GC G-Light with Superior Polymerisation Performance

GC G-Light with Superior Polymerisation Performance

GC G-Light with superior curing performance

All-purpose: dual LED module provides universal light curing

Versatile in its range of wavelengths and powerful in its output – GC EUROPE now presents a completely new concept for light curing in the dental practice: thanks to its unique LED module with two different types of diode, GC G-Light guarantees an amazingly broad spectrum of light waves and, at 1200 mW/cm2, ensures extremely high light capacity– for all popular light-cured materials, whether they contain camphor quinones or other photo-initiators.

It is now hard to imagine modern dentistry without light-cured composites – whether restorative materials for filling treatment, pit and fissure sealants or cementing materials for veneers. The more targeted the light polymerisation, the better the long-term results. The differing photo-initiators pose a particular problem in this respect. For instance, the yellowish camphor quinone (CQ) predominantly used in composites has its maximum absorption at 468 nm. In a few adhesives or very light composite shades, however, starter molecules are used which absorb at lower wavelengths; the intrinsic colour of CQ is often too strong for these.

Two types of LEDs emitting different wavelengths

This is where GC G-Light comes into its own: with one violet and seven blue light-emitting diodes (LED), its sensational emission spectrum ranges from 390 to 550 nm. This means the newly developed light-curing unit from the Dental Care Company can activate all the usual photo-initiators and thus can reliably be used for nearly all the light-cured materials currently on the market – true to the comprehensive system adopted by GC: “one technique for all cases”!

Its very high and consistent light intensity in comparison with other LED lamps is also impressive: with 1200 mW/cm2GC G-Light allows high-performance and very fast polymerisation – and without any heat effects on the pulp. Four light exposure timings (five, ten or 20 seconds and continuous) are pre-set for precise curing times for different composites. Radiation-rich and energy-saving at the same time: if the high-performance lamp is not used for more than two minutes, it automatically switches to standby mode.

Long-lasting and consistently high capacity

No compromise even in handling: thanks to the long-life lithium-ion battery, GC G-Light can be used anywhere – cordless and without the notorious memory effect. The quickly rechargeable generator means a consistently high capacity of more than 400 ten-second curing sessions can be performed. This is equivalent to an average operating time in practice of more than a week. As a result of its ergonomic gun shape, the timer and the on/off switch can comfortably be pressed with one hand – for safe operation and even greater comfort.

The new GC G-Light is supplied with light-guide, battery, charging unit and power pack and anti-glare shield for patients. Optional extras available are a replacement battery, light-protection screen and a stand to hold the lamp.

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