FRAMEWORK QUESTION 1 Staff Qualifications

FRAMEWORK QUESTION 1 Staff Qualifications

Family and Community Services

FRAMEWORK QUESTION 1 – Staff Qualifications

Does the program ensure effective content area expertise, oversight and management of the program’s Family and Community Partnership and Parent Involvement Services, through the hiring of qualified staff and /or consultants and by formally assigning staff and ensuring they have adopted the functions of the area?

Status / Questions / Documentation/Evidence
1.1Does the program hire staff or consultants or content area experts to oversee family and community partnerships who have training and experience relating to social services, human services or family services?
1.2Are parent involvement services supported by staff or consultants with training, experience and skills in helping parents advocate and make decisions for their young children and families?
1.3Does the program ensure that the program management function for family community partnerships and parent involvement are formally aligned to and adopted by staff within the program? (Note: There is a distinction between the content area expert and the service manager. One person can fill both of the roles. However, the content area expert must meet all of the qualification requirements as outlined as outlines in the performance standards. The Manager or Coordinator does not need to meet these qualifications but must receive expert knowledge and oversight from a Content Area Expert.)
1304.52(a)(2)(iii), 1304.52(b)(1)
Is there anything in 1304.52(a)(2)(ii), 1304.52(b)(1), 1304.52(d)(5), 1304.52(d)(6)- that is not covered by the above documentation?
Yes No

FRAMEWORK QUESTION 2 – Building Relationships and Strengthening Families

Does the program build trusting relationships with parents and family members that provide the basis for a collaborative partnership process aimed at supporting positive child development and strengthening families. Does this process acknowledges family strengths and offers opportunities for families to identify their own goals, make plans to accomplish them, and access appropriate resources?

642(b)(7), 1304.40(a)(4), 1304.40(a)(5),

Status / Questions / Documentation/Evidence
2.1Has the program partnered with parents to establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect, providing ongoing opportunities for interaction between staff and families throughout the year?
2.2Are program staff familiar with the backgrounds of families and children and communications are respectful of each family’s cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity, facilitated by bi-lingual staff or interpreter(s) as necessary?
1306.20(f), 1304.40(a)(5)
2.3Is a strength-base and family-driven, collaborative partnership-building process in place that offers all families the opportunity to develop achievable goals, engages them in assessing their needs and strengths, and supports them in taking actions to reach their goals?
1304.40(a)(1), 1304.40(a)(2), 642(b)(7)
2.4Does the program provide, directly or through referrals, resources and services responsive to families’ needs, goals and interests and conduct follow up to determine effectiveness of services received?
1304.40(b)(1), 1304.40(b)(1)(i), 1304.40(b)(1)(ii), 1304.40(a)(1)(iii), 1304.40(b)(2)
Is there anything in 642(b)(7), 1304.40(a)(1), 1304.40(a)(2), 1304.40(a)(4), 1304.40(a)(5), 1304.40(b)(1), 1304.40(b)(1)(i), 1304.40(b)(1)(ii), 1304.40(a)(1)(iii), 1304.40(b)(2) that is not covered by the above documentation?Yes No

FRAMEWORK QUESTION 3 – Promoting Parent and Family Engagement

Does the program provide opportunities for parents to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the educational, developmental and health needs of their child, expand their parenting and literacy skills and to be actively involved in the child development approach of the program?

Status / Questions / Documentation/Evidence
3.1Does program staff plan, and in partnership with parents, schedule and facilitate staff-parent conferences and no less than 2 home visits to discuss each child’s development and progress?
1304.40(e)(5), 1304.21(a)(2)(iii), 1304.40(i)(1), 1304.40(i)(2), 1304.40(i)(3)
3.2Does the program provide, either directly or through referrals, opportunities for parents and children to participate in family literacy services?
1304.40(e)(4), 1304.40(e)(4)(i), 1304.40(e)(4)(ii)
3.3Does the program provide opportunities for parents to enhance their parenting skills, to become integrally involved in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the education and developmental needs and experiences of their children?
1304.40(e)(2), 1304.40(e)(3), 1304.40(d)(2), 1304.21(a)(2)(ii),
4Are parents involved in the development of the program’s child development approach and curriculum?
3.4Are parents given opportunities to participate in health, oral health, nutrition and mental health education activities aimed at increasing their knowledge and understanding of their child’s needs in these areas?
Is there anything in 1304.21(a)(2)(i), 1304.21(a)(2)(ii), 1304.21(a)(2)(iii), 1304.41(a)(4), 1304.40(d)(2), 1304.40(e)(1), 1304.40(e)(2), 1304.40(e)(3), 1304.40(e)(4), 1304.40(e)(4)(i), 1304.40(e)(4)(ii), 1304.40(i)(1), 1304.40(i)(2), 1304.40(i)(3)
that is not covered by the above documentation?Yes No

FRAMWORK QUESTION 4 – Building and Maintaining Community Partnerships

Does the program actively engage community agencies in partnering together to provide the highest level of services to Head Start and Early Head Start children and families and lead advocacy efforts for low income young children and families within the community?

Status / Questions / Documentation/Evidence
4.1Has the program taken affirmative steps to establish ongoing collaborative partnerships with community providers?
1304.41(a)(1), 1304.41(a)(2), 1304.41(a)(4),
4.2Has the programs established and maintained a Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC)?
4.3Does the program have procedures to support successful transitions for enrolled children and families both in and out of Early Head Start and Head Start programs? Programs must coordinate with other agencies, encourage communication with Early Head Start, elementary school principals, and others involved in supporting children and families through transitions, including plans for transition meetings
1304.4(c)(1), 1304.41(c)(1)(i), 1304.41(c)(1)(ii), 1304.41(c)(1)(iii), 1304.41(c)(1)(iv), 1304.40(h)(1), 1304.40(h)(3), 642A(a)(3), 642A(a)(5), 642A(a)(6), 642A(a)(7)(a), 642A(a)(11)
4.4Has the program initiated transition planning for each Early Head Start enrolled child at least 6 months prior to the child’s third birthday to ensure the most appropriate placement into the next preschool setting?
Is there anything in 642A(a)(3), 642A(a)(5), 642A(a)(6), 642A(a)(7)(a), 642A(a)(11), 1304.40(h)(1), 1304.40(h)(3), 1304.41(a)(1), 1304.41(a)(2), 1304.41(a)(4), 1304.41(b), 1304.4(c)(1), 1304.41(c)(1)(i), 1304.41(c)(1)(ii), 1304.41(c)(1)(iii), 1304.41(c)(1)(iv), 1304.41(c)(2)- that is not covered by the above documentation?Yes No