Gambrill State Park

Gambrill State Park

GambrillState Park

Park Quest 2016

Introduction to the Quest

Welcome to GambrillState Park. We’re glad that you’ve chosen to participate in the 2016 Park Quest. Through the use of interpretive panels and monuments you will discover the answer to the question, “Who Built Gambrill?” This self-guided activity will lead you through GambrillState Park’s High Knob Area and you will experience one of Maryland’s most beautiful historic parks!

Make sure before you begin your quest that you have:



Walking shoes/Hiking boots

Quest Information

Now that you’re ready to go, it’s time to begin your quest. This quest covers about a mile of territory in the High Knob Area. Your first stop is the HighKnobNatureCenter. Take a look at the bulletin board for some information about the park, and then answer the question below.

  1. GambrillState Park is known for its hiking and mountain biking opportunities. One of the most popular trails is the Yellow Poplar Trail, which is __ miles long. (Round to the closest mile) 7

Your quest begins on the Black Locust trail which is located behind the NatureCenter. Take a left on the trail to head towards the Middletown Overlook. From this stone overlook you can take in a beautiful view of the MiddletownValley.

  1. As you look out from the Middletown Overlook you can see five different mountains. Two of these are:

______‘ ______and ______‘ ______.

4 3

Now that you’ve seen the beautiful view,walk up the hill from the overlook and

find a rock with a plaque. This plaque was created for the dedication of Gambrill

State Park.

  1. In 1934 the park was designated as a State Forest Reserve. This new municipal park was named for ______.


Your quest continues as you walk from the Gambrill plaque towards a beautiful

structure called the Tea Room. The most beautiful architectural creation of the CCC

is the Tea Room. Historically used as a community meeting place, this stone building

currently provides an ideal romanticsetting for special events.

  1. The Tea Room hosts weddings, parties, and teas. The deck provides a beautiful view in which you can see the Catoctin ridgeline as it crosses the



Continue to travel along the road until you come to the South Frederick Overlook.

Here you will find several monuments that have been placed to celebrate the CCC as

well as the Maryland Park Service. Take a close look to answer the next two


  1. Franklin Delano ______created the CCC after the Great



  1. The Iron Mike statue is a dedication to all who were members of the CCC. It was dedicated on ______, ______.


Congratulations, you have completed the Gambrill State Park Quest. Using the letters associated with numbers 1-6, fill in the blanks below and then record it in your Park Quest Passport.

The Boys of ______- __ __

1 2 3 4 5 6 7