Haverford High School Health & Physical Education Department

Haverford High School Health & Physical Education Department

Haverford High School Health & Physical Education Department

General PE (Co-edPE)

Mr. Josh Fidler

Welcome to General PE grade PE! This class will meet every day for the quarter. Below I have listed some of the expectations, procedures and goals for the course. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at the phone number or e-mail address above.


Fitness Gram Series Physical Fitness Assessment

Lifetime Sports and activities

Team Sports

Grading Policy:

You have an opportunity to earn 10 possible points a day. 7 points will come from your overall class participation (to the best of YOUR ability), manner and respectability. 3 points comes from being prepared for class (see dress code policy). No cell phones are allowed in the gym. Having your phone on you during your PE class would also be considered being unprepared, and you will lose 3 points.

Rules/ Expectations

1. RESPECT- Your classmates, the teacher, the classroom environment and most importantly yourself! - "Treat people like you want to be treated"

2. Be Prepared - Refer to the PE Dress Code

3. Be On Time and Ready to Participate

4. Act like the ladies and gentleman you are- No foul language, negative conversation, use manors (PLEASE AND THANK YOU)

5. Participate! - This is the only class you will have this year that is specifically designed for you to move. In order to receive full credit you must try each activity (even if it's not your favorite)

*You are expected to follow these rules and expectations presented in the beginning of the semester. Failure to do so at any point in the semester could result in teacher detention, removal from class and/or administrative consequences.*

PE Dress Code

Clothing- Something that is easy to move in, that you don't mind getting sweaty and that appropriately covers all exposable areas of the body- NO TANK TOPS or JEANS

Suggestions: T-shirt and mesh shorts

Footwear- Sneakers- NO FLIP FLOPS or BOOTS

Make- Up Policy

You are allotted two excused absences per class per semester. If you exceed those two excused absences you must make up the class. This can be done with a fitness circuit, before school, after school or during third lunch. On any given day if you can not participate in PE, you must have a note from a parent/guardian or doctor stating the reason. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in a zero for that class.

Fitness circuit for making up one missed class:

  • 25 laps around half of the gym or 50 pacer laps
  • 100 crunchers
  • Jump rope for 5 minutes
  • 20 push ups


At the beginning of the semester you will be issued a lock which you must use each class period to secure personal belongings. After each class period you must remove all belongings from the locker used. Failure to do so will result in removal of the lock and belongings. We are not responsible for your belongings. Locks will be turned in at the end of the semester. Failure to turn in a lock will resultin an obligation form sent to administration.