Fundamentals of Speech Online Syllabus

Fundamentals of Speech Online Syllabus

SPC1608Fundamentals of Speech

Fall 2014

9:45 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. (Monday/Wednesday)

11:30 a.m. – 1:05 p.m. (Monday/Wednesday)

Instructor:Natasha Patterson

Office Phone:407-582-7100

E-mail (Use your Atlas email only)

*Include your course number in every email to the instructor (SPC 1608/CRN 18449 – MW or SPC 1608/CRN 18431)

Office Location:Lake Nona, Room 213

Office Hours: By appointment only

Course Materials:

  • The Speakers’ Handbook by: Sprague, Stuart, and Bodary
  • Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint(Assignments should be typed and free of grammatical and spelling errors)

Course Description

Principles of oral communication common to speaking and listening. Emphasis on listening techniques, preparation, and delivery techniques for extemporaneous speaking

The course will reinforce the following competencies:

Valencia Competencies:

The faculty of Valencia Community College have established four Core Competencies that describe the learning outcomes for a Valencia graduate.

1.Think: Think clearly, critically, and creatively. Analyze, synthesize, integrate, and evaluate in many domains of human inquiry.

2.Communicate: Communicate with different audiences using varied means.

3.Value: Make reasoned value judgments and responsible commitments.

4.Act: Act purposefully, reflectively, and responsibly.

Expected Student Conduct

Valencia Community College is dedicated not only to the advancement of knowledge and learning but is concerned with the development of responsible personal and social conduct. By enrolling at Valencia College, a student assumes the responsibility for becoming familiar with and abiding by the general rules of conduct. The primary responsibility for managing the classroom environment rests with the faculty. Students who engage in any prohibited or unlawful acts that result in disruption of a class may be directed by the faculty member to leave the class. Violation of any classroom or Valencia’s rules may lead to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from Valencia. Disciplinary action could include being withdrawn from class, disciplinary warning, probation, suspension, expulsion, or other appropriate and authorized actions. You will find the Student Code of Conduct in the current Valencia Student Handbook.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is crucial in this course because speeches require both a speaker and an audience: you will serve in both roles. In addition to graded speeches, there will be several in-class activities to help you better understand the material we are studying.

  • Missing or arriving late more than 2 classes barring extraordinary circumstances, that are able to be documented (e.g. police report, funeral notice, etc.), will result in a grade reduction of 5 points for each absence/tardy. Students who miss class, assume responsibility for contacting fellow students to reconstruct the notes, exercises, handouts, etc. that were covered. Failure to obtain handouts and or assignments will not be accepted as sufficient reason for late assignments. More than 4 absences may result in withdrawal from the course.

Assignments and Late Policy

All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the specified due date. You must be in attendance and on time to submit assignments on time. Late assignments are given half credit for one week after the due date. Speeches and in-class activities cannot be made up and are given an automatic zero. Please contact the professor if you have any extraordinary circumstances that may require make up assignments.

Fairness Policy

Valencia is a great place for students with multiple obligations to pursue an education, as we offer many different class scheduling options and we are committed as an institution to helping students reach their goals. However, it is crucial to the success of our students after graduation (or upon transfer) that we maintain the academic integrity of our classes. Please understand that all students must earn grades using the same scale in order to maintain integrity and provide a level of fairness to all students within a class. Many students are working full time and supporting/raising families, often as single parents; unfortunately it is not possible to grade students based on what they are experiencing in their personal lives. While I am always willing to talk to you and advise you through difficult times, it would not be fair to your fellow classmates, many of whom are going through similar situations, for me to make grading exceptions for one student based on their life situation.


It is unethical to use as your own, a speech or outline prepared in whole or in part by someone else and to do so is cause for immediate failure of the assignment and may result in failure of the class. Any sources used must be credited orally during the speech. Remember that the best speeches do not rely on a single source but represent ideas from several sources.

Miscellaneous Course Policies and Expectations

Information in the syllabus, schedule, grading information sheet, and on the course website is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

All written assignments must be typed and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

If you have a disability or other issue that requires special dispensation, notify me before the second week of class. All requests will be kept in confidence. Students with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a letter from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and discuss specific needs with us before expecting accommodations. OSD determines accommodations based on appropriate documentation of disabilities. Contact them on the Osceola Campus in

Bldg 2-140A or at (407) 582-4167 TTY: (407) 582-1222.

If you are having any difficulty in the course, contact me as soon as possible so that we can work together to meet your personal learning needs.

Class Participation & Preparation:Part of class participation is participating in the CLASS DISCUSSION and not side discussions. Overall grade points will be deducted when side discussions distract from the lecture.

Technology:I ask that you do your best to silence all electronic devices and have them placed out of sight. If your phone inadvertently rings or you are seen texting, you will loseoverall grade points.

Coursework and Grading

You will earn your grade through a combination of assignments, oral presentations, written work and exams.

Special Dates
Classes begin - September 29
Drop Deadline - October 9
Withdrawal Deadline for "W" grade – November 14
College Closed—November 26
Final Exams Begin – December 8

Weekly Schedule

*Course Schedule, class activities, due dates and assignments are subject to change. All changes will be announced in class.

Week / Dates / Lessons / What’s Due
1 / September 29 – October 3 / Review Syllabus and Course
Introduction Speech
Preparation / Syllabus Quiz (In Class)
Introduction Speech
2 / October 6 -10 / Foundation
Preparation / Listening Activity
Planning Activity
3 / October 13 -17 / Test 1 – Foundation and Preparation
Development & Citations / Test 1
Outline Activity
Speech Outline
4 / October 20 - 24 / Language and Delivery / Library Visit/Research Activity
5 / October 27 - 31 / Language and Delivery
Tribute Speeches / Tribute Speech
6 / November 3 -7 / Test 2 – Organization, Development,Citations, Language, and Delivery
Informative Speaking / Test 2
Audience Analysis Activity
7 / November 10 - 14 / Test 3 – Presentation and Informative Speaking
Informative Speeches
Informative Peer Reviews / Test 3
Informative Citations
Informative Outline
Informative Speeches
Informative Peer Reviews
Informative Speech PowerPoint
8 / November 17 - 21 / Informative Speeches
Informative Peer Reviews
Persuasive Speaking
Contexts / Informative Speeches
Informative Peer Reviews
Informative Speech PowerPoint
9 / November 24 – 28
November 26 no class / Test 4--Persuasive Speaking and Contexts / Test 4
Persuasive Citations
Persuasive Speech Outline
10 / December 1 -5 / Persuasive Speeches
Persuasive Peer Reviews / Persuasive Speeches
Persuasive Peer Reviews
Persuasive Speech PowerPoint
Extra Credit: Language Activity
11 / December 8 - 12 / Final Exam

Assignment and Grading Checklist



Syllabus Quiz (In class)10______

Introduction Speech (In class)20______

Tribute Speech (In class)50______

Tribute Speech Outline50______

Tribute Speech Peer Review (In class)25______

Informative Speech (In class)75______

Informative Speech Outline75______

Informative Speech Peer Evaluation (In class)25______

Informative Speech PowerPoint (In class)25______

Informative Speech Citations Assignment25______

Persuasive Speech (In class)75______

Persuasive Speech Outline50______

Persuasive Speech Peer Evaluation (In class)25______

Persuasive Speech PowerPoint (In class)25______

Persuasive Speech Citations Assignment25______

Listening Activity (In class)20______

Planning Activity (In class)20______

Outline Activity (In class)20______

Research Activity (In class)30______

Audience Analysis Activity (In class)30______

Test 1 (In class)50______

Test 2 (In class)50______

Test 3 (In class)50______

Test 4 (In class)50______

Final Exam (In class)100______

Extra Credit:

Language Activity50______

FINAL GRADE ______/1000

A= 900-1000 B= 800-899 C= 700-799 D= 600-699 F= Less than 599

*Course Schedule, class activities, and assignments are subject to change. All changes will be announced in class.