. There will be a LOCSU funded WOPEC course for IG.

Birmingham Audit

IH David Brown from NHS England said 90 practices will be contacted, the majority in Birmingham, before the end of the financial year. Sending them a letter guesstimating their over claim and demanding money. If contractor wants an audit, there will then be no negotiation. Current advice is do your own audit, if ok, then demand audit. If potential problem, negotiate. They will go to practices and take away 300 records. CB no legal obligation to let them have records, but have to allow access. PB need to ask ICO, potential data protection risk. DG could invoke NHS dispute procedure’ “can they take records?”.


See below.

SM Solihull CCG asking for MECC plan

ROC Company Update

CB activity levels slightly down over the summer. Majority of practices submitting QiO. Sign up for services is generally good, though SWB is the slowest. Three complaints, not patient related, hopefully minor. No incidents.

OSCE availability, there will be a proposal document for the for LOCs relating to the funding of the OSCEs in view of the fact that . La large national company are now providing and funding their own OSCEs. The proposal will be that LOC and Co will provide free OSCES for new services free to encourage sign up,but after an agreed period (. Beyond 6 months) individuals will have to pay. PS will the regional company still provide them, but not pay? DG what about newly qualifieds? CB will have to pay, or go through College Optoms. Can still get free CET for the online WOPEC coursesm.

Domiciliary providers can do cataract referrals through the service.

PS have we done the variation of services across the region? CB Richard Rawlinson is due to do it. PS what about under 3s? CB can't do anything about the existing contract. Can't afford training events. Need a protocol for under 3s.


PS do we need to get LOCSU to look at the tender documents for the diabetic contract? CB the main concern is when the contract comes out. PB will email LOCSU about the service KPIs when available.

Prab has been nominated for the Optometrist of the Year at the AOP awards. Please vote!

PB spoken to BMEC who want us to send them more cataract referrals as they have big capacity.

RR has spoken to BMEC and due to arrange a meeting.

Date of Next Meeting

6.30pm Thursday 19th January 2016to be hosted by Walsall

Action Plan

PB on behalf of ROC (and LEHN) will send letter to all hospitals – head orthoptist, clinical director and directorate manager about cyclos not part of GOS

LEHN Update – Claire Roberts

Key points:

1. West Midlands Urgent and Emergency Care Network – Primary Care Work-stream. Optometry workshop to look at MECS service and showcase work across the region set up for 23rd November. Richard Rawlinson is liaising with LOCs

2. New LEHN West Midlands core group - Next meeting 15th November – Peter Bainbridge will be sitting on the group again.

3. LEHN locality network meetings planned for early 2017 in 2 areas across HWM footprint (Birmingham & Solihull / Black Country). Purpose to bring clinicians, patients and commissioners together to discuss eye health/sight loss at STP footprint level.

Question for the group: We could plan these for daytime or evening – commissioners may prefer daytime. Can you feed back to me ROC general preference for timing for the locality events?

4. MECC events (to be funded by Health Education England) being planned across Birmingham and Black Country. LOCs have agreed to host them. Yasmin is in process of agreeing dates with LOC leads and linking with MECC trainer.

5. Good news – WM LEHN proposals for a pilot project to train frontline dementia workers in dementia and sight loss have been accepted by Health Education England in the West Midlands. Funding has been released to deliver and evaluate training across 3 sites: Birmingham, Coventry and Stafford. RNIB Scotland will deliver training.

It will be delivered in a range of formats including e-learningand face to face, as well as separate face to face evening sessions for eye health professionals. It will be delivered early 2017.

6. West Midlands Quality Review Service – eye care patient pathway standards to be published later on this year.

General points

It would be helpful if you could feed back any areas of work that you would like the LEHN to consider supporting in 17/18 as we develop plans for next year.

Charles has already raised a query re safeguarding training opportunities for non-clinical optical staff. We are looking into this.

There was an action from last meeting to nominate individuals to be LOC / LEHN liaison – this has been done - thank you for getting back to me with these.