Getting a New Jeweler Startedright!

Getting a New Jeweler Startedright!

Getting a New Jeweler StartedRight!

Andy Horner says that the best way to get a new jeweler started right is to teach her 3 things “how to book, how to book, how to book”! That’s all you need to know. OK I’m done! (pretend to leave podium)

No really…if you can teach a new jeweler how to book and keep those bookings, she will be successful in Premier. We sometimes complicate things and often wonder if someone else has a better system to train a jeweler or if they are doing something we are not doing. It can really be overwhelming. I want to try to make more simple for you, marking the important steps while still hitting the basics.

I think the process to train a new jeweler depends on 3 things

  1. Your personality
  2. The personality of the new jeweler
  3. What point in the process does she become a jeweler.

I like to use the Myer-Briggs personality assessments. Following that—

If your new jeweler is:

Melancholy she will want every piece of info you have and she will go through it before your NJO, but she will be afraid that her show is not perfect. Assure her to just have fun then “Fake until you make it.”

Sanguine she is easily overloaded with the details, but she will be successful even if just having fun at shows, because people are drawn to her. You will need to assist her with organization of her business and a create a system for her to train her new jewelers, too. Just make sure it is cute when you give it to her. 

Phlegmatic she will do whatever you tell her to do, but she may not realize the importance of certain parts of the show or steps in the process. So she may skip some steps or leave parts out.

Choleric she will tell you how she will be trained and how she will do the show. Experience is the best teacher. She usually comes to you after a few shows and asks why she is not booking more or how she can get higher retail. Then she will be ready to hear your answers then.

If you are:

Melancholy you worry about making the training perfect and give lots of information to help her be successful, but sometimes you tend to give too much info at once.

Choleric you give a great system, but often give few options and are hurt and frustrated when she doesn’t follow your lead exactly.

Phlegamtic you are great at a “no pressure” training, but sometimes you assume that she knows more than she does. Your lack of “Pressure” sometimes causes the new jeweler to miss the importance of a training or an action at their shows. Hold them accountable

Sanguine you make training fun, but tend to lack ownership in a real system at all. LolYour new jewelers may be overwhelmed at what you make look easy. Use flip charts with great verbiage.

It is good to know where you are coming from and what personality she has so you can spend more time on the things that she needs or get help where you may be weak.

Having said all this, know that there are many processes to train a new jeweler available. Believe it or not you were trained with a good process otherwise you wouldn’t be here. If you have a process that works for you, then please keep using it. I am just going to give you some guidelines and some check points so you can check your system or forma system that you can easily share with your new jewelers, so she can train new jewelers too. Your passion and confidence in sharing why they need to do these steps will make all the difference in their desire and commitment to do the right things for success in their business.

Every form I share will be on Julie Miller’s website which is User: Miller Password: Enriching lives Look under the New jeweler section and Home Show Helps

For your typicalstart with a new jeweler, I think there are 3 main steps in training her without overwhelming her.

  1. Info to share with her when she first signs up.
  2. New Jeweler orientation or Jewel School or Fresh Start –focusing on hostess coaching and elements of a good jewelry show
  3. Role playing and beyond the training show.

How many times you actually meet with her will depend on your distance and her personality. Some meet only 2 times and some meet as many as 5-7.

This is easiest broken down as before, during, and after the NJO.

  1. Before the NJO

After signing the contract and while waiting on the jewelry, there are a few things the new jeweler can be doing and preparing for.

  1. Set training show date, Mystery Hostess Date, and date to share Premier with 2 people
  2. Set or share the NJO date.
  3. Establish her“why” and set goals (amount of money per month, number of shows per week or month) which days of week, sponsoring (show the value of number of jewelers sponsored to reduce the number of home shows each month),
  4. Mark the end of her 6, 9, and 12 quick start deadlines and mark all the training dates and special events on her calendar now. Now ready to book shows.
  5. Make a list of ten people that like her, love her or owe her a favor, or at least love jewelry and that she would be will be willing to call and ask if her would help her get her business started.( use phone) Star 3-5 that she would be willing to ask if they would let her practice sharing about the Premier opportunity as a prospect or as a referral bank. (contest)
  6. Demonstrate calls for bookings and how to get dates on calendar
  7. Have a folder prepared for the new jeweler with at least the following:

*upline info

*verbiage to book shows

*prizes, contests, and awards from you and Premier

*list of supplies her may need like mirrors, folders, calendar, etc

*training show invitation or business introduction letter examples

*disk of files needed

8. Share contests short term like bring a list of 10-20 names of people you are willing to talk to about helping you get started with a jewelry show and get one dz catalogs or come to NJO with the list of 10 people and 6 shows already booked and get 1 dozen catalogs and/or extra supplies like hostess packets, invitations, order forms, Home show format flip chart, girl pics laminated. Or share long term contests like1, 2, 3 Rewards for You—attend NJO, attend 4 trainings, complete 9 home shows—prize= anything from a $40 Mandy to hood and house program( see website) Remember that it is in the best interest of the jeweler that the only thing you “give” to her should be as a reward or prize for working her business. This is what Premier does. It encourages and motivates the new jeweler to work her business and keeps them from feeling like they could never do this because so many gifts are way too expensive.

9. Homework

*Prepare guest list

*choose and create a training show invitation

*start calling and booking home shows with the dates on calendar

*Collect advance orders

*set up jeweler account on Premier website and check out jeweler resources, trainings and promotions etc.

*set up separate checking account and cc account

  1. At the New Jeweler Orientation or Jewel School
  1. Assure her that she made the best decision
  2. Share with her what to expect. High jewelry shows, low jewelry shows, and no show jewelry shows.
  3. Discuss Premier policies and procedures and integrity in her business
  4. Teach her how to hostess coach (home hostess coach and at a show)(hostess registration system)

Effective HC helps increase retail, booking, and sponsoring. It is the single most important component to the success of our business. I spend the most time here--- Great explanation and example on Julie’s website “Efficient and Effective Hostess Coaching”

  1. Teach her how to get invitation lists and prepare invitations and emails or texts to keep in communication with the hostess –have a form for her to keep track of each show—see form on Julies website under home show helps
  2. Teach and demonstrate the 8 parts of the homes show (suggest what she should do but do give her options)
  1. Intro yourself\Premier story
  2. Praise and thank the hostess
  3. GG
  4. Jewelry and fashion segment-- create the need
  5. Hostess plan explanation
  6. Booking activity
  7. Sponsoring activity -- Awesome info and verbiage on Julies website “Learn to Lead byDuplicating yourself”—very important—best way to have new jeweler work and renew is to teach them to sponsor.
  8. Retail special
  1. Share verbiage and easy format for home show. Use index cards or “Can you Find” or Purse game.
  2. Share some system to keep up with each hostess (show) from booking to thank you note-(see website for a formwith girl on it)
  3. Homework (see form)
  1. Choose game for show format
  2. Choose and prepare hostess plan explanation
  3. Choose and prepare booking activity ((keep bags and boxes)
  4. Choose prepare sponsoring activity
  5. Make 20 customer folders and 10 hostess packets—Julies website under “Hostess Packet”
  6. Tag jewelry
  7. Prepare check out bag
  8. *Observe two other jewelers shows—give her name and email addresses
  1. After NJO
  1. Demonstrate hostess coaching (rsvp texts, the 2-3 day call to hostess, hostess coaching when you arrive at home show, and the hostess coaching of new bookings)
  2. Review home work sheet and have her prepare what is needed ready for jewelry show
  3. At training show-her should be jewelry set up (my Premier Boutique Map), and check out station ready, all the show supplies and folders, booking activity, etc prepared in living room. I give her a tote bag with $20 worth of giveaways for games plus hostess bracelet. She pays $20 for this from her show profits. This keeps her off the incentive website until earn kit back and sets an example.
  4. Have her take notes while you are conducting the show—remind her that her main job tonight is learning to be a jeweler not playing hostess(minimum food, stay in room during show, etc)
  5. Review the guest surveys with your new jeweler before the guests begin to checkout—look for the maybes—builds courage
  6. Demonstrate check out with a guest (end with “I’d love to do a show for you!”) Then have her check out a guest or two with your supervision. (scheduling shows and sponsoring appts)
  7. Demonstrate a closing the show form see form on julies website under “Home Show Helps”
  8. Demonstrate packing up
  9. Assure her of her success tonight.
  10. Meet with her if possible to enter show in computer and show her how to figure profit.—see form “How to Calculate your Profit” on Julies website under “Home show Helps”
  11. Schedule a role playing date for her to come to you like she is attending a show dressed and ready to go. (May do this before training show if doing a mystery hostess show the next day)
  12. Homework

*mystery hostess show the next night or day

*check with the after show orders

*deposit checks

*pick free and half price jewelry

* meet with sponsor to enter show in computer

*prepare for next show

*hostess coach new hostesses and conduct 1 on 1s

*call sponsor after every home show for the first 10 jewelry shows = Prize

*contact sponsor when kit is paid off and when quick start has been achieved=prize

You job is not finished, if jeweler does not call you after the first few shows, call her. I make a copy of her tracking form with the show dates on it so I know when her shows are scheduled.

Expect to have additional calls and discussions about Return /exchanges, cancellations and postponements, difficult hostesses and customers, exciting news about shows or business. Encourage her to call you, try to answer phone calls if possible and try to talk to her at least twice a week for the first month or so.

As I said before, if you have a system already working for you, keep using it—maybe update one or two things you learned this weekend. If you don’t have a system, then don’t recreate the wheel. Julie Miller has a great one on her website. I have added a few forms. These are all editable and easy to follow for you and your new jeweler.

Actually, many new sponsors are very worried about training a new jeweler. It is a huge responsibility. Premier has planned for that with 3 levels up to assist you, utilize them for assistance. Your new jeweler is worried about starting her new business too and needs you to assist her with all the resources you have available. But to assure you that anyone can train a new jeweler, simply teaching her how to book shows and keep them going is the most valuable training you can give her. As for the rest, teach her what is working for you and encourage her to attend trainings and the two of you can learn and grow together. Use these steps as a guideline to make sure you are sharing in all the areas she needs to be successful and build that relationship!

Also remember, that not everyone works like you do or wants the same things from Premier as you do. You could train her with the greatest system and she could become your next Senior Leader while another trained the same way may not do a show past her Training Show. Remember, if you are passionate and confident and give herwhat she needs to get started at least for the first 30 days, and she does not communicate with you or respond to you—that failure to launch is not yours. Keep encouraging and loving and put the ball in her court. Then spend that time with the jewelers that want to work—you may not have sponsored a “you” yet.

Andy Horner says you should give your new jewelers everything you have for the first 30 days, work as a team for the next 30 days and then have her comfortable to contact you often for the next 30 days. By then you have a successful jeweler ready to grow into your next leader! This is time invested well!